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Sponsorship: Are you doing it right?

I had been feeling really confused about being a sponsor recently, not sure about whether I was doing enough, whether I was helping the fellows that I was working with in their recovery. 413 more words

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Face Time

I went to a meeting the other day and was walking in with a friend (we squeaked in barely on time) when I noticed, down the hall, someone sitting alone. 176 more words

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How Step Study Groups Benefit Our Recovery

The Shaughnessy Meeting in Vancouver is forming a new Step Study group to start in mid to late September. They will be using the new OA Step Study Guide.

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A Token of My Esteem

To me, our Responsibility Pledge in OA means more than an arrangement to do something.

In Spanish, the word ‘compromiso’ (commitment) can also mean ‘pledge’ or ‘token.’ A pledge is a thing that is given as security, a guarantee of completion; it is liable to forfeiture in any case of non-completion. 142 more words

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As We Understood Him

Before my second time around in OA, the God of my life was vengeful, punishing, unloving, and terrible. God demanded that my parents abuse me verbally, physically, and emotionally through beliefs such as “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” 167 more words

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Fallen Star

I was the self-appointed poster child for OA: I had physical recovery, I performed a lot of service, and I had several sponsees. My phone rang day and night. 431 more words

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Sea to Sky Intergroup Update - August

Happy BC Day!  Here is an update from your Sea to Sky Intergroup for August –

Check out the  August Newsletter for all the latest information about upcoming events and workshops plus two great feature stories on Step Study Groups and Sponsorship. 390 more words

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