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Portland To Tax Companies That Have Outrageous CEO-Worker Pay Gaps (VERY VERY VERY GOOD!!!!)

In an effort to combat income inequality, Portland, Oregon, on Thursday became the first jurisdiction to adopt a tax penalty on companies with excessive CEO-worker pay gaps. 427 more words

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We can judge Castro,  we don't have to wait for history to judge him 

Sometimes history doesn’t have to wait to judge — and when it comes to dictators, even dead ones, we shouldn’t either.
With news of Fidel Castro’s death Friday — finalmente — world leaders began offering eulogies, some of which were so vapid or willfully ignorant that Castro might have written them himself. 210 more words

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Leave President Trump's 10 year old son alone ( he is just a kid ) 

Most of the media left the Obama’s daughters alone, as they did the under age children of other presidents. However some in the media are going after Trump’s 10 year old son. 50 more words

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González, now 22, returns to public eye to praise Fidel Castro( Thank you President Clinton, and Janet Reno ) 

HAVANA — Elián González, the boy who found himself at the center of a controversial custody battle between his father in Cuba and his relatives in the United States 16 years ago, on Sunday praised Fidel Castro, who, he said, made it possible for him to return to his home country. 259 more words

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A brutal communist dictator has gone on to meet his reward. And too many seem confused about the legacy of Cuba’s Fidel Castro.
LISTEN to the commentary… 670 more words

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Republican Agenda

To say that speculation about Donald Trump was in the air would be an understatement.  Most of the news articles I’ve seen are about him.  What will Donald Trump do, they all say.  459 more words


Feminist Double-Standard At Harvard

Harvard University is demanding that all clubs become gender-neutral by 2017, but with one big exception. All-women clubs are exempt from the new rule. All-male clubs will be forced to put women on their roles, which is a dream-come-true of the campus feminists. 164 more words

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