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Good Vs God

This world has so many things to keep us occupied. There is never a lack of an event or entertainment avenue for us to participate in. 248 more words



Powerless –

One of the hardest things to do in life is to admit we are powerless. It’s not in our DNA. We are overcomers. We make a way where there isn’t a way. 94 more words



What an amazing place to be! To walk through life filled with self-love is a phenomenal and awesome place to be.

I’ve struggled with self-hate for almost 30 years. 349 more words


Testimony Part 1

It was an early Monday morning and waking up was a struggle,  I was groggy from sleep since I had gone to bed so late the night before, and the still small voice whispered, “Do not be ashamed of your story.” and immediately any grogginess was gone. 611 more words


He is faithful in the pit

The year 2016 was hard for me. I was in a place where I felt hopeless and depressed. It felt like one hard thing after another would knock me down. 575 more words

Feel the Music (Overcomer)

I have been waiting all day for an inspiration.

Listening to the radio, and paying attention to every song, but nothing resonated.

I was calling it a day, and stretched out to read some Blogs from my WordPress community. 135 more words