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No Sins But Our Own

More and more I become convinced that the biggest problem we have in American culture is our obsession with any sin that isn’t our own. 782 more words


Cecil the Lion and the Manufacturing of Outrage

I would almost always avoid these types of stories, but in this case, the outrage manufactured by the mainstream media is particularly egregious. In the following article I will demonstrate that many claims made in the mainstream press about “Cecil the Lion” are both extremely embellished if not downright false. 923 more words

Walter Palmer is Justine Sacco All Over Again

A man did a thing you didn’t like. A man you’ve never met went to a place you’ve never been and did something you would never do. 597 more words

Beyond The Fix

Beverage Rights Horror: Ribena & Capri-Sun BANNED At Tesco!

Yesterday we scoffed at stupid Americans and their stupid ban of stupid (in a great kind of stupid way) Kinder Surprise Eggs. Today we’re scoffing at us stupid British people and our capricious banning of innocuous concentrated fruit juice drinks. 431 more words


Cecil the Lion and Outrage - or, I Don't Care, But I'm Glad You Do.

When I first started seeing the many posts about a lion getting killed by a dentist my gut reaction was to get upset, not about a lion getting killed, but because a lion getting killed is fairly insignificant and there are dozens of worse things happening daily to blow our tops over. 384 more words

The Omnibus


More and more it seems like we live in an era of reprisal, in an age of outrage, where, each day, people compete to see who can be the angriest. 1,486 more words


The Lion's Share of Outrage

For the past several days, the mainstream media, as well as social media, has been in a complete uproar over the killing of “Cecil the Lion” by an American dentist named Walter Palmer. 980 more words