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Nostalgia Buster: Does Overboard’s Kidnap-And-Brainwash Plot Hold Up in 2017?

Overboard, director Gary Marshall’s 1987 snobs and slobs rom-com, is one of those movies everyone of a certain age seems to have seen and loved. 1,422 more words

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Do you have a movie that you have seen over and over and still enjoy? One that makes you feel good after a no good very bad day? 152 more words

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Phoenix Promise

My bestie does this annoying thing where he recommends a movie with lessons neatly tucked into them. He’s good.  I get sucked in and love the movie rec, temporarily forget this annoying tendency, and then wham-o. 1,213 more words

Overboard Pro Sports Backpack Review

Overboard Pro Sports Backpack Review

Well at first glance you look at this and think its just a large dry sack with some straps attached, and you aren’t completely wrong, but its a little bit more than that. 835 more words

Trump is not going to throw Paul Ryan over the bus

Over/under is the culprit here.  This was heard by a Republican pundit speaking on CNN.  It is a nice mashup of “go over the cliff” (taking a drastic step) and “throw (someone) under the bus” (exploit someone’s trust for one’s own gain or purpose).   50 more words



There was a ship that kept sinking

A ship I worked on

I used to not have the tools to keep it afloat

I used to not know how to keep it afloat… 382 more words


To Walk in the Miraculous is a Humbling Thing

Picture twelve men weathering a storm by boat at night,

The wind and waves against them, there’s no victory in sight.

Then suddenly appears a light. 474 more words