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OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: Jon – Working It out Personal Stories

Have you struggled at work due to a mental illness? Acknowledgement is the first step in moving towards getting help. In a video from Shift’s “Working It Out” series, Jon tells his story of dealing with a mental illness in the workplace and the help he received in a work environment that was supportive to his needs. 6 more words

Monday Motivation: Breaking Through The Obstacles 

Life is filled with obstacles. Sometimes our will, our patience, or our faith is tested. Has there ever been something you wanted to do or something you wanted and it looks like little things keep happening to delay you from what you want? 115 more words

Myth 4 about Autism: There is nothing wrong with you

The thing about saying this to someone is that you are assuming many things and not asking any questions. That is like saying to a patient whose “problem” you can’t see is actually fine. 130 more words

Pre Race Jitters and injuries

*title refers to past injuries  *knocking on so much wood, nothing current!!

Race day is almost here.  Weeks and weeks of early mornings and late evenings.   1,014 more words


How Not To Get Stuck In A Rut AKA Being An Original

So often I hear excuses; It isn’t supposed to be like that, we don’t do it that way, that’s not what you are supposed to do… Bleck. 207 more words


Myth 3 about being #Autistic: You need to learn to grow up

Today as I muse over this one that people sometimes say to those that have just found out that they are autistic and I wonder if they themselves know what it means to “just grow up”. 104 more words

Maintaining Motivation

By Peg Ryan
Mile High Pilates and Yoga
October 10. 2016

Custer, SD – A recent article in the Yoga Basics newsletter cited “Five Things to do Every Day for You”.   755 more words

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