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Promise to My Granny

When I was young, my granny always told me it’s what’s on the inside that matters, but I couldn’t help but see myself as ugly, fat, and disgusting. 460 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

Recovery Beyond Measure

In a few days, I will celebrate thirty-eight years of recovery in OA. Today my goal is health, sanity, and wellness, not a size 8. Physically, my body has been a normal size for many years. 472 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

Sacred Spaces

I want to share the room with you, the people, their voices and stories. But I can’t.

I want to tell you all about the things they said and what I said to them in turn. 149 more words


One Day at a Time

After some years in another recovery program, I discovered I had substituted food for the alcohol I was no longer drinking.

From childhood I had been using food for comfort and as a cushion against the discomforts of the world. 554 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

Intergroup Update and Survey - February

The monthly Sea to Sky Intergroup meeting was held on Saturday, January 28th. Here are a few highlights –

The February Newsletter is now available and contains news, information and upcoming events to watch for. 409 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

Four Decades

On January 19, 2016, I will enjoy forty years of recovery in Overeaters Anonymous. On that day, the fifty-sixth anniversary of the founding of OA, I will wish I could say I have forty years of abstinence. 521 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

Overthinkers Anonymous

Do I obsess about food, or do I eat mindlessly?

Do I eschew control or relish it to the exclusion of making good choices?

What is moderation, really? 307 more words