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Wild bikes - Kranji 

Today in Singapore, I met a bike that was at one with nature.



{ I set out to write a 50-word story, but it turned a little overgrown . Here it is. It is just a simple for-fun-story, written here and now, and not in any way refined } … 1,556 more words

The Overgrown Car

This was an idea I was saving up for a long time, but never got the chance to do.

This is really the first time I’ve done a drawing featuring a large vehicle (with the exception of MotorCorn), so it was a new experience worth trying out. 25 more words


“Like a forgotten old photograph, this dream will stay pressed, between the pages of a book you don’t feel like reading anymore.” Khadija Rupa

An old, ornamental gate into an overgrown cemetery plot in Oregon.



A chair waits on a decaying porch for a sitter that will likely never come.There was still a bank of snow near a panel door that stood open… 60 more words


Fence posts in tall grass

Using a touch of watercolour filter.

Does Cardiff Council have a Highways Dept any longer?

It’s incredible to think that Cardiff is the capital city of Wales with its own government offices based in Cardiff Bay.  More incredible when you look at the state of the main road arteries on route to the Welsh Government offices! 63 more words