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October 24, 1990

Dear Diary,

I’m in a really miserable mood right now. I had a huge blow out with my Dad. I had enough of him today. He totally doesn’t get why I get upset with him. 134 more words

October 19, 1990

Dear Diary,

Right now, I’m in my nightshirt bleeding like a stuffed pig, doped up on Anaprox. I’m ready for bed and it’s only 5:57. I missed work. 153 more words

Fruit for Thought

Hey everyone,

One thing that has improved this week is my intake of fruit and vegetables. Must admit I am not the best when it comes to my five a day which I have been able to improve this year. 53 more words


Don’t Fill Your “Tank” When You Eat

Are you the type of person that “eats to full” every time you sit down for a meal?

Here’s a great analogy/strategy I picked up from… 103 more words

Diet And Nutrition

October 11, 1990 Dear Diary, Should I assume you know me or should I introduce myself? I am Marla. I just turned 20 last month. I am in my last semester of community college, just inches away from an Associates in Arts degree in business, hopeful for a smooth transition to an out of state college or the University of Tampa next fall. I enjoy a lot of things: Christmas, autumn, poetry, interior design, the ocean, toddlers (I work with them), rock and roll, travel, old fashioned things, football, etc. I try to live my life based on good values, tradition, peace and harmony. I’m not very opinionated and often have trouble expressing myself. I often feel very inferior and I think it shows. To me life is just one big dream. Right now, my life is anything but ideal. But I’m hopeful that my future will include the usual things of life: success, career, a husband, a family, travel, the finer things once in a while and hopefully more immersed in my Catholic upbringing. I have dedicated the past two years to toddlers for slave wages. I agonize over money, always on the brink of quitting to look for a better paying job. I live with my parents in a home they just bought, with my snobby brat, ass brother. It’s bearable for now, not for much longer. I need to live. I have spent most of my live moving from state to state, house to house, further from our extended family and friends. I feel very alone. I'm trying to deal with a life long weight problem. Never dated and have never had a boyfriend. Just a few unforgiving, self-centered and equally lost friends. I feel a basic dissatisfaction with life. I harbor a lot of insecurities and feel unsupported in the person I have come to be. But happier times are to come with self improvement, college, new experiences, etc. I am working on my life. I know it starts with me. I think this journal will prove to be very therapeutic for me.

My Fitness Journey - Arehone

I started my journey exactly one year go. Why did i start? My partner used to wake me up and say, ‘Babe, you are not breathing’.   490 more words


Flower Essences - Agrimony

Dr Edward Bach described those who would benefit from his flower essence Agrimony as:

“The jovial, cheerful, humorous people who love peace and are distressed by argument or quarrel, to avoid which they will agree to give up much… 115 more words

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