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Listening to stories

I love audio books, and have since I was a kid.  Our family would always listen to books on tape (actually on tape, since it was the 90s) on road trips.  348 more words

While You Knit

This novel had what appeared to be the romance trifecta- a woman overcoming heartbreak, a change of scenery to Scotland, and a gorgeous kilt wearing Alpha male. 337 more words

A Hot Chick Who Reads

I will admit, that even though I was an English major, I have never read a Jane Austen book  (American Lit and creative writing minors!).  I have, however, watched the movie, Pride and Prejudice, a couple different versions even. 865 more words

A Hot Chick Who Reads

The Case for Overdrive: Changing the Way We Check Out Books

When I was a kid in elementary school we would only visit the library as a class once a week. I started going in during recess, sneaking quick trips during the break to return books and hunt for the next story I would devour. 317 more words

How would you handle this situation?  You are kidnapped from your home, wake up in a hotel room, no phone, no money, and you have a bomb strapped to your chest.   233 more words

A Hot Chick Who Reads

Newly Added E-Books, Digital Audiobooks & Streaming Videos

Hi everyone, just in time for your weekend reading, listening and viewing pleasure — there are new e-books, downloadable audiobooks and streaming videos available in the STLS Digital Catalog! 19 more words


Dyed, pierced, and covered in tattoos, Wren Blanchard is the exact opposite of everything Dr. Lee Hawthorne thought he wanted.  His residency is almost finished.

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A Hot Chick Who Reads