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New Low for Israel - Renting Nepal Wombs

Sick, sick, sick!

Jerusalem PostIsraeli planes bring home babies born in quake-struck Nepal

The plane carried a number of wounded Israelis and premature babies of Israeli parents who were born to surrogate Nepalese mothers.


Analogy Obama and Germanwings flight 9525

I received the following text in an email, forwarded to me by a friend who’d gotten it from someone else.

After a quick read, I moved on to do something else. 530 more words


I'm Still Here

Between my new job (which I love; it’s like falling off a bike) and “not for blog publication writing”, I haven’t had a lot of time to waste on here. 710 more words

Current Events

Dear Shonda Rhimes

*Warning – contains spoilers*

Dear Shonda  Rhimes,

Allow me to first say, Thank You. Thank you for being an amazing writer/creator of a show like… 1,050 more words


My ilk

How can I be of their blood?

We think so differently

They are too interested in my life

Something to lecture about always

They find fault with my profile pics, 194 more words


Working 14 years post-death, what a way to make a living

I believe that people should be able to make a living from writing.

I believe that should your work be of a quality, or interest, where it creates a legacy, then you and your chosen ones should be in a position to benefit from it. 1,495 more words


Courageous Convictions

In 1964, Dr. Irwin Schatz, was a new cardiologist who had completed medical school just a few years prior. He read the December   issue of the journal… 401 more words