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Hold off on the ark…

“Here comes the sun,” as The Beatles once said.  It has been a very, very rainy two weeks here in the North Carolina Piedmont.  While we did not get the two dozen inches of rain that the people of Columbia, South Carolina did, we got more than our fair share. 190 more words

Cloudy Day Energy ...Floral Friday

Grey skies and cool temperatures provide a backdrop for complex mind states.  This weather condition is not a very popular one.  I argue that a string of cloudy skies provides more of a boost to creative efforts than do sunny days. 170 more words


Take Pictures You Are Proud To Show Off

If photography is something you are not familiar with, then you might be thinking you need some tips to help you understand the basics so you can take good clear pictures. 25 more words


What do you see and what do you know.
It’s overcast and I’m opposite of low.

I received your smile I didn’t expect.
In turn my day changed on that effect. 136 more words

Lyrical Twists Of Poems Writ

I love flowers 63/66

Today I awoke to rain and overcast skies. 1 mm in the rain gauge and lots to do so the beach missed out this morning. 257 more words

Clouds of Despair, yet so Full of Hope.

Gloomy clouds of despair cast a blanket upon us, said to be a sign of depression, doom, and sadness. Why label these days with such cruel terms. 66 more words