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The question was asked why do we stay with a narcissist? There’s no easy answer to that question. Usually by the time we figure out we should go, we’re so dependent on them we can’t leave ie. 291 more words

Days of little answers

I don’t know
But Daddy knows
What a comfort that is
To my aching soul

Daddy my heart is
So sore
So sore of what this world teaches us… 1,071 more words

Perfect Love

June 15 Wisdom Recipes Thought for Today

People‚Äôs ability to make something work has everything to do with their ability to let go of something that does not work, grieve it, and move on… 734 more words


Father's Day Reflections

What is it about Dads & daughters that always gets me? Is it because my own relationship with my Dad hasn’t always been good that I have such a tender place in my heart on the subject? 732 more words

Greater Blessing...

Your life has meaning and significance. Though some seem to struggle more than others, this too has purpose. God is always fixated on you greater potential and greatest blessing. 51 more words

Fighting Fear: When I Walk Through the Valley

I do not remember the day I met Katie. So many of my childhood memories have her in them. We grew up in the same church. 1,098 more words