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Is the food industry conspiring to make you fat?

Sara FL Kirk and Jessie-Lee McIsaac wrote . . . . . . .

The scent of baked goods wafts towards you as the supermarket doors glide open. 864 more words


Risk Factors of Pancreatic Cancer

Risk Factors of Pancreatic Cancer

The causes of pancreatic cancer are not fully understood. However, certain personal, environmental, health, and inherited risk factors have been identified that increase the chances of a person developing the disease. 454 more words


Early Morning HIIT this 24th of July 2017

This morning completed 10 rounds of:

  • 150 meter row
  • 10 TRX crunches

Funny, after the first set, I was thinking “hmm, I might want to add another exercise to make this more difficult” well, by the 5th set, I was sucking eggs! 127 more words

Weight Loss

The Epidemic That Causes Premature Skin Aging, Acne, Rashes, and Excess Weight

Hello reader… it’s Mike with an important message about your health.

There’s one thing for certain that is bound to happen to you in today’s American diet that mainly consist of manufactured and processed food products. 764 more words

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The "Food-Like" Culture

As I write these food related posts, I must begin to explain that I too, like the rest of society, has been sucked in to the culture of “food-like” nutrition that has plagued our American diet.   827 more words

Weight Loss

Most Effective Ab Exercise...But Proceed With Caution!

During my “glory days” of about 12 months, when I had the privilege of being able to lift up my shirt when any of my friends asked to see my abs, the first question was always..”Man, how did you get those?   446 more words

Fitness Over 40

The Crossroads

Where will you be in five years?

You will be somewhere.  Alive or dead, in five years you will be somewhere.   Hopefully, you will be alive, and then the question becomes; will your destination be a well-designed destination, or will it have no design at all? 335 more words