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The dark clouds rolled over the mountains

From the west,

Gloating in their nimble power!

The lightening devils danced their searing,

Maddened best,

Reveling in their gloried hour! 47 more words


Son-Rise Mountains

Son-Rise Mountains

(for Chip and Tia Carnes)

Treks and Journeys to loom

Above and In-Front

For the Kingdom to reign

Where their feet take Acres… 79 more words


I need you...

All the evil things that shake me, all the words that break me -I need you.”

Have you ever felt like those highways in California? So many lines aren’t enough for such traffic there, sometimes they can’t be seen, they mix in with the crowd of fast cars… All trying to get somewhere… It seems like a struggle to define where you’re going, and often times I even missed my exit. 301 more words