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Black Friday, I'll Pass

I used to like Black Friday.

That was back when the deals were only available at early hours on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That is when you marveled at hearing about someone go to the mall at 4:30 AM. 181 more words


Low Carb/higher fat is becoming the way

For years athletes and experts in the fitness industry have gone low carb and added more fat than USDA recommendations to use as energy. About 30 years ago the USDA, the food industry and many medical professionals told us to quit eating fat because it was making us fat. 159 more words

Belgian Beer

Big fan of Belgian beer, but of course I moderate my consumption …

It's time to be bold for ethical fashion

“We thought about changing it… maybe it’s too provocative,” said Sara, business manager of “THRIVE”, an ethical fashion store in Gothenburg, as she caught me chuckling at their branded tote bag that reads “#FUCK FAST FASHION”. 1,337 more words

Sustainability Communication

Small Space Living

Over the past few years I have been fascinated by the idea of small space living. I have watched countless videos on YouTube and even attempted to design a few spaces on my computer with an interior design software that is quite outdated at this point. 496 more words


Neoliberal capitalism vs the environment

Humans have officially been recognised as a geological force for massive changes on earth, the likes of which we haven’t seen in millions of years. We are permanently changing the face of the earth – mass extinctions, pollution, global warming – yet, despite increasing environmental consciousness globally, things are showing no signs of improving. 686 more words

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