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Sleep Study - 12 Days Abstinent

Peggy (mom):  Due to some issues with leg swelling, etc., my doctor ordered a sleep study for me to check for sleep apnea among other things.  867 more words


8 days abstinent and this is what greets me!

Peggy (mom):  Even though I can eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING when I’m bingeing and I don’t really seem to have a “favorite” food like most people, there is  463 more words


Recovery from Bad Eating

I think all of us, despite our best intentions, fall into bad eating, or even binge eating when we are stressed or overworked. Before I  even realize what is happening, I can easily find myself reaching for my favorite comfort foods, or cutting corners with take out. 1,164 more words

Binge Recovery

Crawling Back - OA Meetings

Peggy(mom) :  While taking care of my mom, I fell off the wagon and into a one and a half year relapse.  This meant that instead of following my sugar-free/gluten free very measured meal plan, I was bingeing on anything that wasn’t nailed to the floor.  1,095 more words


Isn't everyone without diabetes technically prediabetic?

“Hey, Bill, we are going to need to run another blood test.”

Those were the words that started this journey to dodge a nasty bullet in the form of diabetes. 547 more words


Breaking Unhealthy Habits and Trusting God to Overcome Overeating

The acclaimed author of over a dozen books, Gwen Shamblin is the founder of Remnant Fellowship Church in Brentwood, Tennessee. Also the founder of Weigh Down Ministries, Gwen Shamblin teaches people to build a relationship with God to overcome… 128 more words

Gwen Shamblin

Overeating isn't what it's cracked up to be

Last night I felt stressed and tired. I’d stupidly not eaten enough during the day and I was facing an evening with the girls by myself. 308 more words