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POEMS: "The never wavering few" (the road less traveled)

The easy roads are crowded
And the level roads are jammed;
The pleasant little rivers
With the drifting folks are crammed.

But off yonder where it’s rocky, 73 more words

Inspirational Poems

Seeing Your Blind Spot

InQuire More:┬áHave you ever asked a friend to help you see where your greatest growth could happen? To help you unpack some part of yourself that you can’t seem to access? 112 more words

Change Yourself

It seems to me that the only time I get angry is when I want to change and yet change is denied me.

How do I overcome this?


POEMS: "Starting today"

Starting today:
I’m going to live my life to the fullest.
I’m going to have no regrets for yesterday.
I’m going to forget about all the bad experience… 197 more words

Inspirational Poems

Desire Can be a Ladder to Freedom

Sri Vasudeva:

We need to very careful about the things we dislike, to not allow them to preoccupy our minds, because they bind us to the world. 63 more words

Lessons From My Teacher


  • Reach for new heights

  • Rise above it all

  • There is beauty as far as the eye can see

  • Be uplifting

  • Patience, Patience, Patience

  • Get to the point…

  • 8 more words

TRUE STORIES: "A Life That Makes A Difference"

“How do you account for your remarkable accomplishment in life?” Queen Victoria of England asked Helen Keller. “How do you explain the fact that even though you were both blind and deaf, you were able to accomplish so much?” 456 more words