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The Disposable Cost of Fashion 

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This past weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix called “The True Cost”. The fast fashion movement has become a year to year struggle in this economy, many consumers are still in the fast fashion trance essentially hypnotized by disposable cost. 465 more words

Conscious Fashion

Consumption and Production

Last week, I woke up to an Amazon e-mail saying that sales for Thanksgiving were starting already.  Within seconds, I was wanting to buy shit I don’t need… 1,675 more words


Could we colonise another planet to save this one?

Let’s do a little thought experiment, shall we? The late, great Douglas Adams wrote about a planet (Golgafrincham) that decided to ship all its undesirables (it was not made clear to them that they were in fact considered ‘undesirable’) to another planet to cut their population by a third. 389 more words


Rule #105: Cyclical consumption

To quote the great George Carlin.. “Consumption is the new national pastime… Not too bright folks, not too fucking bright”. He said it right! 266 more words

Ecological Debt

The ecosystem, as we need it to be, has a certain equilibrium.  We humans can choose to live at or below the balancing point or we can continue to live above the balancing point. 646 more words


The sale phenomena- a myth

During sale season, people especially shoppers are bashing in for the heaven aspect of it and eagerly mine for a treasure. I have written down some observations which are hopefully justifiable in other peoples cases. 512 more words


Rule #175: Hippycrites

Not to be confused with Hypocrites, Hippocrates or Hypocorism …  Hipp.y.crite: is a brand new word created for use in the New World. Developed as a linguistic blend of the words Hippy & Hypocrite, this word is used to describe people who claim to be environmentally responsible… 203 more words