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C Lang. Skill Test 2:

Ques 1:- Consider the function

find(int x, int y)

What would be the output of the call find(a, find(a,b)); where a, b are two non-negative integers. 146 more words


Murphy Drip I/O's & Miscellanea

I have had some serious debate, arguments and (believe or not) shouting matches over how to properly record I/O’s for Murphy Drips. Some nurses have a way of doing things and that is fine. 1,268 more words


A Pitfall of Process Planning

In my workplace, the word “Process” seems like a holy word, one that everyone should bow towards whenever it is seen, read, heard, or spoken. Attaching it to other words makes it even more spectacular: saying someone is process-driven or process-oriented makes them a saint and thus more promotable. 929 more words

Single Player Employee

Instagram channel for outdoor school

‘Outdoor school’ is a national school concept that was introduced in Denmark with a school reform in 2014 for primary and middle school. The purpose of outdoor schooling is to give children more physical activity during a school day by rethinking and combining most of the traditional classes and moving them outdoor. 509 more words


Ruby : Printing colored character in Ruby: Colorize

Normally for web developer you dont need to know how to colorize the output in ruby, however if you are building some gem and you need to prompt User something beautifully then it might strike on your mind that “it would have been great; if it printed colored text”. 439 more words

Ruby On Rails

Predicting the Economy: do economists really pay off?

It can’t be possible to accurately predict something which has been scientifically proven to follow a random walk pathway. This is the problem a lot of people believe economists face and hence “chances are just as good if you do the opposite to what an economist suggests”.  498 more words


Configuring Traceoptions for Debugging and Trimming Output in SRX Device

Configuring Traceoptions for Debugging and Trimming Output in SRX Device.While the Junos ‘show’ commands themselves offer some great insight into the operating status of the SRX, there is another level of detail that can be gathered from the SRX usin…