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Weekend Eating

It’s the weekend!

For anyone who is caught up in the habit of keeping a strict diet during the week, and then “blowing it” over the weekend only to start again on Monday, weekends tend to be highly anticipated and then highly regretted (at least in the food department). 567 more words


Today I felt hungry all day.

What can I say?  I felt hungry all freaking day.  I ate breakfast, had fruit for a mid-morning snack, ate a whole salumi sandwich for lunch, had a granola-ish energy bar thingie, and was STARVING for dinner.   155 more words

Weight Loss

Post-Workout Nutrition - Are You OVER Eating?

I train with someone on a regular basis and they have a terrible habit. They’ve convinced themselves they burned hundreds, if not thousands, of calories in the last hour or so of their life in the gym. 907 more words



 6 Appetite-Control Strategies that Helped Me Stop Overeating

by John Fawkes from myfitnesspal.com

(Drink a glass a water as you read this great article, and start applying some of these strategies today!) 779 more words


Day 1-5

4/17/15 Friday – DAY ONE

Today was the first day of my cleanse. The first day was easy peasy for me. Bill (my husband) and Jordan (one of my son’s) went to Friday’s tonight too and it did not bother me to not eat. 821 more words

100 Day Juice Cleanse

Tomorrow's Health Starts Today

This old photograph and its witty saying got me thinking.

Something about today makes me want to be hungover tomorrow.

At first it’s funny (if you like dark comedy) but then it seems so sad that someone would purposely sabotage their health for tomorrow over something that is happening (and likely to be over with)  316 more words


Taste Food, Taste Life

When you eat and take pleasure in the taste and sweetness of the food… taste the sweetness and pleasantness of attaching ourselves to Hashem. Eat at a moderate pace, calmly and with the same table manners that you would show if an important guest were present…. 270 more words