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So Watch Your Mouth....

This is a delicate matter, but there’s a brew ha ha brewing on the right side of the aisle about censorship on twitter and facebook and I really believe many of those fears are misplaced. 922 more words

Serenity Now

I didn’t see Jean Rohe last night. I had a good reason, I’ve been going out every day, I saw her twice in the last two weeks, and the… 1,105 more words

Social Security Justice?

Hovering over a freshly brewed cup of liquid energy to maintain my alertness as my infant daughter refuses to sleep.  I keep myself occupied with some mobile game to pass the time as my daughter continues to be amazed by her own feet and a tag attached to one of my throw pillows.  2,009 more words


Columnist Robb foolishly mourns Flake’s implosion

Robert Robb, the local newspaper’s Libertarian-leaning columnist, has written a eulogy lamenting the demise of the stone cold but still upright body of Sen. Jeff Flake.  485 more words

Arizona Politics

Let's NOT stay connected

Last week, a cataclysmic disaster of earth-shaking proportions struck the UK, resulting in mass panic and untold trauma for the citizens of this fair isle. No, I’m not talking about a natural disaster or a Godzilla attack but the partial service outage for customers of o2, one of our main mobile network providers. 1,142 more words

Rockwell's America

From time to time, I admit that I’m in no position to referee disputes, usually out of my lack of technical expertise in the hard sciences. 991 more words


sending collectors after lunch money in the richest country on earth

deep breath…

Cranston Rhode Island has announced that they have hired a collection agency to go after families of students with unpaid lunches over 20$.  According to the… 387 more words