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Who’s Looking For The Teacher?

You’re walking through the woods on a late spring day and a loud bird song bursts from forest.  It sounds as if the bird is repeatedly saying ‘tea-cher,’ getting louder with each note.  336 more words

Flora & Fauna

Early start to spring migration

My first ovenbird, hiding deep in the bushes.

My first Louisiana Waterthrush at the fountain.

An unidentified bird on the top. Any ideas?  The 2nd one is a Cape May Warbler. 106 more words

Bird Photography

Rondeau Provincial Park - May 3rd, 2017

You know you’re a birder when you wake up at 3:15am and are excited about it.

May is an exciting time for birdwatchers in Canada as it signals the beginning of peak bird migration. 970 more words


April 13, 2017 – Greater Thornbird (Phacellodomus ruber)

These members of the ovenbird family are found in parts of Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Argentina. They eat ants and beetles, foraging mostly in pairs in the understory or on the ground. 18 more words


Lee's Two Word Tuesday - 2/28/17




“And he brought the present unto Eglon king of Moab: and Eglon was a very fat man.  (JUDGES 3:17)

Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapillus) by Kent Nickell…

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Ovenbird #1


An Ovenbird that I found up to the family farm on the 16th on this month. an odd name for a bird but kind-a cool to find one so late in the year. 13 more words