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Output \\ How does the game work?

Scenarios are created using knowledge of the mechanics and sources of change in each territory of the game to simulate possible developments, unfolding, on test sites. 450 more words


But wait...!

From the perspective of the computer, its user is the main element responsible for slowing it down.

Sounds harsh? Think about it: if your device wouldn’t have to constantly keep you in the loop, it’d be much faster. 225 more words


Output \\ Guerrilla Šnipiškės

Within the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, this project offers a critique of capital-driven urban development and one version of an alternative model. In the area of Šnipiškės just north of the Neris River, a new business district is being built; an ‘Urban Hill’ of glass skyscrapers full of offices, hotels and shopping malls that might be found in any city in Western world. 118 more words


Input/Process/Output for Empowerment

Empowerment is a process. As with any other process, it has inputs and outputs. The cyclic process of empowerment cannot be executed without employees, leaders, and systems aligned with the goals of empowerment. 514 more words

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How to append cmd.exe CLI output to a Text File

When troubleshooting or making references; it is sometimes helpful to gather details in a log file.  Typically I plan to use this at a later date to make self references like I make here. 679 more words

Skip the first line in any Linux output

Sometimes you want to get rid of the first line (header) in the output on Linux system. You can do it by piping the output through sed utility:

df -h | sed 1d

If We Were Computers

let toDoList = ‘incomplete’

if (toDoList === ‘incomplete’) {console.log(‘You should get your work done.’)}

else {console.log(‘Good job! Go relax.’)}

Run input.

Output // You should get your work done. 81 more words