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For men of a certain age...

This goes out to the men, of a certain age, back when “things were different,” 40 years ago they say; except that 40 years ago, I was 14, and although I wasn’t male, I actually felt every bit a person as the men alone assumed they were; and the only thing that was “different” was that there weren’t as many voices holding space for my non-male humanity… 200 more words


Shitholes? Really?

In a remarkable about-face, after many news reports and first-hand accounts alleging that President Trump referred to African countries and Haiti as “shitholes,” Mr. Trump announced that it was all more fake news, that… 427 more words


I have struggled today with all the news of Dr. Larry Nassar’s sentencing and victim statements.

As a survivor of sexual assault and abuse, I did not think that seeing and hearing these powerful words and statements would affect me the way they did today.

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Perpetual Outrage

This post stems from a “I have had enough” post on Facebook. I have a wide variety of friends (or those I follow) on social media. 381 more words


MLK Day icon Calvin Goode isn’t so iconic

Double standard exists: Calvin Goode made a mockery of MLK’s words when attempting to defeat a “white” woman based solely on her race

Reporting on Martin Luther King Day observances, the… 396 more words


overused or undervalued?

Outrage:  (noun) an extremely strong reaction of shock or indignation.

I’m starting to wonder if outrage is the most over-used word of our day, and simultaneously the most undervalued.

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On the Hawaiian Nuke Attack Scare This Week

 Hawaiians were treated to a tv warning that nuke missiles were inbound to Hawaii and they should drop everything and seek shelter. 

The warning –   47 more words