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Enlightened Buyers – Plastic, China and How to Drive Your Brand into the Circular Economy

As our seafood gets overfished, and with a growing global population that consumes many more products and plastic, we are facing a growing waste challenge which may lead us to having an ocean that has more plastic than… 848 more words


Many of our land animals are at extreme risk of extinction in the next several years due to poaching, ivory trinket collection, habitat loss, global warming, human encroachment, big game trophy hunting, human population growth, lack of interest, poor environmental communications, selfish consumerism, and a whole lot more… 268 more words

Endangered Species


The Planet’s Fisheries Are In Even Worse Shape Than We Thought

The world’s oceans have been overfished far more than reported, according to a new study. 237 more words


Discovery Channel: "Racing Extinction"

Highly recommended if you care about our one and only home… planet Earth: “Racing Extinction”. Encore presentations on the Discovery Channel (Canada)…

Climate Change

Thanksgiving Revisited

Last week I recounted several of the things we have to be grateful for in the ocean and the maritime environment. While some may consider these accomplishments mere footnotes to be buried in a year of frantic activity, I urge you to regard them as important stepping stones to a better future not just for the ocean and the mariners who sail upon them, but for all of us. 508 more words

Ocean Conservation Groups

A Lot To Be Thankful About

Thanksgiving is almost upon us and not far beyond that Christmas and the end of another year on our Blue Planet. With all the dreadful news that has piled up on the threshold of our doorstep this year, there is some good news about the oceans for which we should indeed be grateful. 775 more words

Ocean Environment


Hundreds of fish species in more than 50 countries across the globe migrate to specific locations to breed in large numbers for only a few days or weeks each year.

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