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Is overdiagnosis a post-truth phenomenon?

In an effort to catch up with my education, I just watched two youtube conference videos. One was on the role of evidence in a post-truth word… 343 more words

Interactive Health doubles down on diagnoses (Part 1)

So much to say about Interactive Health, so little room on the internet. As a result this will be a two-part blog, at least.

Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the spectrum, we are going to be highlighting the most positively influential people and organizations in the field. 1,035 more words

JAMA Forum: The High Costs of Unnecessary Care

In a recent study published in PLOS One, researchers surveyed physicians across the United States to ask about their perspectives on unnecessary medical care. These physicians reported that more than 20% of overall medical care was not needed. 993 more words

Health Policy

'Dementia overload?'

Sunday 23rd July 2017.

Dementia overload“: how the Scotland on Sunday titled their front cover

My view is that there is no shortage of “awareness” of dementia in Scotland! 110 more words


30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 21 & 22

How ‘out’ are you about your illness to friends and colleagues and how has it affected your work?

Obviously I am very open about it. I mean, I have a public blog about it and I share all posts on my blog’s Facebook page. 1,967 more words


‘Overdiagnosis’ / ‘overtreating’– relevant in sportsphysio/medicine? Professor Peter O’Sullivan

BJSM podcast in 2015 with Prof Peter O’Sullivan on ‘overdiagnosis’ and ‘overtreating’ in sports medicine.

“Did you listen to Ray Moynihan’s podcast on ‘’Overdiagnosis in sports medicine”? 61 more words

Are wealthier people at extra risk of harm?

In this New England Journal of Medicine paper, Welch and colleagues discuss whether wealthier people receive too much care – ie more than is good for them. 65 more words