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Rule #268: Over consumption

There are enough resources for human need, Not human greed!

I made that up. Pretty good eh?

With money comes power. And, ultimately, an ability to live above the law. 452 more words


Alexander McQueen Working Progress – photographs by Nick Waplington

London is experiencing a wealth of Alexander McQueen tribute shows. We’ve had the backstage drama of his early shows at the Proud Gallery, the V&A’s magnificent… 379 more words


Reduce, Reuse…and then Recycle

Recycling is a great way to keep waste out of our landfills, but some of us may be getting too attached to the last ‘R’ in the cycle. 307 more words

Healthy Home

Environment Over Economy - Refreshing Education

As the ice cube in my backyard has begun to thaw into a lake again, the frozen thoughts in my brain have started to flow as well. 583 more words

Soul Food

Thinking About "Latin America" and elsewhere

Thinking About “Latin America” and elsewhere

“America” is named for an Italian navigator who was in the pay of Spain
In speaking of what we call “Latin America” 112 more words


Fast Day 2, 3, & 4 Follow Up

Here we are! Still making progress even though I’m missing food. I’m amazed at the connection I’ve developed with food over the years, and how when deprived of it, it becomes something of constant thought. 797 more words

Empty Oceans: Over-Consumption To Blame?

As doctors and health specialists urge us to eat more fish, environmentalists are warning that we may end up harvesting our favorite sea life to the brink and beyond. 959 more words

Earth Changes