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UberDiagnosis - Chapter 5: the NNT and NNH

You’ve heard about the “Number Needed to Treat” and the “Number Needed to Harm.” This statistic guesstimates how many people we need to screen in the clinic/hospital before we find a benefit or harm from a treatment. 596 more words

Residency Education

HealthFair Wins Wellness Industry's Race to the Bottom

Ever wonder why students don’t just grade themselves?  For your answer, look no further than HealthFair.com’s self-assessed grade:

And yet by any standard other than their own, HealthFair completely  863 more words

Wellness Doesn't Work

Eminently Quotable: H. Gilbert Welch

Dr. Welch is a professor of medicine at Dartmouth (and author of the excellent book Overdiagnosed) who was recently asked to comment on Mark Cuban’s suggestion that anyone who can afford it should get quarterly bloodwork to track their health – advice Dr. 253 more words

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Are we able to balance the costs with the benefits-Breast Cancer Treatment

Study by authors Mei-Sing Ong and Kenneth Mandl : They say their findings indicate that the cost of breast cancer overtreatment appears to be much higher than previously estimated and around-  $4 billion and includes cost false-positive mammograms and breast cancer over diagnosis. 720 more words

Dr Puneet Chandna

Total Wellness's Total Package of Totally Inappropriate Tests

Total Wellness is very concerned about “fostering a positive culture in your office.”

And what better way to “foster a positive culture,” and “recruit talented employees to your workforce” so that they can “improve relationships with one another” than by screening the stuffing out of them? 826 more words


Breast cancer overdiagnosis remains widespread: Women routinely subjected to unneccesary chemo and radiation

(NaturalNews) Health experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the problem of breast cancer overdiagnosis: Women who, because of mammogram recommendations, are subjected to excruciating surgery, radiation or chemotherapy to treat cancers that never would have become dangerous, and which they never would have known about if not for the mammogram. 564 more words


We Concede the HERO Report is right--wellness does lose money

The HERO Report concludes that wellness loses money.  We agree.  We also think it loses much more money than they will admit to, but the news here is not about us.   2,841 more words