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Quick and Easy Oven Fries (including a vegan option) / Brzi i laki krumpirići iz pećnice (uključujući i vegansku opciju)

A humble potato can easily make a whole satisfying dish or a snack. With only a handful of ingredients these fries are perfect when you’re too lazy to cook, but want to indulge a bit. 362 more words


Spiralized Oven Fries

From time to time it’s good to do things just for fun, with no hidden agendas or pretense of deeper meaning attached. This recipe is my example of doing something just for fun and just because. 465 more words

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Salmon Fingers & Crispy Chip Butty

Fish and Chips are a classic combo, and a “Chip Butty” is iconic British comfort food, so why not combine the two? Now, you can be forgiven for imagining a sort of greasy golden brown conglomeration of guilt and shame at this point. 591 more words


Kansas City Pulled Pork

I don’t know if there are enough words to describe my love for pulled pork. To me, it’s one of the world’s most perfect foods. It’s rich and succulent and so versatile. 583 more words