So thrilled to have a weekend in Seattle with my love. Space Needle here we come.

Outside The Fish Bowl


I have this dream. It’s a Saturday morning and I wake up with J’s head on my chest.  I lay there, letting her snuggle in close and enjoy the feeling for a couple of minutes before slipping out of bed and heading off to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee and make breakfast.  324 more words

Outside The Fish Bowl

I’m getting impatient.  Impatient for the new house, for the new car…for the ability to park my car in my garage. I’m impatient for all the good things coming, I just can’t wait anymore.  72 more words

Outside The Fish Bowl


Each night my mind restless

wanders aimlessly

in search for answers

until sleep finally conquers

and in my dreams

I pull *you*

just a little closer

Outside The Fish Bowl


Sometimes it’s good knowing something.  It keeps me content while others wallow in their insecurity.  If anything this time has allowed for more sharing, more intimacy, and though I don’t have a crystal ball I know the future.  75 more words

Outside The Fish Bowl