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The world will always seem to be against me

I don’t like to complain, but I suppose it comes naturally. Sometimes it seems as though the deck is always stacked against me and on top of that, I make stupid mistakes constantly. 650 more words


Drifter Mitt Romney reprises Flake’s spew

President Trump’s response: “Is he a Flake?”

Members of the 116th Congress will be sworn in Thursday, January 3, 2019. Gone will be antagonist Jeff Flake, who disparaged President Trump so relentlessly that he was unable to run for reelection in Trump-friendly Arizona, hindered by an abysmal 18% approval rating. 433 more words

Any Core Values?

Calling All Catholics

We are all at a loss for the state that we find Holy Mother Church. We ask ourselves questions such as: “How could this happen?” “How could such a thing go on so long without detection?” “Why hasn’t the Church dealt with this horror more effectively and substantially?” “What is going on?” “Who’s running our church?” “Why are dangerous predator priests still among us?”, etc., etc., etc.. 205 more words

Life Well Lived

BOOK REVIEW: "Christians in the Age of Outrage" by Ed Stetzer

Have you noticed that as social media have become more commonplace that people seem to have gotten nastier?  I know I’ve seen it.  And, if I’m honest, there may have been a few times where I participated in it.   840 more words

Book Reviews

Outrage Erupts Over Louis C.K., Chris Rock Joking With Racial Slur In Old Video

Old footage of Louis C.K. and Chris Rock exchanging jokes with multiple instances of a racial slur was uncovered Saturday, spreading like wildfire across social media and triggering outrage. 21 more words

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