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“What’s Falafel?” “Falafel?! Aww hell no…that’s some vegetarian shit.” -streets of NYC (especially amusing to a vegan…which I was at the time)


Overheard in Nigeria #3

Person 1: Now there is no doubt that the world is about to end…that the anti-christ is alive …this is serious…the church of satan is already planned underground… 26 more words


Overheard in Nigeria #2

I was to drop off at Iyana Brown (Brown street) in Oshodi when the molue took me past my stop.

I then shouted ‘owa o, owa o’ which means I’ve gotten to my destination. 61 more words


Colour Blind (A tale of derring-don't!)

“The boy who finds the cricket ball in the long grass may be blind to colours”

You often overhear the words of others…
And think… 112 more words


An Evening of Theater

Why did he have to use the laptop to connect to the Internet? I mean come on man, you’re a robot! You don’t need a Sony Vio! 207 more words

Real Life

Comments on a presentation:

“Your style was lively and engaging, but also slightly abrasive, jarring and rude.”


Overheard #1: Boss Man in yearly review with female colleague

Boss Man: So, will this (minuscule) pay rise be enough for you to buy some pretty shoes then?