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Emotional eating...

Dieting and overeating are the same thing. A bold statement I know, but if you think about it often one of these polar opposites replaces the other; and the ultimate reason for doing both is control.  709 more words

Food & Nutrition

Wellness Wednesday

I’ve been dragging. Lots of stress lately so I have been overeating. Someone actually mentioned that they thought I lost weight, so that almost fueled my overeating in a weird way. 413 more words

Mental Health

Dieting while on vacation?

In the near future, my husband and I will take a vacation to celebrate a special event, but just recently, I started a serious weight loss effort. 782 more words


It May Look Confusing...Just Keep Going

Throughout my binge free journey I have attended therapy and clinics, listened to motivational speakers and read many blogs and books.  I did read a couple of books twice, only because the first time through it didn’t click, and something drew me back for a re-read.  1,351 more words

Binge Eating

Overeating May be Due to Brain Glitch

With springtime comes the desire to shed those few extra pounds, in preparation to don swimsuits and head to the pool. This year, new obesity research is making it easier to find a pathway that is right for us. 90 more words


Recovering From Overeating

What happens when you overeat? You are trying so hard to stop at satisfied & then all of a sudden, you’ve overeaten 😳 it happens. In fact, it’s going to happen. 499 more words

Making a Food Plan

Yesterday, I said that a key to losing weight is to make a food plan. I wanted to elaborate on what exactly that looks like. Literally, all you need to do is grab a sheet of paper or your phone & write out what you plan to eat for B/L/D + any snacks or alcoholic beverages you plan to drink. 494 more words