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Substance eaten by eight-year-old boy off of Kelowna classroom floor identified

The father of a Grade 3 boy who ate a powdery substance off of his classroom floor and then couldn’t walk or talk for hours said that the drug his son consumed has now been identified. 228 more words


Saskatoon police issue advisory following 5 overdoses, 1 causing death

Emergency crews responded to five drug overdoses within 30 hours in Saskatoon on Friday and Saturday, according to police.

One of those overdoses caused death, and four were the result of alleged illicit drug use. 359 more words


Welcome to Resisting Grief

Why is it important to talk about the connection between grief and addiction? Grief can make sobriety harder. And addiction can make grief feel impossible. Researchers have shown that grief after the death of a loved one can increase someone’s risk for addiction, substance or alcohol use, or relapse.  439 more words


Desperately seeking salvation

Walking down the gleaming white halls towards ICU it’s like the feelings of all those who walked before you smack you in the chest. You don’t want to keep going but your feet keep pushing you forward. 1,485 more words


Your mom reached out to me last month. I was lying in my bed at 11:00 pm and I heard my phone’s notification sound. She misses you so much; she feels like she failed you. 233 more words

Losing the dance with addiction (and the pieces left behind)

We all know an addict and have witnessed the horrible struggle that resides inside of them. We all have held hope in our heart that they will wake up and see what they are doing and stop. 1,602 more words

Influencer, WTF are you doing?

I have to be honest. Instagram dominates a large part of my time every day. It’s like an addiction, but rather toxic. But the thing is: I don’t know the majority of these people and it’s literally the same things on every profile. 990 more words