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Desire Can be a Ladder to Freedom

Sri Vasudeva:

We need to very careful about the things we dislike, to not allow them to preoccupy our minds, because they bind us to the world. 63 more words

Lessons From My Teacher


  • Reach for new heights

  • Rise above it all

  • There is beauty as far as the eye can see

  • Be uplifting

  • Patience, Patience, Patience

  • Get to the point…

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TRUE STORIES: "A Life That Makes A Difference"

“How do you account for your remarkable accomplishment in life?” Queen Victoria of England asked Helen Keller. “How do you explain the fact that even though you were both blind and deaf, you were able to accomplish so much?” 456 more words


SHORT STORIES: "Passing through"

An American tourist went to Cairo to visit the famous Polish rabbi Hafez Ayim.

The tourist was surprised to see that the rabbi lived in a simple, book-lined room, in which the only pieces of furniture were a table and a bench. 34 more words


STORIES: "The Eagle and the Chicken"

A long time ago in a remote valley, there lived a farmer. One day he got tired of the daily routine of running the farm and decided to climb the cliffs that brooded above the valley to see what lay beyond. 379 more words


Nick: A Personal Triumph over Brain Damage

He’s come back from so much
– proof that nothing is impossible with hard work
and a dream

a hand-crafted reblog adding to the What Kind of World…

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Madelyn Griffith-Haynie

STORIES: "The two grains"

Two grains…

Two grains were lying side by side on the fertile soil.

The first grain said: “I want to grow up! I want to put down roots deep into the ground and sprout from the ground. 112 more words