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Analysis – “detailed examination of the elements or structure of something, typically as a basis for discussion or interpretation” – Google

Well there you have it, the foundation for this blog: “detailed examination of […] … 205 more words


Pixar Shorts (A writing Project)

If you’re anything like me; and if you’re reading this it’s safe to presume we share at least 1 important characteristic; you grew up watching endless Pixar films. 831 more words


Equestria Girls 2; Rainbow Rocks (Or a tale of too many Twilights)

It has been far too long, and I mean it, that I have been writing anything. Everything! Man the sweet days of pony fanfiction soured when my love the show crumbled like a cardhouse of cookies in a milkstorm. 1,434 more words

Friendship Is Magic

Girl with fork in a world of soup

How could I have been so wrong? There are some things that are irrefutable. As vehemently as I know that the sky is blue and the grass is green, I thought I could trust my own judgment. 363 more words


The beginning of the end

Every story has a beginning but we gloss over the part that it comes at the end of another. Most overlap, their boundaries blurring into one big fuzzy mess scattered with moments of disbelief, insanity, and occasional clarity. 328 more words


Week 4: Joe's Thoughts

Well, Jeff, that’s another week in the books.  We’ve lost some good friends – Jillian, Juelia, and Ashley S. – and this is the first time I’ve felt a pang of sadness for it.   1,010 more words

Weekly Review


Over analyzing is a good thing, sometimes. In some cases, it’s good to over think. For example, you’re going into a job interview and you’re thinking of all the questions they could possibly ask you and how you can answer them. 495 more words