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Thinking About "Latin America" and elsewhere

Thinking About “Latin America” and elsewhere

“America” is named for an Italian navigator who was in the pay of Spain
In speaking of what we call “Latin America” 112 more words


Fast Day 2, 3, & 4 Follow Up

Here we are! Still making progress even though I’m missing food. I’m amazed at the connection I’ve developed with food over the years, and how when deprived of it, it becomes something of constant thought. 797 more words

Empty Oceans: Over-Consumption To Blame?

As doctors and health specialists urge us to eat more fish, environmentalists are warning that we may end up harvesting our favorite sea life to the brink and beyond. 959 more words

Earth Changes

Too Sunny

Ever been driving and the sun blinded you so much you needed to put on sunglasses or pull the visor down?

No one would argue the importance of the sun or the needed Vitamin D that come from the beautiful sun rays. 193 more words

One A Day

A Simpler Way

So let’s shift to the Simpler Way

These words are taken from The Conversation an on-line an article written by Frederick Trainer, that I first came across  just after December 25th 2014. 678 more words


I wonder…
I wonder at the collective madness we’ve just come through.
The same disturbance we subject ourselves to every year at this time.
I wonder at that almost manic froth the country seems to work itself into. 609 more words


Is Eating Meat Killing Our Planet??

The other day I started to reflect on the reasons I have chosen to live a vegetarian lifestyle for the last 3 years. What I have come to realize is that as each year goes by, my reasons evolve; each piece of knowledge propelling me from a deeper and more passionate place.  581 more words