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On a Saturday full of engines, reading Michel Serres.

Je ne puis, d’une part, sentir le lisier des porcs, pourtant biodégradable, frémir de nausée à l’orée des papeteries, souffrir d’asthme au voisinage des autoroutes, ouïr aussi, et d’autre part, les bruits d’un avion ou d’une moto sans que mon corps, animalement, comprenne que les émetteurs correspondants prennent, par ces odeurs, ces souillures et ces sons, possession de l’espace qu’ils habitent ou traversent.

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Words Of Others

A reminder

This is Minami’s all new limited SSR, her second. Pretty, isn’t it? As beautiful as Minami can be.

And it’s another reminder that she’s gone from looking like this… 200 more words


To the Left.

Note: You might want to whisper as you read.

Walking to the narrow pathway that was once wide.

Boxes are not in the way as they have those sizes. 357 more words

Outside World

#100WW -- The Price of Heresy

Frank stood in front of the hole in the thick, wooden wall. This opening was his only glimpse at what lay outside of the walls. He saw green grass, unlike the gravel found on the ground within the compound. 76 more words

Flash Fiction

Outside World /// Let's Be Friends (Sax, Bass, Drum Visualization)

One of the joys of living in Los Angeles is the amazing level of talent and collaboration. Outside World is a collaboration between one of my favorite local bass players, Logan Kane, and searing sax player Henry Solomon. 124 more words


White Lawn

Why are you not green?

Oh yes, its snow, I see what you mean.

White and clean.

I prefer green.

Tich Ennis

2nd March, 2018


Talking To Myself

Is that all I ever do?

Do I talk to you?

I who haven’t a clue.

So what else is new?

Must I talk to myself forever, give myself a good talking to? 71 more words