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Rare Bird Visits

Indigo Buntings live down in the valley and I see them throughout the summer. However, they rarely visit my feeders. This fellow spent several days around the feeder before moving on. 82 more words

Bird Photography

Backyard, May 2, 2018

I don’t usually report on backyard sightings. This was too good though – a Kentucky Warbler was in our backyard for a nice, long visit. This sighting is a first for me and my wife. 63 more words

Cream-winged Cinclodes (Cinclodes albiventris)

I took this photo of a Cream-winged Cinclodes (Cinclodes albiventris) by a small Andean lake in Peru, not far from the Sacred Valley of the Incas.


5 October 2017 - Ovenbird

Regular readers might recall that I encountered this broken window on Labor Day.  I reported it that day, and it took three weeks for anyone to even apply caution tape. 53 more words

Creamy-crested Spinetail (Cranioleuca albicapilla)

The Creamy-crested Spinetail (Cranioleuca albicapilla) is a member of the ovenbird family and is a Peruvian endemic. This bird was easily found (they are pretty noisy!) in the lovely garden of the… 15 more words


Wood churning oven

This little Ovenbird seemed rather social — or at least unconcerned with our presence. It sat still on a nearby branch for a while, then later flicked up the leaf-litter looking for bugs while we walked alongside.


Who’s Looking For The Teacher?

You’re walking through the woods on a late spring day and a loud bird song bursts from forest.  It sounds as if the bird is repeatedly saying ‘tea-cher,’ getting louder with each note.  336 more words

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