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A Gift Without Measure

I came to my first OA meeting in January 2008. I was obese, angry, unhappy, and scared. My father was abusive, my mother was morbidly obese, and our family dynamics were based more on criticism than acceptance. 354 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

Sleep Study - 12 Days Abstinent

Peggy (mom):  Due to some issues with leg swelling, etc., my doctor ordered a sleep study for me to check for sleep apnea among other things.  867 more words


Love, a sticky mess

Betwen working on my weight loss/lifestyle change there has been a lot going on in my life. My husband has congestive heart failure which means so much more than a diet change. 229 more words


Feeling Good

I have been thinking about how profficient I was at feeling bad, and how I am now learning to feel good.

My food compulsion started at age 7, which is when the worrying began as well as before-school stomachaches, bad dreams, fear at bedtime, and the chameleon-like behavior I developed to deal with people who were different from me or with whom I didn’t feel safe. 378 more words

Overeaters Anonymous

8 days abstinent and this is what greets me!

Peggy (mom):  Even though I can eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING when I’m bingeing and I don’t really seem to have a “favorite” food like most people, there is  463 more words


Crawling Back - OA Meetings

Peggy(mom) :  While taking care of my mom, I fell off the wagon and into a one and a half year relapse.  This meant that instead of following my sugar-free/gluten free very measured meal plan, I was bingeing on anything that wasn’t nailed to the floor.  1,095 more words


Cold Comfort

Enthusiasm, the quality of being filled with my Higher Power’s presence, reminds me that I always have a choice.

A recent deep freeze in my part of the United States seemed to limit my choices; I couldn’t get my truck out of a snowbank to get to my weekly face-to-face OA meeting. 193 more words

Overeaters Anonymous