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Impact of Oppression on Life Purpose

I began thinking about how oppression impacts purpose a few months ago. However, I procrastinated with actually putting my feelings in written form. I suppose now is the time to condense this complex issue into a few short, concise paragraphs. 937 more words

Life Purpose

Don't Lose Hope - You WILL Overcome The Storms Of This Life

Life storms. We all go through life having to live through them, others less and some a little more. And no matter how much we try to protect our hearts and shield ourselves, the heartbreaks, broken promises and setbacks will come. 723 more words

Fear of failure...just another road block to success

How often do we fail at something before we start trying?  The times I most regret in sport, work and life are the opportunities I do not seize out of fear of failure or fear of what others may think. 186 more words


Throwback Thursday: overcoming obstacles

When I found myself temporarily living in my childhood bedroom my mom pointed out a large box of things I left behind. She told me to go through the box, however my thinking was that if I had left it behind it wasn’t important to me. 429 more words

Throwback Thursday

Minor Setbacks

Ever since I left that unfulfilling job, I went into the deepest introspection of my life thus far..
The pay cut was a setback but pay is different for everyone, in addition to their expenses. 409 more words

Read This If It Seems Like Nothing In Life Is Going Your Way

There’s a few things I don’t like. I don’t enjoy mean girls or when I get a parking ticket at school. I don’t enjoy watching my friends cry and I don’t enjoy the feeling of pulling up to Chick-fil-A and realizing that it’s a Sunday. 1,285 more words

Self-Love Isn't Seeking Perfection, It's Loving Your Mess

For so long, I looked in the mirror and sought out my flaws. Blame it on the media. Blame it on the way girls are raised. 668 more words