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The Little Things

I’ve had a hectic few days. Well, to be honest, my life is quite busy in general right now, with work and uni deadlines piling up. 171 more words


It's Time to Move the Camper...

Found along the back roads of Oregon. I think this truck and camper have made their last trip…


"And I want you to know.... "

The torch is as heavy as your might
The distance is as far as your perception of sight
The road is as rocky and dark as the blinding light… 41 more words

J.R. Schaefer


once upon a time

an inviting solitude

life has overgrown 


Beautiful Afternoon.

Wow, what a gorgeous spring day. Bright sunshine, blue skies and warmth – pretty perfect for the start of March. I managed to make it back to the allotment and start some of the clearing. 185 more words


Dead And Forgotten

There are times one can feel a certain pity for the dead……

……….while I walked through a graveyard local to where I live, I spotted this overgrown plot, I’m sure this plot was lovingly tended and maintained by a family member in the years, or even decades after the death of ” Sister Elizabeth “, but I can’t help but feel for those obviously no longer here to tend this grave………..Life gives way to death…….gives way to life………