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Philosophy of the Keexzus, No. 53: Outrage of the Mind's Contempt

Write like vowels through Frankenstein’s mouth.

Write, Caesar! Write!

Write like someone who care about immortality.

Write and create a brand new genre of literature. Write through walls. 163 more words



traversing a road in its dusty state

begets anger, outrage, ire and hate

for making your travel less comfortable

instead of winding it to be more desirable… 96 more words


A shit start to the day

Yesterday was hot. Very hot. The kind of hot where you sweat from your nostrils. And it was only 7am. I was up at this ungodly hour because I had to fetch an old friend from the airport that had flown in from the North, beyond the wall where they scrape ice from car windshields in the morning and have translucent skin. 372 more words


Top 10 Beastie Boys Songs

1. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
2. Hey Ladies
3. Johnny Ryall
4. So What’cha Want
5. Pass The Mic
6. Brass Monkey… 13 more words

A Tribeswoman in Concrete

What is Goodness?

Revenge is an immediate response to inhumane, unprecedented actions! When an innocent person, a Japanese journalist, is taken hostage by a Muslim fundamentalist group and beheaded because demands are not met by the Japanese government, then a pathology sets in. 949 more words

Indigenous Wisdom

Kremlin Cameras the night Nemtsov Died

Camara Camera Where are’t thou?
Been turned off

Of course!
No stones unturned?
Blank brick walls.

Look the other way.

No one saw a thing! 28 more words