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Let's See Which So Called Friends & Family Check in, after 911 is called!

Well the fire department and ambulance just took my mom away.

Mom lost feeling in her legs and arms and of course it was in the one spot in the house that my fat ass won’t fit. 445 more words


Environmental Transition

Recently I have completed my first year in a new environment, I had moved from Hong Kong, China to London, England. I moved with my whole family and we moved into a large house. 382 more words


Just Because it Starts Badly, Doesn't Mean It Will End Bad!

Well hell!

Today is going to be over 110 degrees and the air conditioning woke me up at 7 am.
My feet are loosing some of the puffiness from tripping the other day, yea! 384 more words

I Love You, Even when You Don't Want Me To!

Being a Grandma has been very disappointing to me. I have had to harden my heart to stop the pain of just thinking of my kids and being shut off. 1,577 more words

I'm Crazy! I'm Going to Succeed!

Thanks to everyone for your response and encouragement today.

I do need to thank Lonelyjean because of her response yesterday and talking about our relationship with spiders I woke up early today and was able to force myself to move just one more thing out of the gazebo. 478 more words

I Stopped Making Excuses and Inspired Myself!

I Did It!

Today I woke up early, put my coffee on, tested and took the dogs outside.¬† The sky’s full of clouds, I looked longingly at the gazebo, the sun was just starting to light up the sky, I looked down at my swollen foot and took a few deep breaths. 314 more words

You want Comfortable, Buy a Couch! I Didn't have That Option, instead of a crib, I had a bed of Nails!

Dammed Straight!

I used to tell my story to teens around a campfire during summer camps after all the songs and skits were finally finished and I had their full attention. 531 more words