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10 Video Games Consoles That You Never Knew Existed

How many consoles are there in the market right now? Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch these are the three main top gaming consoles that everybody knows. 62 more words


Detailed Review: Attacking Zegeta (PS4/Ouya)

The third review I did for Brash Games, and the first I got a review code for. Unfortunately, the game itself is trash.

http://www.brashgames.co.uk/2017/01/30/attacking-zegeta-review/ 27 more words


Post-mortem - The Ouya

Welcome to a new series (maybe?) on DisCONNECT – Post-mortem, where we conduct an autopsy and find a cause of death for some of the tech world’s failed products. 1,880 more words


That Dragon, Cancer

That Dragon, Cancer
Ouya and PC
Developed by Numinous Games
Released in 2016

I remember the first time I heard the title of this game and I had no idea what to expect. 902 more words


All Hail the Console Wars! Why Having Multiple Consoles Defines Game Culture.

I never very much liked the idea of the one console future. While having one console that can play any and all types of games has its appeal, I believe it does a disservice to the core of game culture. 561 more words


Hands on with Hardware: The Ouya!

The little console that could – but nobody believed it. 1,335 more words


All I want for Christmas is...

This was part of a piece that I and six others contributed to with our wishlists for the heady year of 2013. Yes,  it was a time before… 242 more words