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Talking To Myself

Is that all I ever do?

Do I talk to you?

I who haven’t a clue.

So what else is new?

Must I talk to myself forever, give myself a good talking to? 71 more words


AFLW stars go old school in new campaign

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”3af269803d67fac6a1c7d2fabb0643a2″,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/3af269803d67fac6a1c7d2fabb0643a2″},”originId”:”7118a5d0-0656-11e8-8247-7da088dc5145″,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”WEB”,”title”:”AFLW stars go old school in new campaign”,”subtitle”:”AFLW stars go retro for NAB History In The Making campaign”,”description”:”

AFLW stars Darcy Vescio, Katie Brennan and Daisy Pearcehave rewound the clock with classic footy looks \u2014 and locks \u2014 from the past. 6,335 more words

Andrew Knott


If the outside world turns fuzzy, focus moves to our inner world. We may experience fear and panic for loss of direction. Or we find guidance from within to direct us along our way.


Get out

A beautiful meaningful short movie. Look for a deeper understanding of life and meaning of life.


Your Life is an Experiment

Your life is an experiment so live it instead of trying to follow a specific frame, outcome, goal that has been given to you by the outside world, instead follow who you are..allow your being to direct you.

Beautiful Life

Quadrat 1 and 2 (Beckett)

Another old favourite, rediscovered this morning.

[“Description: Cloaked, cowled figures wander in patterns to rhythm instruments.” *as well as the rhythmic shuffling of their own feet*] 131 more words


Two Collages [aglimpseof.com]

Two of my old visual poems were snatched up by a glimpse of  for their meandering Uncontrollable Issue 

What is it?

See my pieces here 30 more words

Creative Acts