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Late Nights

At one point in time, this was our normal routine. Him up and gone well before the sun and not home until well after dark. Me working my music gig and trying to figure out how to have dinner on the table when the end of his shift was an ever moving target. 441 more words

Deep Thoughts

Life Cycle of a Penis

Experts explain how a penis changes in size, appearance, and sexual function as a man ages.

It’s no secret that a man’s sexual function declines with age. 789 more words

Weight Management

Moving onto 'Own' block of Land with 'Deposit' and 'Easy Terms'.

Leaving the lean times and memories of tie-clips and perky breasts (furtively enjoyed in the timber yard) behind, we will now go forward to an episode that too might have been significant in  causing my intermittent scepticism of migration in general and my own in special. 1,038 more words

Gerard Oosterman

Animation: US population by county, over time

  • This map shows the growth of the US population from 1790 to 2010, with each circle representing a county. Counties on the ocean coast are highlighted.
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Break Free of Old Sexual Pain

If you think elephants never forget, consider all the things your body remembers. It remembers that you like ice cream, how to hear and see and how to feel excited, how to ride a bike, and what the tingling sensations of being in love are like-even if you haven’t eaten ice cream, ridden a bike, or felt the least bit interested in romance for a decade. 506 more words

Pain Management