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A business must make a profit

Let’s define what it means to make a profit. Basically, it’s the amount of money left over after you’ve made a sale and deducted the cost of the product or service AND you’ve allocated enough money to cover all your other expenses of running the business, including salaries. Technically youRead more…

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Aloha Pololu

I installed a Pololu Meastro Servo card the other day in the cockpit.

The reason was that the OpenCockpits card I currently used in the overhead only controls 6 servos where as this Pololu card can control 12 servos, enough for the entire overhead. 109 more words


Any Not For Profit That Runs Like a Business Will Go Broke

Are you tired of being asked, “Why can’t you run your not for profit like a business?”

I’ve written about how not for profits can… 475 more words

Dennis Fischman


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Description: USPTA Elite Professional Mark Bey shares insight on how to use better footwork to get in position for overheads. Listen to the analogies he uses to describe the footwork. 225 more words