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Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

Several of my blogging friends have been more than generous in nominating me for seven different awards. I accept them all and plan to post about each one. 1,153 more words

Making a commitment

In my last post, I wrote about making a plan. As most long-time followers of this blog will be aware, I love having a plan. It makes me feel all hopeful and purposeful. 734 more words


Rampage with Food

Man did I crash and burn last night.

It was the eve of Ashe Wednesday and starting my Lenten promise.  I was jonsing for some fast food. 528 more words


Automatic overeating

Yesterday I had a little hiccup. I baked some delicious salmon marinated with lemons and onions, nothing else added. I put it in tin foil and let it get sauteed in the lemon juices. 374 more words


A Timeline of Changes

Hi world! :) I’ll be updating this with minor changes I make to my everyday standard of living:

Starting February 9, 2016-

  • Don’t eat alone. The worst eating choices are made when at the fridge door, letting the cold numb all reason, or above the kitchen table with a hand in the cookie bin.
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So tonight’s the first night in a while I’m going to bed without feeling full. One of my biggest issues is the fact that I’ll try to eat healthy all day, and not eat a big enough breakfast or lunch, so by the time dinner rolls around im totally starving. 199 more words


I am a member of a few general recovery groups on Facebook. Most of the members are addicts or alcoholics. I am not. I consider myself addicted to food in some ways, but it isn’t like I can just stop eating, like an addict can quit their substance of abuse. 511 more words

Eating Disorders