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1. Decision tree
– decision tree를 생성했을 때 overfitting이 발생할 수 있고, 이는 pruning을 통해 어느 정도 해결 가능함.
– scikit-learn 패키지는 현재로서는 pruning을 지원하지 않음. 26 more words

1) Memo

We can predict anything!


We’re opening some private beta trials to the DeMyst API, a tool that leverages rich public data sources; think digital footprint, telecommunications usage, and much more, to predict risk or conversion when there is minimal consumer information available.  325 more words


Unbiased estimator variable selection

We’re continuing to test the tendency of modeling processes to overfit, per an earlier post.

The issue with this approach is that, in most practical settings, variables are either in or out, based on some variable selection process. 65 more words


Is 'overfitting' really a problem?

Overfitting describes a condition where your data fits a model “too well”. Your model describes your sample nearly perfectly, but is too rigid to fit any other sample. 424 more words

Model Building