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Close your eyes...

Last week it was. I was heading towards my training. While I was fighting my personal demons, I looked out of the window of the bus. 526 more words

Real Life

ZIKA Skeeters GMO for US Bio-Warfare Insanity

CDC-Oxford ‘Death Gene’ Is Key To The Brazilian Babies Riddle
By Yoichi Shimatsu

” . . . this essay explains how the recent cases of Brazilian microcephaly were not caused by ZIKA but are instead a “side effect” of the RIDL gene-transfer. 234 more words


What Is Selective Outrage?

“I m Selective Outrage.

I was first used by Journalists and libetards.

Now I am prevalent everywhere- journos, politicos and their followers.

I am present when people mourn for Dadri and not about Malda. 192 more words



by Christopher Raley

Wind drives brittle leaves against the house

like tiny skittering creatures

clawing a way out of night and storm.

Her hands spasm on the comforter, 55 more words


The Outrage Slingshot - how trolling the righteously indignant became next level clickbait

Gather around, young shitlords, and let uncle lp tell you about one of the most daring and powerful maneuvers available to a mid level content creator looking to achieve alpha dog status overnight. 945 more words


Thanks to the Internet, I know so much more about you that pisses me off

It’s weird that people seem so overly sensitive these days when society is awash like never before in so many imaginative and opposing views and opinions; you’d think we’d have a much thicker skin towards outrageousness. 997 more words


Biggleswade Locals Mortified by Bridge


Local Biggleswadeans cry over progress made by government to make bridge safer.

In the sleepy town of Biggleswade it’s safe to say not much of interest tends to happen which is why valiant troopers of social media have disproportionately blown a road fixture into a gigantic memefest on the group ‘We Love Biggleswade’. 267 more words