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#LifeTonicWeekly: Overcoming Limitations

By Pastor Joshua Isah Aliu

I welcome you to another week of rising above all forms of limitations through the power of His resurrection. It is my prayer that this week shall be to you a week of unusual miracles in Jesus’ name. 804 more words


Do This When Things Don't Go Your Way

“Hey, it happens. People let you down. They don’t show up. They may break their promises. Events are cancelled. Less than glorious circumstances occur. People may lie, cheat or steal. 927 more words

Personal Development

All Big Ideas Are Met With Opposition!

“All big ideas are met with opposition. When Henry Ford first attempted to sell the automobile people protested stating they didn’t need one since they owned a horse. 567 more words

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Obey The Law Or Suffer The Consequences

“There is lots of mumbo jumbo about transformation, the law of attraction and changing your circumstances. There are books and articles that claim to reveal what no one else has previously. 643 more words

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Overcoming limitations

Overcoming limitations!

It took me about 7 months to do the crow pose (first part) and I recently overcame the fear of placing my head on the ground. 60 more words


Stop Avoiding Troubles! See Them For What They Are

“Most people try to avoid challenges and obstacles. They fear them. Worry about them. They do anything and everything to have them not happen. As a result they are negative goal setting. 524 more words

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How To Best Handle Turbulent Times

“We live in awesome times. Lot’s being shaken up. Lot’s of flurry flying AND lot’s of things people think are problems. Yet, there is still lot’s of good, lot’s of love, and lot’s of personal growth. 570 more words

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