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Give Self-Doubt the Finger

As I write this post, I am fully aware that I am in need of a bit of my own advice.  My biggest obstacle in all aspects of life is self-doubt.  517 more words

All the Times I’ve Cried at an Airport

There have been two times in my life in which I have cried at an airport. Ask my friend Eric. He was present for both of them. 983 more words



Hello, my friends, it’s been a minute since I’ve had the time to write, sometimes life gets us that way. Today I’m back with a message that I wanted to share in hopes that it would resonate with one of you. 890 more words


Are You the Hero/Heroine in Your Own Story? Be Victorious! #motivation #ThursdayThoughts

Are you the hero/heroine in your own story?

Life is a best-selling story just waiting to be read. There’s a protagonist (you), conflict (obstacles) and at least one antagonist (bad man/woman). 181 more words

Fear is your worst enemy.


Hope you all have had a great New Year! I noticed I already have a few emails, I will be addressing those in my next blog posts. 281 more words


Wanna make progress? Move like a turtle.

Ha! You probably thought this was going to be some lecture on that old tortoise and the hare fable. Wrong, try again. While the “slow and steady wins the race” adage is admirable and sometimes practical, there is another aspect of turtle movement that deserves just as much attention. 777 more words