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Many-striped Canastero (Asthenes flammulata)

I took this photo of a Many-striped Canastero (Asthenes flammulata), one of the ovenbirds, in the Yanacocha Reserve which is in the Andes north west of Quito, Ecuador.


Birdwatching in Cayman Islands: Mastic Trail Ideal Place to Spot Seasonal Winged Visitors

The Cayman Compass features choice spots for birdwatchers to view some of the many bird species (such as the ovenbird, shown above) that winter in the Cayman Islands seeking a warmer climate. 545 more words


Getting to know the little birds

My goal this year is to learn more about the very small birds that come to our wetlands. Some, like the male Painted Bunting above at the preserve’s feeder, are easy – his brilliant multi-colored feathers are so distinctive that he’s hard to miss. 195 more words



My first day of work here, I kid you not, I found a perfect little ovenbird sitting right in front of the front door. There is a lot of foot traffic here, so I scooped him up in my hand and checked him over.  198 more words


Summer in the City

Last week was hot and for all practical purposes, dry. It was almost hard to find motivation to trade the too-cold office air conditioning for hot-and-muggy outside but sitting around all day doesn’t suit me, so when there was time available for a stroll, I took one. 346 more words


Stragglers in the City

Unexpected. There are reports of migrant warblers every now and then, here and there, but the warblers are, for all practical purposes, gone except for the few that stay to start families. 382 more words


Ovenbird Nest

The PA Migration Count is an annual one-day snapshot of bird populations within our state. The count is held on the second Saturday of May and seeks to answer such questions as: Where are the birds? 256 more words