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Weight loss foods chinese medicine Часть 4

Where has my waist gone? I zip up my jeans and where I used to have nice curves, I now have something akin to a small souffle above my waistband.

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Your Body

NHL: Rangers vs Flyers

My girlfriend was away on work related award show and I was home so I took the opportunity to watch the first full NHL of 2016 for me. 319 more words

English Blogg

Been slacking a bit.

I’ve had a lot on my mind though. So it’s understandable.

OT at work has started, 4 extra hours last week, already an extra half hour this week. 107 more words


Times Up for the NFL Overtime Rule

Green Bay Packer, Clay Matthews commented on the NFL’s overtime rule, and that it needs to be changed to the way the NCAA does it. I’m not being a “homer” or suffering from sour grapes after Saturdays overtime loss to the Cardinals in the Divisional Round of the Playoffs, but, I agree with Clay, that the current over time rule needs to be changed… and I’ve been preaching it for years. 203 more words


It's Sunday and Yes, We're Working


In the name of dedication and fulfilling deadlines from project, we’re working today. Kinda sad but it’s part of being an employee, right?! One of my colleague even has to bring her kiddos. 111 more words


still here, and still writing...

i’m just past a year on my blog, my first post here being last year, the 23rd, meaning i just passed my blogging anniversary. and it’s something i am proud of. 439 more words

An Adventure