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Overcome or Overcomer?

“Its only Monday, and the world is already falling apart.”

She raked slender fingers through her long hair, willing the movement to ease her tensed nerves. 1,038 more words



I recently had the privilege of attending a program conducted by “Thread of Hope Records” based in Benton Harbor, Michigan led by Founder, Bonita Michell. This program was realized as a partnership with Covert Public Schools in Covert, MI where my wife, Dr. 949 more words

Ministry Monday

Everything is for a Season

Have you ever felt guilty for having to say no to someone? Or have you gone through a door that you know that you know that you KNOW God opened and lead you through, only to walk in to a certain point and be lead back out? 1,011 more words

Unseen... Schedules, Self-Discovery & Strengths (part2)

With the last several weeks opportunity has been dropped into my life that I hadn’t even been thinking about! It’s interesting how in the adventures of life, obstacles pop up and somehow we make it through to the other side. 2,246 more words


“If you are hardworking and determined,
you will make it and that’s the bottom line’’.

~ Isabel dos Santos,


Best Thing To Do To Overcome Depression

Life never fails to destroy a person big time. It’ll always bring one down whenever he’s at the peak of it. After that, depression creeps in, then emotions rage inside, affecting his lifestyle. 546 more words


Does Grieving Ever Stop?

 When you’ve experienced grief do you ever wonder, will this ever stop? Will the depth of the pain ever go away?

As a survivor of multiple forms of grief I am here to say the pain will and will not go away. 835 more words