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Late Sunset

I really needed groceries and sometimes you just have to give in and get groceries. Fine. On the way home though, the northern and eastern skies were quite interesting as I came through Nassau. 33 more words

The Creative Process


I have students loans after spending many years at a liberal arts college and finally graduating. It’s likely that this is the main reason that I’m considered broke. 342 more words


Overhead:  That concept they lay on you at the auto dealership when you wonder why it costs $70 per hour to fix your car.

Overhead:  A life concept I too often ignore. 203 more words

Writing Craft

Chasing Clouds

I was driving towards these towering plops of whipped cream-ish clouds with darkness below on the way home. And by whipped cream I mean when you whip cream and then keep whipping until it’s almost just about to begin thinking about becoming butter… … 37 more words

Do The Work

Tonight’s Sunset

After a quick but wonderful dinner and pokemon go consult with mom, I headed home but I got sidelined by the sky.


In The Neighborhood

Reign of Fire Review

It’s time to look at an old Game Boy Advance game that I’ve had for a very long time. I finally managed to complete it the other day as I just barreled through the game from start to finish in 2 batches. 1,274 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Look Up - Potpourri

Three different ‘look up’ opportunities that I have come across recently.

First ‘look up’ is the ceiling of the Pershing Auditorium at the Indiana War Memorial. 91 more words