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You're Not As Busy As You Think You Are: 4 Steps To Becoming Less Busy

So you’re busy. Join the club. It seems that everyone is busy all the time. Granted, there are times when it can get overwhelming. That’s the nature of business. 771 more words

A Lesson in Poise & Professionalism.....PART 2

“A Lesson in Poise Professionalism…..PART 2”

 (Continued from PART 1)

 You’ve now been waiting 30 minutes or so and have moved a couple of paces forward in this gargantuan line of people trying to get to Raleigh, NC. 1,553 more words

A Lesson in Poise & Professionalism.....PART 1

Picture it….you’re sitting on an airplane waiting to depart the gate. You’re excited because for the first time in a long time, you’re not leaving for a business trip. 746 more words

Press 1 for..... Press 2 for.....

“Press 1 for ….., Press 2 for ….., Press 3 for ……” And it goes on and on. It used to be easier, right? You’d just hit 0 and the call would be routed to an operator. 698 more words

LazyTown? I Call Bulls***

    I have two children, ages 6 & 4. I’m not going to lie: they’re a handful. But they’re mine and I love them. They watch appropriate kids’ shows on TV. 472 more words

A Pathway to Humble Leadership: 3 Simple Steps

I have a long history with the Boy Scouts of America. I am an Eagle Scout and have held a lot of leadership positions in the organization, both on a local and national level. 500 more words