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One year on

On year ago I made the choice the change my lifestyle, change what I eat, incorporate excerise into my daily routine.

It has not been an easy year. 274 more words


When Will You Start Taking Control of Your Health, Weight & Life?

Heather Petrie, Before losing 150 pounds

When will you start taking control of your health, weight and LIFE?  When will you ever figure out you are what you eat, that exercise should be an everyday part of living? 946 more words

Weight Loss

Eating Liberty

**My sister pointed out my formula for women was a bit off. Slim pickin’s she called it! It’s been corrected.

It has been some time since I last talked about my weight loss. 855 more words

Female Truck Driver

I Guess I am 'Puffy'

The other day, one of my dearest friends and cocktail waitress here at the Grump Gator Saloon laughed when I said, “my blood sugar is low. 229 more words


LASTing Peace, Did You Want Society's Permission?

Has society, through the pages of Sport’s Illustrated, finally given us permission to be curvy? Did you want or need their permission?

LASTing Peace

Hello world!

Well where do I start? I feel the beginning is not really the best place as first it’s along time ago. Second, my memory is not that good anyway so remembering my birth would definitely be too hard a task. 456 more words

Hello World

Love hate relationship


Both my friend and my nemesis.

I love to eat, I enjoy it, it satisfies me, soothes me, passes the time and makes me happy. 190 more words