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Critical physiotherapy - best of the web update

Here are a few highlights from the web over the last couple of weeks that might be of interest.

This Longform article Autobiography of a body… 413 more words


Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment Can Lead to Treatment Worse Than the Disease

It might seem counter-intuitive, but in cancer cases, the therapy can sometimes be worse than the disorder itself. The potential outcome must be considered in instances where diagnosis results in unnecessary treatment. 215 more words

Low public awareness of concept of ‘overdiagnosis’

People’s awareness of the idea of ‘overdiagnosis’ in cancer screening is low, and they have varying opinions of how much is acceptable, according to a new study published in  216 more words

April 2015

Interview with Donna: The Dilemma of Overdiagnosis

Click here to listen to a very important discussion/interview regarding my experiences with DCIS, the problem with mammograms and the “Dilemma of Over-diagnosis.”

Thank you Connie Bowman for shining the light on this very important topic on your podcast “HAPPY HEALTHY YOU”!


UberDiagnosis - Chapter 5: the NNT and NNH

You’ve heard about the “Number Needed to Treat” and the “Number Needed to Harm.” This statistic guesstimates how many people we need to screen in the clinic/hospital before we find a benefit or harm from a treatment. 596 more words

Residency Education

UberDx Chapter 4

So now you know about Overdiagnosis Bias. The answer to Question 1 in Chapter 3 is “False”. In this scenario, screening does not diagnose more cancers, but the numerator and denominator are inflated because of all the false positives and “pseudodisease” screening creates. 199 more words

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