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Outline for Drop the Rock Step 6 Response

I  am doing a study of steps 6 & 7 with my sponsor using Drop the Rock. Spirit guided me to use my writing skills to summarize and respond to the Step 6 section. 1,320 more words

Leaning Forward into the Future

As the blessing of abstinence continues for me, I find myself needing Spirit to remind me that I am abstinent to be in more fit spiritual condition, so I may be more useful to others. 357 more words

Yoga Humility

Spirit continues to amaze me with abstinence dependent upon my fit spiritual condition for the day. I am responsible for the footwork and attitude needed for abstinence to exist on a daily basis. 640 more words

Inner Workings

I do intergroup service for several reasons. First, my home group did not have an active intergroup representative when I first came to OA. The group asked for a volunteer, and no hands went up, so… 289 more words

Overeaters Anonymous


It is there under all I do and feel, it seems. If not fear, then its helpmates anger and sadness spin around and in me. 249 more words

The Social Roots of Compulsive Overeating

“A fat woman is a warm quilt for the winter.” Inuit proverb

Obesity research is in its infancy compared to other health issues. Obesity became a problem in the population only after World War II, so study is not yet a hundred years old. 1,250 more words

Compulsive Overeating

Patience & Self Acceptance

Today, I am focusing on the principles of Patience & Self Acceptance. I ask for both of them in my life, so I may be more useful to those around me. 176 more words