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The word-nerd and the 'n word'

You can make a lot of money if you pull a big enough audience. Back when there were only a few TV channels, producers worried about losing audience through airing something too shocking. 397 more words

The premier most idiotic tweet of the day award goes to ...

Greetings all. I’ve decided to start running a new feature which provisionally goes under the name of, ‘the most stupid fucking hyperbolic absurd baseless tweet of the day award’. 266 more words


Standing on the shoulders of midgets

Before any of you go getting all Language Police on me, my first order of business is to take the steam out of you.

“Offended-at-all-costs” is no way of going through life, son. 1,556 more words


here's to us, and those like us...

I’d like to raise a glass to a new kind of year. Of which the clock is rolling over at a searing pace, whizzing round like a cartoon hyperbole, leaving behind the impaired and unprepared. 303 more words


The "Real" Issues

Sometimes I really just want to say “What the fuck is wrong with people?” This is an example of why:

Earlier today I was in a meeting for my school newspaper, and we were discussing article topics. 266 more words

Better World

don't eat curry before a jog

Right. Shoes on and fastened and sufficiently garish, much like the bright orange shorts that scarcely cover the yet brighter part of my legs. Perfect for excessive stride length and causing near misses. 428 more words


This Is How You Do It!

According to the DEA, by way of HuffPo and Reuters, fentanyl is to blame for an “alarming” spike in deadly overdoses.

I don’t know anything about that, but I can’t help but feel the story is a little more complicated. 262 more words