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Chili Rubbed Fish

This is a simple recipe. All you do is sprinkle the seasonings and broil it! I usually use this rub on salmon, but I also use it on white fish like Mahi Mahi pictured here. 155 more words

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Bruschette Maretti

脆脆的 很可口 真的有pizza味耶!
这么个一包 我和Mr.Bao很快就吃完了 因为好吃嘛♡

价格 : 不详 (因为是某人送的)
where to buy : 听说超市都有在卖 。要留意一下了 10 more words


Meatloaf Muffins

So easy and simple, this meatloaf recipe can be made with ground sirloin, turkey, or chicken. Your choice! I prefer ground sirloin, but if you are looking for a lower fat version, nix the parm cheese and go with chicken or turkey.  113 more words

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Vial necklace charms & TMNT earrings

I’ve been on a Ninja Turtle kick today.  My mama bought me a TMNT sleep shirt (the big, giant, obnoxious comfy ones that you would never dare wear out in public, but it’s not quite gaudy enough to be considered a gown) and then I finally finished watching the end of season 2 and started season 3 of the Nick TMNT cartoon.   97 more words


Baked Drumsticks

Baked Drumsticks with Hot Sauce

Pack of 8-10 Drumsticks

Combine in plastic bag:

  • 2 tbs+ Walnut Oil or Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • 1+ tsp chili powder…
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Simply Delicious Apple Pork Chops

Here is a favourite dish from my previous blog. I still make this family favourite all the time. I love to make these pork chops when I’m short on time (umm… I think I’m always short on that precious commodity called time lol). 302 more words


How to cure Compulsive Stirring Disease(CSD)

I suffer from a common but not well researched compulsion, Compulsive Stirring Disease!

The symptoms include:
1. Stirring pots of food for longer than necessary. 146 more words