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The New Cult of Personality

Do you get the feeling we are involved in a big game of poke the bear?  No, not Trump. Not Putin or Clinton.  Not Congress, or SCOTUS.  438 more words

Constantly being told to be outraged makes me care much less

This post was originally published on Medium on December 23, 2016.

Bad things are happening to powerless people. That’s bad. We should be very upset that bad things are happening to powerless people. 689 more words


Where’s the Outrage? Moral Clarity in the Age of Trump

It seems almost unheard of for one Christian organization to criticize another but that is just what my friends over at Red Letter Christians do on a regular basis. 464 more words


Quick Hits: How Twisted Things Can Sometimes Get

1/14/17 (about time for a political reset)

It’s amazing to me how quickly the conflict dependent Marxists within the D-Party can get offended.

And don’t they… 895 more words

Steve Harvey Defends His Meeting With Donald Trump

Most who watched President Barack Obama’s farewell speech in Chicago answered to his call to action. Comedian Steve Harvey felt that he needed to sit with President-Elect Donald Trump and now people are not laughing. 190 more words


Recognizing Our Own Shortcomings

Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius wrote about the importance of turning inward and honestly judging our own character in a way that is intimate and helped us move our lives forward in a constructive manner.   623 more words

Self Awareness


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For guidelines and rules for the… 193 more words

Make Every Word Count