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Trump and "Powerticians"

“How are the powerticians in DC any different?”

This is the comment of a Facebook “friend” of one of my (wife’s) sisters-in-law. Because I can guess how she found the picture on my page that she chose to comment upon, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and assume she’s sincere, not a troll.

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Laflamme's Rules

There are rules I live by. Some come from my parents; my siblings will probably recognize them. Others are mostly mine, although they may reflect my parents in some ways. 988 more words

Why Deadpool Isn't Good

I’ve been wracking my brains all the way home to work out what didn’t sit right with Deadpool. It’s a tricky one, because don’t get me wrong I loved several moments in Deadpool; I laughed 6 times during the opening credits alone, I laughed several more times during the film; they had a good story and they told it well for the most part. 1,037 more words

ASOIAF is not CSI:Westeros. Chillax peeps...

ASOIAF fans are a dedicated bunch. There’s so many theories out there attempting to explain what is going on behind the scenes of some of our favourite character’s actions. 2,708 more words


Facebook's Timeline

Yes, I’m using WordPress to discuss Facebook. So sue me.

Many of us have griped about Facebook’s strategy of not showing us all entries from all of our friends or pages but instead attempting to analyze our actions to judge which entries we like or don’t like. 563 more words

Rule of Names

In “The Rule of Names”, Ursula Le Guin introduces us to a world in which people’s names have magical power over them. The idea reappears in Harry Potter, where Voldemort enchants his very name. 394 more words

Disconnected Stuff I Noticed

Yeah, every Final Fantasy game works hard to convince you of how dark it is early on, and to make you hate the bad guy.  But I’d say VI is unusually effective in that regard–Kefka is arguably the most memorable and hate-able villain, though I suppose Sephiroth fans would disagree–particularly with the poisoning of Doma early on. 596 more words