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JavaScript console.log()

console.log will display the parameter passed to the log method in the console window. Use this method to display a string or variable in the console window. 253 more words



Carla is using her computer to create an advertising poster for a school fashion show.  She wants to original local pictures.   Discuss one possible way Carla can go about create the poster.


Narrative management for CEO's

Finally – the first workshop after our books release was with a group of 24 leaders from all over Denmark for the KIOL program at Metropol. 86 more words


Fast input and output in C++

It is often recommended to use scanf and printf instead of cin and cout for a fast input and output. However, you can still use… 138 more words

output formatting in C#

When generating a console output that makes use of one or more variables in C#, we can simply use the traditional string concatenation of strings making use of the operator… 33 more words


7 Apr 2015 (AFR) - China steel output may fall 25pc - Ross Garnaut predicts much lower iron ore price

(7 April 2015, AFR, p1, Angus Grigg, Jennifer Hewett, Phillip Coorey, Amanda Saunders)

‘Chinese steel production has peaked and will fall by more than 25 per cent over the next decade and a half, … 104 more words

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