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Back In The Saddle

Remember those two upcoming social events I knew I couldn’t get out of that I was worried about because well, food. sigh.

They are both now social events of the past that were worthy of all the stress I felt for them and I have been trying to fix the damage I did over the span of those days. 631 more words



Seems like this day is taking forever to get through…..started at the gym, pool first, the aerobic instructor was a fire cracker…talk about a good work out….then onto my trainer…we worked on new machines so that was good…I am getting more comfortable on them….then out and at the grocery by 10a….my husbands birthday so got what he wanted for dinner and an expensive bottle of champagne….and home…Just seems the day has dragged on, and on, and on….hummmm maybe it was me…I didn’t want to do anything outside…didn’t want to do anything inside…tried to take a nap…that didn’t work…just a restless day…. 58 more words

No More Ice Cream?!

I eavesdropped on a conversation between a woman and her trainer regarding changing her family’s diet. The woman was upset because the recommended changes were too drastic and would doom her family to failure. 385 more words

The Suffering of Subsistence

Yesterday i was listening to a series of Dhamma talks by Thanissaro bhikkhu and in I’ve he mentions the parable of the family (mother, father and infant) who have to cruise a vast and inhospitable desert. 183 more words


Eating Habits! Oink! Oink!

Overeating and being idle can make you feel like you need to oink! oink!

Take the steps to reduce or remove the oink in you. 316 more words

Daily Challenge

i'll manage:living with mental illness in pre-apocalyptic dystopia pt 3, "My Guts, My Fortress"

With two of my parents, a grandparent, and some other family members “in recovery,” I sort of grew up In the Program, as it were. My father, having turned to AA to get his shit straight over two decades ago, hasn’t put a drop of booze down his gullet since my mother took me across state lines, leaving a stack of divorce papers in my stead. 1,263 more words



The fact I polished off a family size bag of Cheetos this week almost deterred me from working out last night. Because I thought, what’s the point? 1,448 more words