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Insecure and working on it

Relationships are hard. There is a lot of pressure around you for everything to be perfect. The thing is, there isn’t any such thing as perfect. 331 more words


Brasserie Georges

What’s a nice Sunday afternoon! Today is different, I am free from cooking. I am invited to have my Lunch in one of very famous brasseries in Lyon, Brasserie Georges. 174 more words


Grief: Week 2 or The World Around Us

Those first few weeks I was so sad I felt raw, physically and emotionally.  The few times we would venture out in public I felt like everyone was staring, but conversely, I wished that my grief could be more visible for people to see rather than unexpectedly stumble over. 9 more words

Grief Story


आशाएँ दिखा रही थी खिड़की, बाहर का नज़ारा दिखा, जला रही थी खिड़की |

अंदर बैठी मैं गुम हूँ, बाहर के ख़यालों में

बाहर तलाशती हूँ अंदर का मंज़र…वो ठंडक वो मोहब्बत
वो बादलों का गुब्बारा बाहर बुलाता है

वो दूर गुम होते रास्ते मौके दिखाता है

वहीं घर की रौनक बाँधे रखती है,

ये खिड़की बहुत ललचाती है,

सोचती हूँ परदे से इसे ढँक दू,

या फिर तोड़ चलूँ इन सीलीयों को?

सब क़िस्से तुम सुन चुके,

अब तुम्ही कहो किस ओर चलूँ |


Outside World: Captain Tsubasa

The Premier League might have started this weekend, but this piece’s subject only has football as a mere theme. It’s a world away from real football, even in its origins as an anime, and certainly as a game which it would get released in. 2,107 more words


Outside World: Pokemon

There are a select few things in life you and I all have which, above everything else, we live and die for. The things we are all most passionate about. 4,563 more words