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If I was a Horse, I'd be Turned into Glue!

We all have good and bad days in our lives, some people, like myself, have to break everything down even further. I can have a good mental health day, and still have a very bad health day, physically, like I did today. 730 more words

Friendship is mostly one sided, Mine!

What a day I had, I didn’t get a chance to finish my goals of yesterday I had a emergency talk a friend of the ledge day. 254 more words

PUSH! COME ON PUSH! not in labor, just trying to get my chores done.

Hey, bet you thought since I just became a Grandma this is about that, Nope, I’m not one to push baby pictures on everyone.

Okay, had to show him off at least once. 204 more words

Belated is Better than Never! A Promise, is a Promise!

I can’t believe that I missed yesterday, I slept through the day. Today each time I wake up I’m shaking and off balance, and I check my glucose levels take my insulin and go back to sleep. 364 more words

The Wait is Over, Clap your Hands to Revive this Faerie Grandma!

Well I feel like a dieing Faerie that everyone just clapped to bring back to life, my grandson arrived 5 minutes before midnight on the 25th… 241 more words

I'm stuck in a holding pattern, not good at waiting!

Today has been a long day, my daughter in law went into labor at 3:30 am and as I am writing this, she has not delivered as of yet. 128 more words

I Tried, but it was only a Dream!

The headaches are coming on stronger than ever before, I keep getting cramps through out my body, I slept through most of today, only to wake up to check my phone for messages from my son, still no grandson. 403 more words