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Hundreds of fish species in more than 50 countries across the globe migrate to specific locations to breed in large numbers for only a few days or weeks each year.

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Commercial Fishing

Rule #65: Cod moratorium

In July of the year nineteen hundred and ninety two the Canadian government shut down the Newfoundland cod fishing industry. Effectively putting 40,000 people out of work over night. 246 more words

Protect Anchovy Population from Overfishing

An anchovy population is in danger of dying out. Overfishing and lack of government resources to enforce quotas is leading to a massive decline in the anchovy population, which feeds humans, marine animals, farmed fish, and livestock. 14 more words



Marine life in oceans has almost halved

Marine mammal, birds, fish and reptile populations have almost halved since 1970, according to a report which is a “wake-up call” to tackle the crisis in the world’s oceans. 311 more words


Top predators are essential to the oceans

The global media was recently full of reports about the interaction that Australian pro-surfer Mick Fanning had with a shark during a competition in South Africa ( 594 more words



Trawlers are bad, they overfish & because of this, there is less & less fish in the ocean,  the other fishermen who depend on the sea for a living, who aren’t causing this huge problem of overfishing, & are wise enough not to overfish, so there will still be enough fish left for the next generation are struggling to make an income. 83 more words


Herbivores compensate for nutrient pollution

This post is a guest blog by one of my (now ex-) Ph.D. students, Dr Chloe McSkimming. Chloe has been working on what drives decline in seagrass systems and how we may be able to help stop the decline. 464 more words

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