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Cheat Day Bolognese

I sinned. It’s not irregular to have a cheat day while on a controlled calorie diet, yet I clearly overstepped my boundaries. Bread, pasta, and cheese are my personal demons and I managed to give in to two of these at once. 499 more words


Track addictive patterns

The point here is to recognise addictive patterns in your family. It doesn’t have to be to food, it can include alcohol, prescription medications, illicit drugs, gambling, shopping, sex etc, etc. 85 more words

Profession of Sugar/Carb addiction

Hi, I thought I would put a visual illustration of the progression of sugar addiction. The process is both an emotional and physiological process.
What are your thoughts and questions?

Find out when your triggers are for eating

When do you consume “the most, the most”?
I was chatting to someone struggling with carb/sugar addiction. He said he is very disciplined and has all meals prepared during the day and the wheels come off between 10pm and 2am when he is working. 37 more words

The paradox that helped make me fat

So it turns out I really hate dietary clutter. For someone who used to eat all day long, who once couldn’t imagine being able to possibly keep track of every little thing that went in my mouth on any given day, this is an astonishing discovery. 425 more words

The Shrink's Links: The Fat Nutritionist

Here’s a website I like, the Fat Nutritionist. One who advocates a sane approach to food. Click here to go to a post on being nice to yourself.

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