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I'm hungry. 

I really wish I could say that just in the goal-achieving sense – that I’m hungry for a great performance in my Boaton qualifying marathon. But honestly, I’m just hungry. 245 more words

This past week, I took on a couple of challenges.  Not the “22 day push-up challenge” variety – although that wouldn’t hurt my fitness at all.   425 more words

I know what works

When I think about my transformation four years ago – quitting a twenty-year smoking habit, losing fifty pounds, and starting to run – I tend to downplay the way it really happened and hide it all behind a hand-wringing and almost apologetic discourse on ‘Perfect Storms’. 666 more words

Up 11, twenty-six to go!

191/165 – Aug 15, 2016

Weight loss is such a personal thing.   We can get pulled in so many different directions, justifying our current situations either way; bowing, flexing or even breaking under the societal pressures that create our unrealistic ‘ideal’ weight.   491 more words


The guilt of the past

Looking back, being over weight has caused a lot of problems in the past.

Putting the bullying aside, I have missed out on opportunities because of being over weight. 188 more words

The ins and outs

I went to the doctors today and my condition was formally diagnosed. I have Type II diabetes. I am mortified even writing that down.

The appointment didn’t go as badly as I thought. 298 more words

Game changer

I have always been fat, for as long as I can remember. I was even a fat baby, weighing 9lb 10oz, although in todays terms (that was nearly 40 years ago) that isn’t considered… 591 more words