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Story Six: Dating Games, part 2 – Seeing a Colleague

GOING through a divorce at the age of 24 and just being dumped by a boyfriend for an unknown reason, I still wanted to be in a relationship… 687 more words

The Unknown

What are the first thoughts that go through your mind when you hear the phrase, “The Unknown”?  Is it:

Living Well

Celebration BBQ

There is something inspiring about having a day off of work. My husband who is a teacher is on Spring Break, so I asked for one day off so I could spend time with him and prepare for our Celebration BBQ. 2,063 more words


One door closes...

So a few days ago I told you I had been wrestling with a major life decision. I am pleased to say that I have made a decision, but I cannot tell you about it yet, because there are others involved who need to be notified of the change that is coming before I can disclose it publicly. 739 more words

Story Six: Dating Games, part 1 - Seeing a Schoolmate

WELL, I was 24 years old and going through an online divorce, which was possible to do as Jim and I didn’t own much together. 534 more words

Remembering Viktor Frankl

I learned of Dr. Viktor Frankl, many decades ago from his close friend Dr. Hiroshi Takashima, at a special lecture in Adelaide, Australia.  Hiroshi was sitting alone in the lounge of his host, who seemed busy with friends in the kitchen. 304 more words

Overcoming Obstacles

Project LIFE - subtraction and addition

Now you written a plan. You’re committed to achieving your goals. How will you ensure success? This is where it’s important to begin writing down best practices (you might call them “rules” – this is the term I usually use) focusing on behavior changes you will make to achieve you healthy lifestyle goal. 1,416 more words