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Why are all terrorists Muslim? (Clue: They're not.)

What is it called when someone, on their own personal religious vendetta, plans to attack a school and a church, because the people that attend those are of a different religion? 734 more words


When Outrageous MET Outfit!

Where there’s lights and cameras, there’s bound to be action. Every year, The MET Gala plays host to a dozen million dollar worth faces with their million dollar smiles and their million dollar gowns, all in the hope that a few of those millions find their way into a charitable bank account. 753 more words


Jem and the Holograms Trailer and Poster Get Truly Outrageous

See the trailer and poster for the live-action musical adventure Jem and the Holograms, starring Aubrey Peeples and Ryan Guzman.

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Sooo Much Gossip...I Think My Ears Are Bleeding...

I haven’t worked in an actual office since 2004, and then it was just me and my boss whom I loved, because she was an awesome person. 948 more words


The American Victim

Dear Annie: Over the years, I’ve seen letters regarding women who are bullied by husbands or mothers-in-law for giving birth to a girl instead of a boy.

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Reading @ outrageous Toronto

If you’re in or around Toronto tomorrow, come see a man fall apart in front of a room of strangers when I read at outrageous… 114 more words