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The overfitting problem and the bias vs. variance dilemma

We have seen what is linear regression, how to make models and algorithms for estimating the parameters of such models, how to measure the loss. 3,392 more words

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Overfit / Underfit – Shaving with Occam’s Razor

William of Ockham was a fourteenth-century Franciscan friar who studied logic. He is most often associated with lex parsimoniae, the law of briefness. Simply stated, when there are two explanations for something that work equally well, the simplest explanation is probably best. 786 more words

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Overfitting / Underfitting - How Well Does Your Model Fit?

Supervised machine learning is inferring a function which will map input variables to an output variable. Let’s unpack this definition a bit with an example. Say that we are a bank that wants to determine to whom we should give a loan. 700 more words

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