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China’s bus of the future might be the answer to traffic congestion

(Source: mothership.sg)

A glimpse of the future.

At the recent China Beijing International High-Tech Expo, China unveiled a futuristic bus design called the transit elevated bus (TEB). 290 more words

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Should Nonprofits Revitalize Offline Activism?

Sometimes, being labeled as a Millennial makes me feel extremely judged. Our generation is notoriously “lazy,” self-serving, entitled and addicted to social media and our electronic devices. 545 more words

5 Tips to Help Your Organization Avoid its Direct Mail Become Junk Mail

Raise your hand if you have ever received a letter or an email from a nonprofit organization and you’ve immediately thrown it away?

Chances are, most of you have had an experience with direct mail from third sector organizations. 602 more words

Today – Yes It Was Wednesday All Day

Today started with this – worth getting to work a few minutes early to stand in the mall parking lot and look at this (there were were impressive cats paws later in the day):

And it ended like this:


Oh, lest I forget...

Good night Los Angeles. Until next time,



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Predetermined Overhead Rates

Formal Definition- A predetermined overhead rate is an allocation rate that is used to apply the estimated cost of manufacturing overhead to cost objects for a specific reporting period. 87 more words

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