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BREAKING: United States Coast Guard Releases Identity of MDBP Missing Person

The United States Coast Guard has released the identity of Mad Decent Boat Party‘s missing person. As posted on USCG Southeast’s Twitter account, the missing woman is named Kaylyn Rose Sommer, aged 24, from Charleston, South Carolina. 26 more words


Noodles Pulled from Sea

anyone not seen this video yet ?

a labrador pup called ‘Noodle’ slipped its lead and fell overboard while travelling with its new owner on the ferry between Naples and the island of Ischia… 54 more words


Man Falls Overboard...

It saddens me to have viewed the video of a man falling off the Cruise Ship Oasis. Apparently Friday evening at 1 am this all took place. 166 more words


Call me Morticia

Halloween. It’s the best, right??

I have always loved couples’ costumes… I mean, come on, I also love coordinating my outfits to my daughter’s so is anyone really surprised to hear that?? 139 more words


v. Slang.

  1. To toss overboard.
  2. To get rid of.
  1. Let’s deep-six this bully from this ship to spare our vacation from torture.
  2. After marrying her husband, the new lady of the manor crafted a plan to…
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  1. To cast overboard or off.
  2. Informal. To discard.
  1. The hidden spies in the ship jettisoned the captain when they got the opportunity.
  2. Ingrid and Imelda sabotaged Julia by jettisoning her proposals.