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.... long holiday weekend ahead for the Chubby Cheetah.

…. what to do?  weekends are so hard!!!  (said with a nasal WHINE.)

and they come every 7 days…. 5 days of recovery and then………. another weekend…. 434 more words

Chubby Cheetah

Say hello to your run-of-the-mill 16 piece sushi eating blob

My chest hurts as I write this. Not from any sort of strong emotion or minor stroke. But from a for 15 minutes up hill walk. 740 more words


Temple Business Time

A few weeks ago I was invited to a Taiwan temple fair for a banquet. This particular temple was honored for business purposes, for example burning incense and ghost money to certain gods that will help a business prosper and ultimately make more money. 613 more words


Healing Body Image...From the Inside Out

Do you consider yourself to have “poor body image”? For many, this means feeling dissatisfied with how your body looks and feels. You may obsessively compare your body to others, and/or hyperfocus on all of the flaws you see in your own body. 762 more words

Binge Eating

An experiment in overcoming overeating

Here I am.  This is me.  31 years old.  Business owner, life coach, writer and closet binge eater.  Coming out of the closet.  I have never owned my binge eating.   186 more words

Binge Eating

Sunday 3rd May 2015- The Guardian: Most liver transplants by 2020 will be 'linked to over-eating, not alcohol'

‘Most liver transplants are expected to be linked to over-eating rather than alcohol abuse by 2020, an expert has said.

Dr Quentin Anstee, a consultant hepatologist at Newcastle University and the Freeman hospital, warned that the UK faced a “major and growing challenge” as increasing numbers of Britons are diagnosed with… 112 more words


Hell Has Now Frozen Over......

Everyone get out your winter coats because hell is about to freeze over.  I am going to get rid of my “stash”, my beautiful, comforting horde of gluten free cake and cookie mixes and chocolate chips.   881 more words