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How the media manufactures outrage.

Nice Piece by Parker Malloy pointing out how the media works.

Remember, clicks are more important than veracity!

Of Toxins

It might take us some time to understand what’s toxic for us. It’s not usually common sense. But, when we know, staying away from the toxin is common sense. 44 more words


Misuse of OIA and censoring

There’s been growing concerns raised about the abuse of the Official Information Act (OIA) processes, with allegations Ministers and Government departments are wothholding information that should be made available. 525 more words


Obama’s bizarre miscues display leadership ineptness

French President Francois Hollande came to Washington to meet with Barack Obama Tuesday, following the synchronized acts of Islamic extremist terrorism that killed 130 people in Paris Nov. 397 more words

Those Dems

Kenyan Legislator Shows His Sexy Body Online, Sparks Outrage

Few days ago he (George Theuri) posted photos of his underage children playing with a gun, 132 more words

The Juice

From Incredible India to Intolerant India

I see the world ranting on how India is ‘intolerant’. Some deny the fact outrightly, some support the fact with all enthusiasm to join the popular trend of ‘let’s accuse the country’. 383 more words

Catastrophic consequences of not closing borders

This Sunday before Thanksgiving, we are thankful for the wisdom of Dr. Thomas Sowell.

Today we invite you to take a few minutes to read his latest column titled, “ 262 more words

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