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Hillary Clinton Roses Have Thorns

Roses Do Have Thorns, Beware!

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If you’re in Hillary camp, you have to be excited; a) Donald Trump continues to destroy his campaign b) Hillary is playing it safe c) Republicans with a sense of patriotism are leaving Donald Trump in droves, some even endorsing Hillary publicly, others throwing their support for a third party candidate d) the young electorate who initially considered Donald Trump as a possible alternative to Bernie Sanders have begun to realize he is not someone they would want to represent them as president on the world stage. 1,148 more words

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Finding Hillary

The quest to find the woman who would be President of the United States.

I decided last week to find Hillary.  Prompted by a couple of my friend’s entreaties to vote for someone to keep someone else out of the Oval Office, I have decided to challenge myself.  384 more words

Setting 'Elvis and Nixon' straight: Elvis did not hate The Beatles

The Elvis & Nixon film recently released on DVD, starring Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon, is billed as a “comedy” about the infamous meeting between The King of Rock and Roll and President Nixon at the White House. 915 more words

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Please, Short-Circuit Hillary Clinton's Mic

Ok, I think it’s time we have a candid conversation about Hillary Clinton. There’s an ugly truth Democrats don’t want to admit about their presidential nominee: a loooooooot of people straight up… 513 more words


The Long Journey into Trump's Head

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Please, share this article with everyone, our very survival as a nation depends on it.

If you support Donald Trump, it is very likely you have no idea what Donald Trump is about; here is the main reason, you only listen to Donald Trump and only pay attention to those who have something good to say about him but you make it a point to ignore everybody else. 1,132 more words

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