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The outrage machine kicks into overdrive

Outrage sells. Outrage gets attention. Outrage provokes more outrage.

Katie Roiphe talks about outrage and Twitter in the June/July Esquire:

The danger of social media is that outrage feeds on outrage, instant rage flashes into more instant rage, the group instinct overtakes any individual event or person … With the efficiency of the medium, speed and rawness are privileged over depth.

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News Alert!!: Needles, CA: Outrage over sewage rate increases at service stations.

News Alert!!: Needles, CA: Outrage over sewage rate increases at service stations.

Service station owners are outrage over sewage rates that have increased for service stations in Needles, California and came to the Needles City Council Meeting on Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 to ask the City of Needles what’s going on and asking is this a mistake. 981 more words

Holtzclaw Victims’ Lawyer “Shocked & Dismayed” At 20/20 Interview, Says Prison Officials Refuse To Reveal His Location

“To know that 20/20 had access to Holtzclaw and we are being denied knowledge of his whereabouts is a great injustice, and re-victimizes the innocent women he sexually assaulted,” attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons said. 571 more words


The Lesson of Forgiveness...

Through everything that has happened to myself and my family, I’ve tried to teach myself forgiveness, both for others and for myself. Yet no matter how much I try to convince myself that we cannot change the past, I still cannot let go. 445 more words

Something a little different

Something a little different…with today’s FBI who knows anything… 

In May 2016, a web site called AnonHQ published a shocking story about Adolf Hitler: apparently the FBI had finally admitted, at long last, that the Nazi leader had not only fled to South America at the end of World War II, but that he had lived out his last years there in peace before finally dying of old age: 519 more words

Political Correctness

My Tribute to My Comrade Patsy O'Hara and His Family

On the 21st of May 1981 Patsy O’Hara. I.N.L.A. volunteer and my comrade in the Irish Republican Struggle for a United Socialist Ireland lost his life  at 11:29 pm, he died after 61 days  days on Hunger Strike at the age of 23. 343 more words


Time for A Little Outrage and Courage

I read the internet rantings.  I do not understand them.  Why not rant to yourself or your friends?  I do not want to listen to people who do not make good sense, who do not have reasoned arguments and who blather on about whatever air fills their heads.   318 more words