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Letting go of Control

As long as all my energy was going into controlling food there was no room for anything else in my life, especially not recovery. I knew that if I ever wanted to break the hold food had over me I needed to free up some brain space to work on getting better, which meant letting go of control. 603 more words


What is your definition of pleasure?

I have heard multiple “holy,” “religious,” people talk about Jesus offering a life of abundance, yet they are same ones who talk about carrying the burden, suffering and sacrifice as the central message of salvation.   346 more words


An attempt to explain

A good friend said to me recently that when she read my last blog it made her want to cry.

I assumed she meant because I’d written that my dad had given me a rare compliment and I was pleased that I was making him proud, especially as he doesn’t share his feelings very often.  689 more words

Weight Loss

Vacation....automatic free for all....

Why is it that when you (rather me) is on vacation I feel it is an automatic pass for a free for all…no limits on anything, grocery store buys, trinkets, places to stay….money is no object…..all food is acceptable !!!  353 more words

more mistakes

Today was a terrible day. It was a very bad day. Was very emotional.

I Miss my nan. It’s so hard to come to terms with the fact that she’s gone from my current world. 106 more words


Overeaters Kindasorta Haiku

Eggplant and hot fudge

A ravenous midnight raid

Another battle lost.


Small steps

So all I’ve done today is lay on the couch eating food and watch The O.C. I know this doesn’t seem like progress at all if anything the opposite. 98 more words