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Un-Kidnap Your Self

So what got me on this train of thought was, of all things, recent Disney movies. Don’t lie, you watch them, I know you do. :D No, they are not my favorite thing evar, but some are good, like Brave and How to Train Your Dragon (okay so it’s by DreamWorks whatever). 1,562 more words

Truly Being

From behind a car window

My family and I went to a restaurant and it was finally okay after all the drama and shit that was going on. We were finally a family for the first time in weeks.

"I'm Gonna Teach You How To Live"

This saying from “How I Met Your Mother” is one of my favorites but also I’m gonna give you some tips on how to live awesomely! 224 more words

Outside World

The Outside World

The outside world also known as the ‘real world’ is a phrase I grew up with. It connotes the place where the magic happens, where freedom from parents and school authorities reigned. 939 more words


Be matured on social media

I’m trying to be mature enough by not posting everything about my life in social media. I’m trying to be mature enough by not whining, cursing & complaining on social media. 33 more words

My Own Word Of Wisdom?

Tuesday Dinner

Last night I discovered an Asian buffet Restaurant it called O’planet. It’s a modern restaurant to compare with other Asian Restaurants. I love the big glasses wall and the chandeliers, everywhere. 232 more words

Outside World

100 Songs In 100 Hours: 21 - Outside World

Brooklyn indie-pop duo Outside World’s second single from their debut self-titled album mixes ’70s NYC art-rock guitars with soaring, Peter Gabriel-esque hooks, creating an anthemic blast of pop-rock. 26 more words