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The Ovenbird, Seiurus aurocapilla, so named for the shape of the nest it builds on the forest floor and covers with leaves, is one of my favorite warblers. 90 more words


Excelent location with a stunning view free of mortgage. Located in Assis, Brazil.


First Warbler of the Fall

Not the best photo I’ve ever taken, but it’s a Warbler! I took it this morning at Plantation Preserve Golf Course. This wasn’t the only Warbler I saw either. 23 more words


Close Encounters of the Bird Kind

After working 12 hours on Sunday, I promised myself I was going to sleep in on Monday. However, my birding posse had plans to return to Garrett Mountain.  314 more words


on campus (may 7, 2014)

I’ve been waiting all year for the campus bird-walks at Rutgers-Newark to begin again, and they finally did. I woke up early, caught an early train, and arrived early. 302 more words


Ovenbirds breed in large, mature hardwood forests in much of the eastern two-thirds of North America. They require a closed canopy that inhibits undergrowth, and which provides a carpet of leaf litter in which a variety of insects live. 40 more words


Look what's cookin'

Like a tiny rooster, this Ovenbird (Seiurus aurocapilla) friskily paraded his way around the woodland floor. After a brief stroll, he found a branchy stage for his courtship concert.