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Finishing behind 

I am delusional.

5k to raise money for C&K swim dues. I paid .YES I willingly parted with money for the uh…privilege of walking/huffing/sweating and genuinely embarrassing myself. 1,438 more words

A Lesson on Mercy

I was standing at the airport counter last Saturday in disbelief.  The agent informed me that out of the two major airports here in Dallas, I was at the wrong one, and my flight left in one hour.   431 more words


TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU! Will It Go With the Living Room Rug?

This post is by Luann Udell, regular contributing author for FineArtViews. She’s blogged since 2002 about the business side–and the spiritual inside–of art. She says, “I share my experiences so you won’t have to make ALL the same mistakes I did….”  For ten years, Luann also wrote a column (“Craft Matters”) for The Crafts Report magazine (a monthly business resource for the crafts professional) where she explored the funnier side of her life in craft. 1,083 more words

What Is The Story Only You Can Tell?

Tough Times We Endured Together and Rules for Tough Experiences

One practical, down-to-earth question follows another in the raising of a family. If you’re not reading for practical, earthy decision, don’t raise kids. But if you love messy diapers, skinned knees, running noses, fights, disappointments, getting supplies for school, fixing meals, keeping track of everybody at all times, and listening to troubles, dreams, beliefs, and expectations from each of four kids, you would have loved the scene we tackled daily. 361 more words


Romans 12: Love in Action

Perhaps the two most famous biblical passages on love are John 3:16 and 1 Corinthians 13. John 3:16 shows us the extent of God’s love for us, while 1 Corinthians 13 gives us the true and ideal path of love. 509 more words

Christian Living


A few weeks ago I was on the way to taking my young charge to the airport. We were already delayed by half an hour because of poor time management from the day before which was partly my fault as the previous day I used as a recovery day. 179 more words

Overcoming Obstacles