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Will Lemmy Live Forever?

I can’t remember the first time I heard Motorhead because it was that long ago. I can distinctly remember the first time I saw their bass-playing lead singer, Lemmy, though. 267 more words

테러라이저 스래시 50 #14 Overkill - Under the Influence

오버킬(Overkill)은 돌격대다. 30년 동안 끊임없이 묵직한 앨범을 찍어 내고, 미친 개처럼 순회 공연을 벌이고, 그에 걸맞는 찬사를 전혀 받지 못했다. 바비 엘즈워스(Bobby Elsworth)의 열광적인 스크림, 바비 구스타프슨(Bobby gustafson)의 사나운 기타, 디디 버니(DD Vernie)의 엄청난 베이스 사운드를 마구 혼합한 초기 LP 다섯 장 중 어느 앨범이라도 이 목록에 들어갈 수 있다.  25 more words

테러라이저 스래시 50

Oh, the things I stuff into my purse in preparation for a trip.

I have one purse that I consistently use for travel because of its pocket surplus. It may just be me, but as I approach airport security I’m always filled with dread and wishing I could grow an extra six arms and channel Ganesha for the experience.  301 more words


Android Game Overkill 3 v1.3.0 Apk + OBB

> NEW COOPERATIVE MULTIPLAYER MODEGet your friend to play with you or hook up with new ones in the CHAT room. Team up and dominate the leaderboards together.The co-op multiplayer includes:- Daily tournaments with special callsigns for everyone and even better callsigns for winners! 119 more words

Android Game

Interview: Evile

This column originally appeared in the Edmonton Sun on Oct. 22, 2010.

The three remaining members of Evile sat in stone silence for the entire four-day bus ride home. 583 more words

Music Writing 2010

Langurd Birthday Bash Extravaganza! Part Two

If you missed Part One, it’s here. If you’re actually inclined to read this with a backing track, the playlist is here.

It’s not technically the birthday anymore, but that just means we’re partying into the next morning because I’ve been really slow about writing this post because we are can’t-stop-won’t-stop party animals. 4,759 more words


Audiophile or Idiot?

Some say there is a fine line in DIY audio between rational overengineering and then “audiophile overkill”. This is then on the next line out, between “audiophile overkill” and “plain stupidity” :D… 319 more words