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Suit up, show up, be a part of and share the load

There’s a new podcast series for 2016 centered on “Service and My Recovery.” In addition to the Steps and Traditions, each podcast explores one of the  325 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

The Survival Machine

So, why did I reference the concept of the various ages of the human brain and potentially how the brain developed in my last post?   The discussion of… 713 more words

100 Pounds Released

The scale this morning at the doctor’s office confirmed my suspicion that I have released 100 pounds since beginning OA in September 2014. To have released so much with so little stress and anxiety is simply a miracle. 462 more words

Relapse Stepping-Stones

A list came across my desk, describing what I would call stepping-stones to relapse. Since my abstinence has been good for almost four years, I didn’t give the list much thought. 485 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

How Higher Power Works Through Me

When I took the sixth and seventh steps in 2015, I experienced a profound shift in my thinking. The deep action of examining my defects and their corresponding assets revealed to me the truth of myself as Higher Power would have me be. 583 more words

Very Old Technology

So, let’s start with a question: Exactly how old are you? Early 30’s? Early 70’s? Somewhere in between?

My answer to this question is a little different. 708 more words

How much is too much?

How much time do you think a member should dedicate to service and to Step work in order to be healthy and balanced? How do I know when I exaggerate leaving behind my family, my friends, my work, my exercise?

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Overeaters Anonymous