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I Must Really Lack Intelligence...

I was feeling pretty good after my last post, you know? Good and happy and feeling like doing more blogging. And I’ve been thinking about Highly Sensitive People vs BPD (as I am trying to steer away from this harmful label as I believe it does not mean anything). 150 more words

Mental Health

An Unfortunate Decision, A Lifetime of Regret

In recent months, there have been a slew of news reports and a growing number of videos on YouTube that depict violent actions carried out by the police.  1,371 more words


I lasted 4 days without a political rant, possibly 5, but George Takei ended that for me.

George Takei in a heated interview called Justice Thomas a ‘clown in black face’ when interviewed by a reporter over his dissent of the Obergfell decision that struck down gay marriage bans nationwide.   690 more words

Joe Rogan Will Not Stand For TV Land Taking 'The Dukes Of Hazzard' Off The Air

Comedian and UFC analyst Joe Rogan’s opinions aren’t simply limited to MMA fights that might be fixed or the immature nature of professional wrestling. At a time when your Facebook feed is packed with hot takes about gay marriage and the Confederate flag (or battle flag or whatever), and you just don’t think it’s possible to squeeze one more opinion into the mix without it bursting open like the containment unit in… 282 more words


SCOTUS and Christian Outrage

Christian outrage may be the biggest vice of the modern church. It’s an issue that isn’t new to the church or its congregants. Interestingly enough, self-righteousness has a way of blinding us to our own sin. 810 more words


The Real Significance of Contemporary or Modern Art

There is always a sense of outrage associated with modern art, the most outrageous exhibition  being when Duchamp unveiled his display of urinals as art. However while contemporary art has never lost its ability to shock and outrage, the shock has diminished with repetition. 713 more words