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This Old House

The beauty of growing old is what has transpired to bring us to this point. Character and strength become lasting qualities that in the end exit with us. 195 more words


Playground Shots

Yesterday I took a driver out towards Rosebud,AR looking for some good landscapes shots. I was heading to one building I remember driving by and it ended up being closed off but, hidden down the road was a overgrown playground.. 35 more words


Outside our house (as many people do) we have a patch of garden. It’s not huge but during some water pipe replacement it was completely destroyed and it took maybe a year for the strata to replace the border and fix it. 625 more words



Why do I always wind up with the short straw?

I thought I was going to be someone. They all had high hopes. Disgusted with my failure, they punish me by relegating me to invisible door mat status. 1,109 more words