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The Balancing Act of Design

I was working on turning Anew into 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons setting. At first, this was easy to do as the new edition of Dungeons and Dragons is user friendly. 488 more words


Old Metal Thursday, A to Z: OVERKILL

OVERKILL.  Too obvious?  Too bad!  (Or maybe !!!FUCK YOU!!! fits here.)   There are many longstanding bands in metal preceded by their own reputations and OVERKILL is near the top of that heap.   176 more words

Album Reviews

Sound Teaching

As Wednesday. In the Christian church, this day begins a period of time that extends until Easter, during which we reflect upon our sinful nature and Christ Jesus’ sacrifice upon the cross. 514 more words

Watch A Mechanical Madman Destroy Grapefruits Using A Weed-Whacker Equipped With Steak Knives

When we last checked in on Ivan Owen, aka Real-Life Krieger, he was building a flamethrower that uses cornstarch for fuel. Since then, it appears he’s decided to go full throttle on the mad scientist thing, and has brought new meaning to the overkill of a weed-whacker. 72 more words

Web Culture

Heute: Kinderball

Ich hatte den Kinderball schon eingeplant und ging dann unbeeindruckt hin. Natürlich nehme ich den Rat einer Diabetologin der DiabetesDeutschland Seite ernst und werde für 6 Wochen meine Werte nicht unter 100 sinken lassen. 115 more words



Perhaps this is more social commentary this week than forklift based observation of life and faith. However, there is more also more to life than just sitting on a forklift for 50+ hours a week. 1,443 more words