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Over time

Listen to Sow the Word Teaching Ministry on Wednesdays at noon Eastern time on Heaven 98.3FM 1410AM internet radio! We are teaching on “Overcoming Temptation”. Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are Sowing the Word into the heart of man. 458 more words


#Motivation from muscle_republic

When we workout with weights or resistance training, or anything that requires muscle to build muscle, we tear muscle fibers, and depending on how many we tear, that’s how many will rebuild and grow stronger and bigger, and there are millions of muscle fibers in muscle.so you have to tear quite a bit of muscle and you have to rest a lot to to rebuild those fibers. 61 more words


Tomato Varieties

Want to grow tomatoes in your backyard, but don’t know the tomato varieties? Then don’t worry, here we give you some of the most common varieties of tomatoes. 945 more words

Weight Management

I'm a failure

So, since my last post, I haven’t worked out and I haven’t blogged… so yeah, I am a failure.

However, I do have 2 picture posts that I plan on putting up here tonight. 355 more words

Top 10 Myths About Orthodontic Braces

In my office, patients usually come in already knowing a lot about braces and orthodontics. However, what they have heard from friends or read online is not always correct. 1,118 more words

Pain Management

Carry or Scary? *Day2

           It’s been a loooong day at work today! -_-12 HOURS of encoding and encoding and encoding… 

And because I’m kinda tired and sleepy now I just let the pictures explain things to you.

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