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My ilk

How can I be of their blood?

We think so differently

They are too interested in my life

Something to lecture about always

They find fault with my profile pics, 194 more words


Working 14 years post-death, what a way to make a living

I believe that people should be able to make a living from writing.

I believe that should your work be of a quality, or interest, where it creates a legacy, then you and your chosen ones should be in a position to benefit from it. 1,495 more words


Courageous Convictions

In 1964, Dr. Irwin Schatz, was a new cardiologist who had completed medical school just a few years prior. He read the December¬†¬† issue of the journal… 401 more words


psilocybin and spacecrafts

We had just stumbled home from an evening of excess. Burgers and beer and whiskey and shots, cheers and laughter, vodka and tobasco. Then the last stop last resort club which has the audacity to charge entrance with only a pedophile and two seventeen year olds left inside. 566 more words


Iranian Dog Torture Video Sparks Outrage

We have previously discussed violence and legal measures targeting dogs by some Muslims who view canines as “unclean.” Even postcards with dogs and service dogs… 236 more words


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MUSLIM TORTURING A DOG. muslim torturing a dog The Muslim value system is incompatible with life in the West. In this reblog, Professor Turley informs us that an effort punish dog owners with 74 lashes was made under the guise of Sharia Law last year. If I ever see or hear of a Muslim (or anyone else) torturing a dog, I swear by all that is holy that they will die on the spot. Muslims must be removed from the West. They are sh*tting all over our culture and demanding that we respect theirs. They are also supporting terrorism that kills humans. F*ck multiculturalism. I've had enough cultural enrichment just by looking at the picture above.

Anyone else dealing with outrage overload?

So, I’m not the biggest fan of Facebook. I log on it frequently because it’s a convenient way to access my fantasy team (speaking of which, feel free to stop being terrible, Alexei Ramirez. 571 more words

ISIS releases 200 women from sexual slavery, including a 9-year-old whose pregnant from her captors

A raped and pregnant 9-year-old girl is among 200 Yazidi captives released by Islamic State fighters in an attempt to demoralize their enemies in northwestern Iraq, the Star world news reported. 142 more words