Went on an actual real date.  Felt good. Good conversation, etc.  Nice chaste kiss afterwards…with a couple of hugs…and then the text message after with the confession that she wanted to pull me in the back seat to make out like teenagers.

Damn that felt nice…

Outside The Fish Bowl

Today I Walk Away -

This is not me. Not yet. But there are good words to read here and thought to be had. I will continue this journey…for I too am a bit broken…and in this I heal too.

Outside The Fish Bowl


For the last two years I have gone to RMFC with J. This year the cockroach will be there so even though I bought a ticket I’ve decided not to go. 42 more words

Outside The Fish Bowl


I can’t stop loving her.  It will probably never happen…and I think I’m okay with that.

And I miss sleeping beside her

Outside The Fish Bowl


Feeling a sense of peace and freedom…

Outside The Fish Bowl