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Weeds or Wishes, the choice is Yours!

Spent today trying to fill out all the paperwork for my new doctor. I only got hallway and I got a migraine so will work on it again tomorrow. 189 more words

So today is the day

I know this was already supposed to happen but that’s not what is important.  What IS important is today is the day.  Today I am going to do this, for real.   287 more words

Don't be Loved for what you are Not, Be Yourself!

(Continued #3)

There was just something different that Sunday I hid his belts, he went ahead with the spanking, mom staying in the kitchen cooking the Sunday meal and would not come to help no matter how much I screamed.  506 more words

Facing Reality Can be Harsh!

When I was really little, before kindergarten little, I remember hiding my father’s belts, not realizing back then this was one of his triggers to make him even madder with me. 257 more words

(Day 100) 100 Day Fast Food Ban Challenge

I did it, 100 days without fast food.  This personally for me is a real achievement and certainly the longest I have ever gone without fast food.  694 more words


You Matter Very Much! You are not Alone!

So many of us are going through a lot of crap and nights are the worst, I know for me the nights are a mixture of beauty and terror so finely blended that I don’t know my up from down and I am a jumbled ball of confusion.  441 more words

Continues, maybe more Tomorrow!

I started drinking before Jr . high school, I would fill a empty 7-up can with vodka seal it with a rubber band over saran wrap and put it with my lunch. 113 more words