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Minimalism Trend: Will it save the planet?

There is a growing interest in minimalism, thanks in part to Marie Kondo’s book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and her KonMari method — a method of decluttering and organising the home. 1,257 more words


An ethical dilemma in my wardrobe

The last time I did a stocktake of my wardrobe was about 5 years ago. I just did another one counting all shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, jeans, shoes, sports wear….the lot. 588 more words

Ethical Clothing

Quote of the Day - 1/5/2017

What I question is not consumption in the abstract but consumerism and over-consumption. While consumption means acquiring and using goods and services to meet one’s needs, consumerism is the particular relationship to consumption in which we seek to meet our emotional and social needs through shopping, and we define and demonstrate our self-worth through the Stuff we own. 7 more words

Day Job

Review: Two apps to help you shop more ethically

I’ve been trialling two apps that are both designed to help you figure out if the item you want to buy is ethical or not. The first is the… 428 more words

Sweatshop Free

Bah humbug

Let’s all go out and enrich retailers and send millions of pieces of cardboard paper to people we never talk to so that they can throw ’em away.  14 more words

Danny McGee Drinks the Sea

Danny McGee Drinks the Sea
Andy Stanton and Neal Layton
Hodder Children’s Books
Authors often talk about getting inside a character’s head but I’ve never heard of one getting inside a character’s stomach before. 229 more words

Picture Books

Black Friday, I'll Pass

I used to like Black Friday.

That was back when the deals were only available at early hours on the Friday after Thanksgiving. That is when you marveled at hearing about someone go to the mall at 4:30 AM. 181 more words