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Day #32, Overloaded 2

August 16, 2016

It’s 10.20pm, and my eyes are half closed.

Fortunately I had dinner early and finished my homework early. Dinner was very satisfying Tortilla Pizza of Chorizo, Prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and some dried herbs. 315 more words

Day #31, Overloaded

August 15, 2016

Yes! First day at work! And such a beautiful day too!

I woke up at 6am with an alarm, shit I didn’t sleep much. 465 more words

Taiwan: Six killed, 28 hurt in nursing home fire


© AFP | Taiwan fire kills six

TAIPEI (AFP) – A fire that tore through a nursing home killed six people and injured another 28 in Taiwan on Wednesday.Television footage showed elderly people being evacuated from the facility, some in clothes blackened by smoke. 346 more words

Control Your Attention Deficit Traits!

Have you ever felt restless, stressed, exhausted, disengaged, distracted, frenzied, or, perhaps, sick? And you have ever thought that you might be incompetent, not growing, or are going crazy? 589 more words


Large Panic Attack

I’m reminded once again why I cannot have people close to me in my life. After going fairly strong for a few days I had an anxiety overload. 927 more words

Mental Illness

9 More Sleeps

9 more sleeps.

This morning I kept mumbling that to myself in my head whilst trying to get the kids up and ready for school. I’m pretty sure I mumbled it out loud after telling my 3 year old, for the fifth or sixth time to please go use the potty (because inevitably if I don’t remind her then she waits until she is fully dressed and then suddenly remembers she has to go), I said it out loud and clear after explaining to my 6 year old that YES he must put clean underwear on everyday…even if he doesn’t happen to take a shower that morning…HE MUST PUT CLEAN UNDERWEAR ON! 443 more words

Domesticated Momster

(UPDATE) iOS 9.3 causing problems for iPad 2 users

A number of iPad 2 owners have reported problems with installing and activating the latest version of iOS, iOS 9.3.

According to this thread users are experiencing problems with activating the operating system, which is required to proceed with the update. 193 more words