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I really really extremely overeat when stressed, last month, and now still, I ve been having a tough situation, and I gained 8kg in under 2 weeks, and am still gaining (though I ve been slowing it down). 32 more words


elves have shrank my jeans
they fit fine last November
mirrors are warped, too



What is Mindful Eating?

When we do anything without paying attention we are acting ‘mindlessly’ when we pay attention to the things that we are doing we are acting ‘mindfully’.   302 more words

Beat Cravings

3 Ways To Stay Motivated Through The Holidays

Ahh….The Holidays. It always gets the best of us. There is no easy way to stay on track with your life during this time of year. 303 more words


The Expensive Habit

Writing this blog for almost 3 months now has been an interesting experience to say the least.

Not only have I learned so much about sushi, and all the ingredients that are involved but I’ve learned to be fiscally irresponsible by buying sushi at every opportunity I could, for “research” of course…. 320 more words


This Week's Diet Failure

I’ve already failed by calling it a diet when it’s not, it’s a lifestyle change. This week I really failed at my lifestyle change…

I really tried to relax on what I was eating however a few random events popped up. 135 more words