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The Future of Video Games


These guys are great. I met them at ConNooga this weekend (a fantasy/sci-fi convention).

What they mainly do is review Indie video games. They also gave a great talk about how the current Video Game Industry is essentially dead, at least as far as innovation is concerned. 429 more words


The Adventures of Chris

So, I’ve been active on forums, Twitter, and YouTube recently. Here on the blog, not so much. Need to rectify that.

For now, here are the first four parts of my Let’s Play series of videos for The Adventures of Chris on the OUYA.


Con Limelight llevarás tus juegos de PC a tu Android

Con Limelight llevarás tus juegos de PC a tu Android, gracias a la tecnología gamestreaming que desarrollo nVidia en el 2014 en su última gama de… 278 more words


Towerfall: Ascension are looking to pay tribute to Anita Sarkeesian

Towerfall: Ascension’s upcoming expansion will add a #character based on critic Anita Sarkeesian.

Towerfall: #Darkworld is coming sometime in late spring, adding 10 new alternate archers to the mix. 191 more words

Linux Game News

Hero of Many Review

Games like The Last of Us and Gone Home are often heralded for their powerful narrative and emotional storytelling, but what happens when you strip away the lines of verbal communication? 796 more words


Cross Those Games Off That List

I may have mentioned before (although I can’t remember when) that I tend to play a lot of games but don’t finish them. I have no idea why but for some reason I lose interest in the game before I get around to finishing it. 436 more words


New capture device

So, I bought an AVerMedia Came Capture HD II and tried it out tonight with Double Dragon Trilogy (the OUYA version, played on my M.O.J.O.). 38 more words