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Total Wellness's Total Package of Totally Inappropriate Tests

Total Wellness is very concerned about “fostering a positive culture in your office.”

And what better way to “foster a positive culture,” and “recruit talented employees to your workforce” so that they can “improve relationships with one another” than by screening the stuffing out of them? 826 more words


Breast cancer overdiagnosis remains widespread: Women routinely subjected to unneccesary chemo and radiation

(NaturalNews) Health experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the problem of breast cancer overdiagnosis: Women who, because of mammogram recommendations, are subjected to excruciating surgery, radiation or chemotherapy to treat cancers that never would have become dangerous, and which they never would have known about if not for the mammogram. 564 more words


Lewis and Khanna Concede that the HERO Report is Right

The HERO Report concludes that wellness loses money.  We agree.  We also think it loses much more money than they will admit to, but the news here is not about us.   2,825 more words


UberDx! 2

By the way, we appreciate all comments. It’s hard to know whether this stuff is just getting deleted, or scoffed at, yawned at, laughed at, marveled at or what. 58 more words

Residency Education

UberDx - Introduction

Welcome to “UberDx”!

Kind of a snappy title, right? If you find it offensive, please let us know.

It is about Overdiagnosis. So think “uber” as in “over”, but really it’s about “better” as well, because we all want to make better diagnoses and avoid making bad ones. 97 more words

Residency Education

A Short Painless Primer on the Value of Screening

At the risk of knocking our second-most-widely viewed posting (the first of several analyses of the HERO report) off our front page, this is a brief and… 22 more words


Changing Education Paradigms, Reinforcing ADHD Doubt

#Rachel Anderson

Ken Robinson Changing Education Paradigms

In Ken Robinson’s talk on traditional education he raises some key questions and significant observations.

  1. Why have we not reformed education as culture and economy has evolved?
  2. 510 more words