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You Should Aim To Fail A Minimum Of Once A Week

None of us are strangers to goal-setting.

We set career goals. Self-development goals. Goals that keep us in line with the dreams and accomplishments we want to see happen for ourselves. 742 more words

A Second Chance, Tegan McDermott's Story

A rebel; junior soccer player Tegan McDermott has been a rebel since the day she was born on November 26, 1989. However, she never thought that her rebellious personality would ever lead her down the path she eventually found herself lost on. 1,727 more words


No Limits: a Brooke Ames Story

A girl with a prosthetic leg walks alone down a hall, the quiet squeaks from the leg echoed down the hall. As she walks past the other students in the hall, they swiveled their heads to stare at her. 1,069 more words

Ungrounded and Unaligned

Hello Blossoms!

My life is in transition at the moment, as it has been for about a year. Home is a fluid concept rather than a settled place. 1,143 more words

Overcoming Obstacles

1 Dad + 0 Moms = 6 Broken Kids

How did I get here? Everybody is injured – severely – and I am supposed to lead us through. I am supposed to lead. To…lead. Me. 1,195 more words


The Significance of Forgiveness

Forgiving isn’t forgetting, but if you don’t forgive, you’ll be regretting.

The bible says that if you want to be forgiven, you must forgive first. Whether you’re spiritual or not, those words still hold truth. 897 more words


Your Body Is Talking To You...Are You Listening?

**This post is deeply personal, and I am a little hesitant to publish it. It started as a simple note about running and the importance of listening to your body, but as I wrote, I began to get deeper revelations of what is going on inside of me. 1,277 more words

Weight Loss