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Output \\ Josh - Week 9 Interim Review: Guerrilla Šnipiškės

Project title: Guerrilla Šnipiškės

Summary: The project examines the disparity between the development happening in Šnipiškės (tall, mixed-used, glass-clad skyscrapers) and the needs of the local residents in the traditional timber houses, many of whom still do not have running water. 436 more words


Output // Omar - Current Investigations, Gaps and Challenges

Short Overview

Infrastructural Transgression is a progressive project which looks to build infrastructure within the Shanghai area of Šnipiškės initially hidden to the knowledge of the local municipality within the characteristics of the Shanghai neighbourhood. 346 more words


Output \\ Anna - Week 9 Interim Review: Subverting Conservation Through Subtraction

Short Overview

Subverting Conservation through Subtraction challenges the current policies surrounding heritage conservation – rather than “freezing” the heritage area in Šnipiškės, which would prevent any future heritage from being created, the project explores subtraction as a way to preserve the architecture and cultural traditions created by the community. 540 more words


Output\\Steph - Week 9 Interim Review: Collect & Purge

Week 9 Interim Review


Collect & Purge: Urban transformations with loose space and relationships Key themes
  • Collecting & Purging : acts that demonstrate relationships and interactions between human, non-human and space.
  • 422 more words

Output \\ Construction Ecology Approach

The four main headings of the Construction Ecology approach (Context, Materials, Processes and Experiences) are really subjects that we should be considering as part of a design project anyway, but the benefit is that they ask you to consider each in detail. 150 more words


C++ Output Stream

          We provide data to the computer for processing, it called input to the computer. After processing computer shows us results that called output. Input can be given through different devices. 521 more words


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