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Hands on with Hardware: The Ouya!

The little console that could – but nobody believed it. 1,335 more words


All I want for Christmas is...

This was part of a piece that I and six others contributed to with our wishlists for the heady year of 2013. Yes,  it was a time before… 242 more words


Stretch your paws on your PS4

You know this is a simulator, but you can finally be a cat. Everybody wants to be a cat! 135 more words


Virtual Reality Startup Jaunt Builds Sales Team to Become the 'Netflix for VR'

Jaunt, a startup that makes applications and hardware for virtual reality, has hired a fleet of sales executives to cajole more media companies and advertisers into building content for VR. 289 more words


The Ball - Brisk Breakdown

by Julian Rzechowicz

A boy and his ball

You are an explorer. Digging down through the top of a mountain you discover ancient ruins and artefacts. 370 more words


That Dragon, Cancer: A Story of Loss and Hope

Last night I played one of the most difficult games that I’ve ever played. It’s difficulty didn’t come from any tough boss battles or tricky platforming sequences, in fact the most difficult part of the entire game may have been convincing myself to turn it on in the first place. 811 more words

Video Games

Experience strong emotions in this unique game

We’ve been playing some interesting experiences, lately. I hope this one manages to deliver its message to the players in the best way possible. 170 more words