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Rule of Names

In “The Rule of Names”, Ursula Le Guin introduces us to a world in which people’s names have magical power over them. The idea reappears in Harry Potter, where Voldemort enchants his very name. 394 more words

Disconnected Stuff I Noticed

Yeah, every Final Fantasy game works hard to convince you of how dark it is early on, and to make you hate the bad guy.  But I’d say VI is unusually effective in that regard–Kefka is arguably the most memorable and hate-able villain, though I suppose Sephiroth fans would disagree–particularly with the poisoning of Doma early on. 596 more words

Haunt Round Up

Allow me a bit of overanalysis.  It is in the blog title, after all.

Luck and planning enabled a haunted house extravaganza this year, an event that I don’t know will ever be repeated, as much as I think I would enjoy doing it all over again.  785 more words


It's All Fun and Games until You OverAnalyze the Situation

Woodstock may have technically been “back,” but not in the way he was prior to what came to be known as, “The Weekend of Silence.”  Since I had a good commute on my hands on most evenings, I had all of that time to sit, in traffic, and think.   871 more words

Happiness is Now

Happiness can only exist now, in the present moment. It cannot exist in a future which is uncertain. In the past it only exists in your memories – memories which fade and become less vibrant over time. 976 more words

"Homegrown": Country Songs and Food Politics

Two singles settled comfortably on the front porch of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart celebrate homegrown qualities. Darius Rucker’s “Homegrown Honey” was on the chart for 30 weeks, peaking at #6. 825 more words

Chart Toppers

Framed shadows

There I was, bombing along through life, doing really well. I don’t just mean really well for someone who has been totally devastated, had their heart ripped out, chewed, spat up and stomped upon, but doing really well for hell, anyone. 395 more words