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Famed Thyroid Pathologist Refuses to Review Possible NIFTP Cases

An article recently appeared in CAP Today,  a publication of the College of American Pathologists about NIFTP, which is a revised designation for a type of thyroid cancer.  327 more words


THYCA's Grants are Weighted Heavily to Advanced Thyroid Cancer Cases

The Thyroid cancer Survivor’s Association announced the award of six new research grants for thyroid cancer.  The grants are heavily weighted to benefit patients with advanced thyroid cancer. 241 more words


THYCA's Feelgood Public Response to the NIFTP Reclassification was Inadequate

THYCA is the acronym for the Thyroid Cancer Survivor’s association. Founded in 1995, its stated mission is to “educate, participate, communicate and support research” in the area of thyroid cancer.  1,106 more words


Why You Should Care About Unnecessary Care

Atul Gawande is at it again – bringing to our attention what’s wrong with our medical system, with his revelational writings.

This endocrine surgeon come writer (author of… 542 more words

NIFTP: Primum Non Nocere - First Do No Harm

The Journal of the American Thyroid Association, Thyroid, has published an editorial ahead of print entitled:  Changing the Cancer Diagnosis:  The Case of Follicular Variant of Papillary Thyroid Cancer-Primum Non Nocere and NIFTP.   261 more words


Potential NIFTP Patients: Your Pathologist May not Feel an Ethical Obligation to Review Your Case

A blog was published on Medscape by the pathologist Thomas Wheeler in which he seems to opine that it’s optional for pathologists to inform recent patients with non-invasive encapsulated FVPTC that their “cancer” has been reclassified, and also unnecessary for them to undertake an investigation into potential cases which are not considered to be “recent”.  367 more words


Shared decision-making and understanding research

The doctor’s role in communicating benefits and harms of treatments and how best to use research evidence to judge these, and so enable shared decision-making, is discussed by Fiona Godlee in ‘Start Stopping Smartly, BMJ’s Editor’s Choice, 9 June 2016. 30 more words