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You can go your own way


Lately I’ve been trying to be more present.

When I read in the living room I don’t turn the TV on. If I’m with my friends or relatives I don’t look at my phone (or try not to). 335 more words


No, leave the hill.

March 17, 2018

For those of you who exercise, you know why you do. Yes, there are all sorts of health benefits. But, for me, the reason I run or do yoga is for my mind. 908 more words

It's time

I have a lot of things to blog about, not least an update on our garden and the tons of wood that we have moved, and still have to move, and a story of a wonderful conversation that I had with my husband this week.  608 more words

The Continuing Adventure

Comfortably numb


I’ve got a confession to make.

I’m an extremely lazy person.

When it comes to work I work as hard as I can and have the motivation to keep going until the job is done. 527 more words


OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: 12 Ways to Eliminate Stress at Work

Stress can happen at work even if you love your job. Therefore, learning to overcome job stress can be an important job skill. Jenna Goudreau from Forbes suggests several things a person can do to overcome work stress. 23 more words

Overcoming Obstacles

My Experience with Hurricane Katrina (Pt. 2)

You can read part one of this post in my last post entitled, My Experience with Hurricane Katrina (Pt. 1)  

So, the last thing I had heard from my mom was “Joy, I’ve gotta’ go, the water is rising.”  (She was on her roof at this time. 344 more words


Any colour you like


The more I throw away, the better I feel.

However, I’ve found that finding a new home for my things feels more rewarding than throwing them in the bin. 335 more words