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When Someone You Love Dearly Dies From An Overdose

When someone you love dies from an overdose, you are torn between feeling upset and angry. You know you are supposed to cry tears over their coffin, but you want to punch the wall instead, because… 482 more words

London's public health officer seeks extension for temporary overdose prevention site

The city’s top public health official is asking his board to extend the operation of London’s temporary overdose prevention site.

In a report going before the board of health Thursday, Dr. 128 more words


Death Wish 4: The Crackdown (1987)

Paul Kersey is back in L.A. and goes to war with drug dealers in this Yojimbo-inspired fourth installment of the action franchise.

After cleaning up the streets in New York two years ago, Paul Kersey has returned to L.A. 767 more words


North Carolina town to screen human waste to track opiate users

CARY, N.C. — The Town of Cary has a new plan to keep tabs on opiate use.

In a Town of Cary discussion Monday night, leaders proposed establishing about 10 sampling stations in the town’s wastewater collection system to measure the concentration of opioids in waste, according to… 202 more words


Pennsylvania mom accused of killing infant with drug-tainted breast milk

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. – A Pennsylvania mother is accused of killing her young son by feeding him breast milk containing a deadly mix of drugs.

WPVI  187 more words



Many people have overdosed off of narcotic drugs. Its not fun having to watch a family member ruin their life to drugs. No matter what you say to your family member suffering from this disease, only they can change their ways. 114 more words

[Master Up] Boku to Sannin no Onee-sama ~Onee-san Tachi to Karamase OK Yome Erabi Dousei Life!~ 

Overdose has mastered up Boku to Sannin no Onee-sama ~Onee-san Tachi to Karamase OK Yome Erabi Dousei Life!~  Thanks for the hard work! It’ll be released on July 27!


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