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Infertility is my fault

The calendar becomes my obsession. It’s not the date on the calendar that has my attention, it is the number I’ve put into my Google Calendar to count the days since my period began, that’s my day 1. 680 more words

Expanding A Family

A Snickers Doodle

The candy bowl sits
on the hallway stairs
by the front door.
Once again, it proved more
than we needed, meted
out to a smaller number… 127 more words


October 18, 2017

Ugh!  So frustrating, up again in weight.  172.4  I’m pretty sure 4 servings of couscous last night was a contributing factor.  Who needs 4 servings?  Obviously I had little regrets as I consumed a full cup of it.  163 more words

Monday, October 16

6am 4242 steps taken, about 2 miles in 29 minutes – this includes about 8 minutes total of warm up and cool down.

By 12pm, I’m at 8862 steps. 157 more words

Groceries, October 11

Spending too much on groceries is a major financial weakness for me. I often make too many impulse purchases that makes my weekly food bills much higher than I’d like. 57 more words



I’ve talked a lot on this site about the importance of changing the way you think about food, because doing so can lead to profound differences in the way you eat. 1,185 more words


Why Do We Eat When We're Not Hungry?

Everyone knows that overeating is unhealthy.  Weight gain, heart disease, abdominal pain–it’s all common knowledge at this point.  Yet, all too often we find ourselves eating when we aren’t hungry, a behavior that most would agree is just a “bad habit,” but nobody means that literally or scientifically. 1,000 more words

Eating Habits