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Model indusrty - what the hell?

We’ve all known, that the standars that the fashin industry has towards the models are mostly irrealistic, exaggerating and unhealthy. But nowadays I’ve thought that maybe it’s getting a bit better, that sporty figures are becoming more and more accepted, as well as leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle. 217 more words


Kim Fowley - Outrageous (1968)

There’s multiple beer cans on my desk. Some are half full from the night before. I reach for the cold one – and miss again and again. 585 more words


Inspiring awe and wonder from every corner of the world..

Remembering a previous blog entry when I was feeling things were not going right I remembered my own advice to continue to praise the Lord whatever happens in my life.   134 more words

The Frackers Outrageous Inside Story of the New Billionaire

True, most everything said before that was about Montresor discussing the revenge he would take on Fortunato. But it is all said matter-of-factly, businesslike, with little warmth or energy. 302 more words

The ethics of refusal of treatment in an emergency

I have not yet become calm inside myself yet. Perhaps I should not be writing a blog still in the state of turmoil of emotions. How on earth do you study a degree in the health profession and when presented with an acute LIFE threatening emergency in a CHILD whose vitals are not great on the not great scale the to point of extremely close to decompensation and not a great outcome i.e. 251 more words



According to society, there is an outline on who to be. We have to be model thin with long, silky hair and smooth, flawless skin. Clothes and music taste that corresponds with the current trends. 270 more words


Turbo Chong - Outrageous

Label: Yamabushi Recordings

Sometimes, a record can remind you of just how moving and artistic punk rock can be. There are bright, forward-thinking examples of bands who have taken the core “three chords, play fast” philosophy and left it behind, producing something that blends forward-thinking, progressive sounds with forward-thinking, progressive politics. 494 more words