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Tumultuous Times...Hum...Is Freedom of Speech a myth?

Tumultuous Times…Hum…Is Freedom of Speech a myth?

If I may I would like to espouse on a couple of matters that involve Syria, the Assad regime – in particular, what is happening in the skies above Eastern Syria involving Iran, ISIS, Russia, Syria, and the USA. 582 more words

Political Correctness


Their right and we’re wrong. They sing it in a song that has never been looked at as a true or significant work. All “other” any that do not see our eyes in the same shade and focus. 277 more words



The day after the math
We awake to a leader
Who tricked with a feeder
He rolled in hot
Confessed all that he’s got
And we still gave it away… 73 more words



When you look around the world

And declare “This is bullshit”

That is the time to make art.


Grenfell Tower

Here is why Theresa May IMMEDIATELY jumped into “Ordering a Public Enquiry”. Everyone needs to rally together and demand an Inquest. An inquest would be fair. 17 more words


Out of Rage - spoken word

When I think about it

I don’t want to think too long

or feel too hard

keep moving on

Snap judgements

First impressions

Status updates and… 50 more words


‘Free Speech’ – It’s Not As Easy As ABC

My take on Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s Anzac Day social media post and why ‘freedom’ does not necessarily entitle you to ‘free speech’:

Most Australians are aware that in the past century over 100,000 of our countrymen gave their lives in our defence and to preserve the freedoms we value and enjoy today. 1,202 more words