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Stop overeating and lose weight!

Have you ever felt that you eat healthy yet gain weight? Do you see yourself in the mirror and do not understand how you got those extra pounds? 1,293 more words


I don't know how to eat a half bowl of ramen

I just had a bowl of delicious ramen with tonaktsu (pork) delivered, and ate the entire bowl.  Before it got here, I thought about how I should eat without distractions, only eat half of the bowl (I would put half into a separate bowl and then save the rest in the fridge for later).   365 more words


The Next Chapter, or The First Chapter

6 years ago I changed how I ate and I blogged about the new foods I was discovering & recipes I was trying. I documented my journey out of a world on inner-grocery aisles, boxed foods, fast-food, and drive-thrus, into the world of whole foods. 801 more words


On Being Bored and Dissatisfied. Conversation #23.

You just killed another fly?

I know. I don’t feel good about it but I don’t like flies in my space. Besides it seems to be the only exciting thing in my life right now. 733 more words

From Whiskey to Water: Interview with Sam Cowen

From Whiskey to Water is an autobiography by South African radio personality and author, Sam Cowen. The book forthrightly describes the author’s addiction journey from alcoholism to overeating to over-exercise. 391 more words


Food Psychology & Anxiety

I’m not going to post a verbal outline of my trip to London, but I do have plenty of pictures on my Instagram, still adding more!  662 more words


106 - Running On

Poem number 106
Running On
Running running running, thud thud thud
Running thudding footsteps down the street
Running running running, thud thud thud… 32 more words