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Overgrown orchard—

among the tangled branches

a small blackbird hides.



On a recent walk though the mountain, M and I stumbled upon this remnant of someone’s home. The ruin felt ‘lonely’.


Dragon Cliffs

  • Show the image without the title first:
    • Describe this setting. Can you use a simile or metaphor in your description of the rocks/cliffs?
    • Do you think anyone/anything lives here?
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Landscape with chair 1 and 2

I went out this beautiful frosty morning to photograph some trees (next blog) in the strong sun, I don’t usually photograph things I find, but I liked and disliked the compositional qualities of this dumped chair in the undergrowth and the abstract qualities.


Wild bikes - Kranji 

Today in Singapore, I met a bike that was at one with nature.


The Overgrown Car

This was an idea I was saving up for a long time, but never got the chance to do.

This is really the first time I’ve done a drawing featuring a large vehicle (with the exception of MotorCorn), so it was a new experience worth trying out. 25 more words


“Like a forgotten old photograph, this dream will stay pressed, between the pages of a book you don’t feel like reading anymore.” Khadija Rupa

An old, ornamental gate into an overgrown cemetery plot in Oregon.