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Peace Work

Psalm 48 speaks today of the heavenly city where God reigns as a stronghold. It seems right now that in our country we are moving further and further away from that notion of “a holy city built on a mountaintop where peace reigns.” Politically, we become more and more divided by the day and a serious outbreak of violence seems inevitable as our president upends all of what we hold as the values of our democracy. 242 more words


On the February morning my niece came into the world, we were so dazzled that we forgot to see if she was a boy or a girl. 45 more words


My Answer to MensXP's 'Uncles Trying North Eastern Cuisine'

This is a short write-up, cause it’s an answer to a certain video.

Recently, MensXP uploaded a video, where 4 elders from North India (apparently) taste traditional food from ‘North East India’. 532 more words


Archaeology, Nationalism, Destruction

Earlier this summer, I was wandering around an “abandoned” 20th century seasonal settlement in the Western Argolid with a few colleagues, and while we spent time documenting the site and looking carefully at the buildings there, we were also using the site as a way to think (until I was attacked by some kind of bug that had gotten into the sleeve of my long-sleeve and started, understandably, to attack me. 830 more words


What is up in America?

What is up in America?

Currently, let’s discuss the economic condition of America. Okay, that is fine by me. Suffice it to say the ALL economic indicators are up, either moving on the way up or have reached new highs since our current president took office. 417 more words

Political Correctness


“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;”

Surely most evangelicals committed to the authority of the bible would answer the question posed by my title with an solid affirmation— yes and amen. 796 more words


What is going on...tell me, What’s Going on?

What is going on…tell me, What’s Going on?

I will openly admit that during a time that the United States of America was without question the… 534 more words

Political Correctness