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Busy Mum's Kitchen: Cheat Lasagna

You know when you’re having one of those days when you really need to dish up something that’s not another stir-fry, but you don’t have time for a full bake? 188 more words

Rocking Recipes

Salmon Tray Bake

This recipe is full in flavour yet healthy for you at the same time. It combines succulent salmon with vegetables all baked on one tray. And to top it off, it’s quick and easy with minimum clean up! 95 more words


What is Fimo clay?

Popular brand names:

  • Fimo
  • Sculpey

Generic name: Polymer clay.

Can you make it?

No, but you can make oven-baking clay substitutes that are very similar to polymer clay. 80 more words


Green Bean Casserole

This is one of those dishes that is on almost everyone’s table on pretty much every holiday where we live.  When I first learned to cook this dish I would always use canned green beans.   258 more words

Mexican Turkey Burgers

​As summer is upon us, it’s BBQ season. Unless, of course, you live in the UK, where we wouldn’t know summer if it hit us in the face at the moment. 376 more words