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The Refining Power of Audacious Goals

Learning what’s important and what’s holding you back

This Boston Qualifier is eating me up.  I have 74 days before I run the Tucson Marathon on Dec 10 and I’m still slow.   356 more words


Success is a continuum.

It’s also a perspective.

It doesn’t feel like success when we don’t meet our big goal or even our runner-up goal. When training and getting to those places where it just gets hard; we can’t lift anymore, we can run any further or faster, we can’t keep spinning, it is so easy to think we failed. 216 more words


TCOL (The Chubby OL Lady) with issues - #3 Knees = OUCH!

OK, my plan has always been to live to be 100. The closer I get to that age the more I am rethinking that idea. I have now upped it to 110. 623 more words


Just accept it.

Some runs are going to hurt – they have to hurt if you’re training for something that exceeds your comfort zone.   It’s really unavoidable.

Believe me when I say that I LOVE to run nice and easy and just enjoy being out there, but when there is a pace goal, a “Super Bowl” goal, on the line, that kind of running just won’t do.   241 more words


30 Days of Lists (September 16. 2016)

Time for some more laundry and a little catching up…again.

day 16

Lies I Tell Myself

I think most over weight people tell themselves they will lose weight but,  the problem is it always seems to start “tomorrow”. 246 more words

30 Days Of Lists


Both women were sisters in law married to two brothers. F was married to the eldest brother, while M had married the youngest. They took to dressing alike, and in no time they looked real sisters. 206 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Destination YOU!

Using the Active C25k app, I began a free Couch-to-5k group about a year and a half ago.

The first name I came up with was “Champions 5k” and I never really liked it; it was the best I could do in a pinch and so that’s what it was.   213 more words