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Chuyện mình đi Singapore

Đây là lần thứ 2 mình được đi xuất ngoại, nhưng là lần đầu tiên mình đi riêng không đi với gia đình, đi với em họ hơn mình 2 tuổi. 2,196 more words

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The Prime of Jean Brodie

“It’s only possible to betray where loyalty is due.”

I think you’ve all been heard by this appealing book by Muriel Spark. And if not, then now is the perfect moment to search for this beauty: … 455 more words

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So I've been looking a lot at Idolmaster lately...

Idols, in real life, are no good. They’re singers who aren’t picked on how well they can sing, they have to sacrifice a lot of freedom or else lose their career, and if they don’t choose to go out on their own terms, they are cast off as soon as they hit the wrong age. 5,747 more words


Resources – are Scarce while Artificial Intelligence is ready to Explore Outside Super Computer

AI (artificial Intelligence) Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing are the latest buzzwords along with automation these days, and they are expected to bring more benefits that outsourcing, cloud and SaaS/PaaS brought in the past decade. 169 more words

Motivation Monday: The power of the sun

"How do we use the sun as a source of energy?"

The sun gives off a power called "Nuclear Fusion". It is the hearty of the sun's power.

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Gauging urban change with Google Street View

Nikhil Naik, Scott Duke Kominers, and their collaborators are hoping to transform the way scientists study urban environments, with an assist from Google.

In joint work with Edward L. 810 more words

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Talk-About-It Thursday:101 Ways to save the earth

“Who have you saved lately?”

This list is distilled from three sources: “The Greenhouse Crisis: 101 Ways to Save the Earth,” published by the Greenhouse Crisis Foundation, 1130 17th St.

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