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Eat Well - Be Well - Look Well

That is exactly how it works! 

There is no getting around it, we must consume foods that are good for us or all the professional, not to mention expensive, skin care in the world will not be nearly as effective as it should be and certainly… 436 more words

Wrinkles And Aging Skin

"Happy" New Year

So I’m at work on New Years Eve, all gaming activity is suspended from 11:40pm till 00:20am so the staff and customers can have a glass of champagne (aka Prosecco lol) to toast the New Year. 454 more words


Dieting. 6.

Ok so it hasn’t been great over the Christmas period, I will start with that.  I would add though that it was nowhere near as bad as it could have been and I have most definitely not gorged anywhere near as I have done in previous years. 130 more words


Dieting. 5.

Just a quick update as I am rather full of meat and my eyes are slowly closing.

We took the kids to a comedy club thingamajig tonight as it is my eldest boys birthday next week, and they took a couple of friends with them.  223 more words


Dieting. 4.

So yesterday was somewhat more difficult given that I had a full day work event followed by Christmas Dinner and drinks.  But, I came away not completely disappointed in myself – quite surprisingly. 400 more words


Dieting. 3.

Okay so I’m going to double up on the posts on this to get caught up so I can post daily on the matter if I so choose. 281 more words

Weight Loss


Good shape and size!!

SEXY Physic!!!

BUT HOW!?!?!

Hello guys, today here we gonna’ discuss about something serious. ‘I am going to resolve all the MAJOR ISSUES today!!’ “WEIGHT LOSS and FAT LOSS” 848 more words