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Shakey. Weak. Feeble.

Over-stimulated. Hyped.

Feeling like the world could be conquered if you could just pin-point the starting line.

Coffee jacks me up like falling in love does. 78 more words


I think we can, I think we can!

When I was a young child (1950s-1960s) there were no seatbelts. We rode around in the back seat without a care in the world, listening to my grandfather behind the wheel intoning “I think we can!   306 more words

Minimalism beginnings

At the beginning of 2016 I had lots of stuff.  So much stuff that it was spread across two homes.  I decided enough was enough and I started first by trying to downsize my wardrobe, but then I noticed something- I was attached to certain items.  747 more words

Mindless Consumerism

The Giving Tree

There are many interpretations of The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein.

To me this is the tragic story of our society vs the planet earth. Humans foolishly take and take from the planet and rape nature of its resources without consideration of the consequences. 65 more words

A surprise – my Easter Reflection.

Is this a surprising revelation? Or not . . .

People often have surprising points of view – sometimes we’re even blind. What we believe and how we act can be astonishingly off-base. 782 more words


Humans Are Parasites

In relation to the earth, humans are parasites. This is not a metaphor or some pop culture reference to Agent Smith from the Matrix. Humanity’s relationship to nature and the biosphere is largely, if not, exclusively, parasitic. 507 more words

The terrible C's of our culture

Mindless purchasing and endless consumption with a side of convenience. The recipe for happiness according to the American way of life. Everything should be easily accessible and on our own terms, forgetting the impact it may have. 911 more words