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The Visit - M Night Finally makes another one.....creepy old people, cleaning an oven, germ phobia, and dirty diapers ......

The preview hooked me into wanting to see this movie. The old grandma asks the pre teen girl to crawl inside the oven to help her clean it…..all the way inside…..it worked well in the thirty second spot on tv. 241 more words

Kitchen Cleaning Tips: Put to the Test!

I am always amazed at the before and after pictures of almost everything on Pinterest. Grow your hair 10 inches in 1 month! Loose 10lbs in 2 weeks! 641 more words


Appoint qualified cleaners in Kent

It is a fact that no one like dirty and undisciplined look of a house or an office, but it is also a fact that getting the proper cleaning is a very big and risky task without the help of expert cleaners. 412 more words

A heads up about self-cleaning ovens

The benefits of self-cleaning ovens are evident – you don’t need to buy toxic & expensive cleaning products and they promise to save us hours of cleaning time. 535 more words


How much important is to hire a home cleaning company?

No one can deny the fact that cleaning is too much important for every property. It doesn’t matter you have a commercial, business or domestic property. 424 more words

Mighty Oven Cleaner

Those who know me, know how I love to clean but that love does not extend to ovens. Luckily I can pass that chore on to my husband (fair’s fair, I do the gardening and the decorating) but it was still an ordeal as another brand of oven cleaner gave off such horrible fumes that always affected my asthma. 214 more words


Oven Cleaner

I couldn’t believe it when my friend Kate confessed that she hadn’t cleaned her oven in ten years. Not once. In a decade. The Monica Geller in me practically fainted. 437 more words