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ROC Curves and AUC Calculations

Once you test a data-set with a classifier, particularly a self-made classifier, it is important to examine the outcome.

The purpose of… 204 more words


Training and Testing Learning Schemes

Applications for OUR Machine Learning Project: Going Back to the Classify Tab

Now that I have taken some time to explore the basics of machine learning output processing, I would like to take my new-found knowledge and continue to understand all that Weka has to offer. 387 more words


Outputs in Weka (General Knowledge Representation)

Before I go any further into figuring out what we can do with data that has been uploaded to Weka, I want to take a step back, as I did with general inputs, to understand the structure patterns in which data can be expressed and outputs can be represented. 479 more words


Derale 16926 High Output Radiator Fan

Another popular universal shrouded Single H.O. RAD fan, this puller fan features an injection molded shroud with pressure relief vents, 265 watt Bosch motor spinning 11 quiet, patented skewed blades qualifies it for primary cooling use. 21 more words