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Is Service a Cost? Or a Revenue Stream?

We often hear companies tells us that their product warranty satisfies the equipment investment their customer has made. Is that enough? Will your equipment function year after year as it was designed? 233 more words

3rd Party Service Vendor

Three For Those Jobs (2015)

1. Less than before.
2. Outsourced.
3. Now being insourced.

To find-

That cheap wages are the bottom line.



Welcome to SteelHorse Medical

As a specialized service company I often get manufacturers asking me why using an outside service team would benefit their organization and make their service department more profitable. 132 more words

3rd Party Service Vendor

The Top 3 Reasons for Stress in Business

Let me be very clear here. If Stress is present in YOU, it is present in your BUSINESS. I see stress as a fast moving, contagious air-born disease that when it grabs hold it can cause a person and a business to fall apart very quickly. 1,027 more words

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Client Delivery Recruitment Team

The Gold Group Client Delivery Team is designed to partner our customers throughout substantial growth periods. This can range from recruiting a new IT Team to  a Whole Life Cycle Engineering Department. 301 more words


HoutsGraphics Services on SourceMarket

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Outsource Your Wind Turbine Design, CNC Precision Engineering and Welding Fabrication Tasks

by Associated Fabrication

What do wind turbine style, CNC precision engineering and welding fabrication have in common? Properly, if you are an OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer, then you must have guessed that it is the reality that all these tasks demand a high degree of accuracy and finesse. 458 more words