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What is happiness?

I’m sitting here, looking at the above quote, and I can’t help but agree with what Repplier says about happiness. This quote really moves me because I have long forgotten how to really keep myself happy. 367 more words

I Only Wanted to Get Married Once

(I was originally going to utilize this blog post to depict a vivid account of my recent tumultuous relationship and subsequent divorce; however, I opted for the cliff notes version instead. 1,384 more words


Day 5: Desperate for Change + Detox-Compliant Tuna Lettuce Wrap with Sweet Garlic "Mayo" Recipe!

It’s Day 5 and I am already pretty much over my usual snacks of veggies, seeds, nuts, hard-boiled eggs and almond butter on celery. I noticed my macros were heavier on the fats than I’d like at the end of yesterday so was craving some protein without having to cook. 758 more words



If we knew what lay ahead in the path of life, there are some paths we simply wouldn’t take.¬†If people had known the Titanic ship was doomed to sink, no one would have bought tickets and boarded it. 448 more words

Cobwebs in the Corners - A Resurfacing of Grief

I recently discovered some cobwebs in the corners of my mind. Restlessness, depression, and discouragement tugged at my heart. Several days later, I would unearth some resident spiders in the closet of my heart. 980 more words

Finding Peace In God's Presence

21. My Unemployed Year

So I wanted this post to be a bit longer, but today was my first day working a full work shift in over a year. I’m pretty exhausted (it wasn’t even that long of a shift, I’ll admit) but I’m also grateful. 231 more words

31 Days Of Blogging

Day 3: The Weekend Update (Detoxed) - I Want to Steal that Kid's Snow Cone...

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” I hear these words every Wednesday night in my candlelight vinyasa yoga class and it resonates with me everytime. 1,561 more words