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Die food baby, die!!

So although I’ve been putting in place all the right measures (supplements, diet, low consumption of alcohol, exercise, etc) I had an epic gut fail this week.  570 more words

fake a big smile

Hello my fellow world wide net surfers,

How do I even begin to explain what I’ve been going through? I guess I’ll start with a warning: I’m sad. 887 more words

The Not-So-Good Ol' Days

'Diet Choker', Necklace Alerts You When You Overeat (VIDEO)

Think of this like a shock caller for humans! Sounds fun, right? (Said no one ever)

WearSens is essentially a metal choker that goes around your neck and watches everything that you put in your mouth by feeling the vibrations your eating gives off. 183 more words


Not As Easy

Who am I, really? I am a man of contradiction. A man who wants certain things but does the opposite. Knows the direction to go but heads the other way. 320 more words

A Love/Hate Relationship

Hey there, interesting title right? Curious as to what I am referring too? Don’t we all have MANY love/hate relationships? They can be so great but also not so great. 894 more words

This one thing will eliminate your desire to binge

I coached a mom last week.
She told me she binges when she’s doing something for her children.
Especially when it’s unplanned or unexpected.
Like when they forget their lunch and she drives it to them, eating cookies all the way. 655 more words

Bev Aron

Keeping the Pounds off in 2015

Christmas is over, and if you enjoyed your Christmas, chances are you also gained weight and will keep it on for years to come.  New research has indicated that the vast majority of people who overeat over the holidays are likely to continue carrying those excess pounds for years to come. 381 more words

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