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Bombs going off all over the world. Cancer, AIDS, and other horrendous diseases. Cot death. Rape. War…

Just so you know, I am aware of all this while I moan about my own piddling issues.

Product: Bunker: S1 - Commando Center

Original Price: 14.29$ 


Welcome to our Bunker. Make this your home while our world dies above!

This new series of items will bring you an entire set of a bunker setup, 260 more words


University Diary #2

1 episode and 27 minutes into the second episode of Serial (podcast)

At this point, I believe Adnaan is the killer. However much he may seem to appear as a normal teenage guy, he was also pretending to be a good Muslim to his parents, so why couldn’t he have faked being a good person not wanting to kill someone he could possibly have reasons to kill? 1,496 more words


Product: Insane Asylum 3: Exterior

Original Price: 11.90$


Here comes your exterior set to the Insane Asylum.

This set delivers you the full outside of the asylum, including
the large house and the smaller administration office. 118 more words


Product: Apocalyptica Standard Props

Original Price: 8.90$  – Prime Members get this for 4.90$


Herewith you get 8 professional props for your Apocalyptic Scenes.

All props come as Standard Props (Based on the ground) and Smartprop for V4 and M4 Right and Left hand. 56 more words


Product: Outside World: Part6 - Petrol Station

Original Price: 11.20$  (Sale -30% until Aug 25)


Here comes Plane 06 of our Outer Worlds Series.

This set will bring you a run down petrol station on a side street. 192 more words


Product: Outside World: Part5 - South Valley and Highway

Original Price: 14.90$ 


Here comes our South Valley set of the Outer World Series.

The South Valley is designed to take on Plane 01 to Plane 03 and combine them to a greater set. 173 more words