I shouldn't have to

I shouldn’t have to censor myself for anyone, most importantly when it’s about the love that I feel for someone. I’m not the one hiding truths and telling lies. 49 more words

Outside The Fish Bowl


Saturday was beyond fantastic.  All day at the ren faire.  No phones.  Good friends. Best time ever.  A perfect day….a perfect night.  I couldn’t have asked for more.

Very Happy today.

Outside The Fish Bowl


Yesterday I was so loved…and Wednesday we get to workout together and I get to hold her in my arms.  There is so much I don’t like about what is going on…what I can’t control or change…but there are so many things I love…and the more we really talk the more I find I don’t want to give up without a fight.     51 more words

Outside The Fish Bowl

30 days

That’s when I decide where to go from here.

30 days. I’ll make them good. But then we’ll see.

Outside The Fish Bowl

Bad choices

I can make any number of bad choices today.  One can land me in Jail…another in the sack.

Outside The Fish Bowl