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Outrage as gorilla is shot dead after grabbing boy who fell into its cage

A zoo response shot the animal dead at Cincinnati Zoo after the child fell up to 12 feet into an enclosure for the animal, Daily Record reports. 73 more words


Obama exhibits abysmal lack of historical awareness

Leftist ideology permeates Obama’s moral equivalency speech on apology tour

On his ill-timed Japanese apology tour —- just days before Memorial Day, honoring Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice to insure freedom —- Barack Obama stated, “our visit to Hiroshima will honor all those who were lost in World War II.” 197 more words

Those Dems

Mil-splaining Memorial Day: Stop it

So Memorial Day weekend is just about upon us, which means one thing: the proliferation of Memorial Day memes in my Facebook feed that waver back and forth between letting me know the differences between this holiday and Veterans Day, and letting me know that no fun is to be had this weekend. 621 more words


New Captain America Causes Mass Hysteria Among Easily Confused

It was last week that Marvel Comics stated that they would be revealing some huge twists leading up to Civil War II. And then, just as news broke on the big twist that DC Comics was putting in the first issue of their… 1,010 more words

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The Vortex of Meanness

Have you ever marveled at meanness? I think marvel is usually used in a positive context but when I marvel I’m generally dumbfounded. The meanness I’ve witnessed lately really does have me dumbfounded. 855 more words

The outrage machine kicks into overdrive

Outrage sells. Outrage gets attention. Outrage provokes more outrage.

Katie Roiphe talks about outrage and Twitter in the June/July Esquire:

The danger of social media is that outrage feeds on outrage, instant rage flashes into more instant rage, the group instinct overtakes any individual event or person … With the efficiency of the medium, speed and rawness are privileged over depth.

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News Alert!!: Needles, CA: Outrage over sewage rate increases at service stations.

News Alert!!: Needles, CA: Outrage over sewage rate increases at service stations.

Service station owners are outrage over sewage rates that have increased for service stations in Needles, California and came to the Needles City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 to ask the City of Needles what’s going on and asking is this a mistake. 981 more words