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Declutter The Excess Outta Your Life With JR JR’s New Single “Clean Up”

In an era where we are constantly over-consuming – media, food, material possessions, gossip, etc. – at a neck-breaking pace, JR JR makes us step aside and reflect on the amount of excess we hoard unnecessarily in their new single “Clean Up.” As its title implies, the track is an anti over-consumption piece that opens a meditative soundscape for you to declutter any distractions. 335 more words


Diving Right In

William Shakespeare coined the phrase, “the winter of our discontent” in Richard III. I would like to borrow from his genius and capture my current-but-not-actually-yet summer in such a phrase, but this season may just have to reveal its nature first. 365 more words


Life changes

About three weeks ago my family and I made a very big life change. We moved from comfortable, convenient, leafy suburbia on the Kapiti Coast to a 7-acre block of land in rural Manawatu. 228 more words


Do you know how to recycle? I didn't

The more I learned about sustainable farming, the more things I realized that I needed to change. I needed to use less plastic, ditch plastic bags altogether, switch to glass whenever possible, and recycle more than I trash. 897 more words



Shakey. Weak. Feeble.

Over-stimulated. Hyped.

Feeling like the world could be conquered if you could just pin-point the starting line.

Coffee jacks me up like falling in love does. 78 more words


I think we can, I think we can!

When I was a young child (1950s-1960s) there were no seatbelts. We rode around in the back seat without a care in the world, listening to my grandfather behind the wheel intoning “I think we can!   306 more words

The Giving Tree

There are many interpretations of The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein.

To me this is the tragic story of our society vs the planet earth. Humans foolishly take and take from the planet and rape nature of its resources without consideration of the consequences. 65 more words