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"How Overfishing And Shark-Finning Could Increase The Pace Of Climate Change"


While scientists have long been aware of the decline of marine ecological communities, little work has been done on how fishing or shark finning can affect ecosystem level processes, including climate change.

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Other issues under the ocean

Unfortunately, shark culling is not the only human-induced threat to marine species and the functioning of marine ecosystems. Here are just a few other issues that are threatening the existence of thousands of species globally: 567 more words

Humans Are Breaking The Rules... And Everything Else Too

Evidence has shown for some time now that due to human activity the Earth could be beginning its sixth mass extinction. However, recent discoveries show that unlike other mass extinctions larger sea life are more at risk of becoming extinct before smaller marine animals this time around. 106 more words


The Fight to Save the World’s Seas From China’s Bloated Fishing Industry — TIME

The frigid waters off Japan’s eastern coast teem with sardines, mackerel, anchovy and scallop. They are some of Asia’s most fertile fishing grounds, inspiring an exquisite seafood-rich national cuisine, and supporting a domestic fishing industry worth some $9 billion each year.

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Minimalist Eating

So it is whitebait season here in NZ.  This is the time of the year when greed often overcomes any actual need and when usually mild mannered people become guarded and territorial over their ‘patch’ of river.   443 more words

The Environmental Threat Trawlers Pose To The Arctic

You’ve been told countless times, ‘the ice is melting’. Maybe you’re doubtful or just fed up but here’s the thing – the ice really is melting, and fast. 391 more words