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We’ve all had those weekends- we eat too much, feel bloated, tired, gross (for lack of a better word and yet, that word fits perfectly). I’ve heard and read a lot about detoxing- pills, juices, shakes, etc. 677 more words

Stop me.

Stop me from thinking about her.

Stop me from beating myself up for being 40 years old, working as a food delivery driver, still living with roommates, and having no more than $500 to my name. 143 more words

Accepting the overeater in me

So many feelings coming up today… I have been struggling with overeating for years. Managed to lose 15 kg about 10 years ago and have been using the last 5 years to gain and lose and gain it back, at least 10 kg of it. 1,287 more words

24 Hour Food Watch

It’s the most transcendentally beautiful morning here in Oxfordshire and I was looking for an excuse to show you pictures of my breakfast in the garden. 958 more words

Latest Experience with Bingeing (Overeating)

Last night was my friend’s 18th birthday. In the Philippines, this celebration, for girls, is called a debut. It’s basically like a “coming-of-age” moment for the girl, as she is transitioning towards adulthood. 916 more words


So far so good: Portion control

As I mentioned earlier, this shredding for me mainly is to cure my ‘overeating’ habit. Most of my weight gain since last September is due to overeating. 278 more words


Ramadaan Series {Day 19} – Overeating During Iftar

“…One should not overeat while breaking the fast to the point that he fills his stomach, as there isn’t any container that Allah hates more than a full stomach. 461 more words