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Free Falling from 10,000 Feet

With one foot planted firmly out of a plane, your toes curled tightly over the edge of said plane, and that same knee floating freely in the air, you don’t have much choice but to jump. 1,659 more words


What we do with our hands

So the other day I was looking at my instagram and saw this post by one of my favorite people, Julien Kang, an inspirational mma fighter/actor/model who also happens to be very handsome :) . 786 more words


Enable your creativity and beat your inner critic

A common barrier to creativity is fear of criticism. It can restrict and stifle us. When we feel like this its extremely difficult to write or want to write. 131 more words


Research for writing - a new resource

One Stop for writers, due to launch in a few days time, is a website dedicated to helping authors elevate their storytelling and reduce the downtime commonly associated with research. 32 more words


Your Hitchiking Guide to the Anxiety Galaxy

You  never know when you will be picked up on a journey to the anxiety galaxy. About 18% of adults starting at age eighteen have some form of generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). 1,229 more words

Overcoming Obstacles

Big Magic: Elizabeth Gilbert on Creative Courage

A beautiful exploration of creativity from Elizabeth Gilbert. She states that:

“A creative life is an amplified life.”

and believes that key to this is: 28 more words


OVERCOMING OBSTACLES: Should You Tell Your Boss About a Mental Illness?

It can be very stressful when employees feel the need to hide their mental health difficulties from management. Fortunately, certain measures can be taken to gauge an employer’s ability to be sympathetic to these concerns, and if the conditions are right, disclosure of a mental health diagnosis can improve conditions at work. 28 more words

Overcoming Obstacles