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There was a ship that kept sinking

A ship I worked on

I used to not have the tools to keep it afloat

I used to not know how to keep it afloat… 382 more words


To Walk in the Miraculous is a Humbling Thing

Picture twelve men weathering a storm by boat at night,

The wind and waves against them, there’s no victory in sight.

Then suddenly appears a light. 474 more words


'Overboard' Remake In The Works

I can still remember my mother laughing hysterically whenever we would watch ‘Overboard’ together. Definitely one of my favorite movies to rewatch when I can now. 171 more words


Overboard Remake - Anna Faris Joins the Cast!

Hi everyone

2017 is already two months over and some of the biggest movie announcements thus far are. . .

1.) Donald Glover will voice Simba in the Lion King live action movie. 226 more words



A rubbish bin with so much flux of cacophonous
nonsense that even the trash requests to have
a necktie put around its neck and pushed

Copyright © 2017 Angela Marie Suor


Ideas Man

Did you used to pretend that you were someone else? Not necessarily (hopefully not) because you didn’t want to be you anymore, but because it was fun to pretend. 412 more words

Flashback Friday-Overboard (1987)

It’s amazing how life can throw us a curve ball that we may actually need.

In the 1987 movie, Overboard, Joana (Goldie Hawn) is a very spoiled woman. 158 more words