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Making the Same Mistakes

I’ve ruined my sleep schedule again due to oversleeping. I feel like my depression goes in phases, that cycles throughout the year. It’s weird because they say it’s situational and chemical. 2,403 more words


System Overload

Overloaded by Suicidal cravings i have the past few days starting Thursday afternoon I have had this downslope shit….. Supertube unstoppable sliding into this deeeeeep shothole with no grip or anything to hold on … Thinking of the target anarchy gave me.. 40 more words


the vacancy

there’s a vacancy in my head although it used to be overloaded, now it’s all quiet and dead, maybe the hardware corrupted, it’s like the wheel cogs have stopped turning, the clocks stopped ticking and now it’s exploded and burning, the desires I had have been left to be tipped down the drain, i can feel myself turning, I feel numb and anaesthetised with these pills flowing through my veins, it’s all too much but not enough sometimes I think I’m flying through space, I disassociate with time and the frequency in the air, everything disappears and I zone out like people aren’t even stood there, and I know they all care but I feel overwhelmed, there’s too much of everything from sex and money pills and smokes to stupid jokes and beautiful smells, the worlds a weird place and I just can’t seem to exist, it’s like I’m up to date with the times but in my mind I’m far behind, I don’t feel adequate enough I don’t feel passionate enough, it’s like I’ve been inhabited, by a demon inside, and now my heads even emptier I don’t even have a plan everything’s undefined, maybe I have to wait on a sign but I need something to kickstart my heart because I feel like I’m running out of time, I feel like death is sometimes necessary to bring people closer and maybe it has to be mine, I’m not suicidal just to make a point and nor do I want to die, I just simply feel like I’ve accepted my fate and maybe I’m about to be close to God’s right side

Stepping Back

I’m an all-in kinda gal. As in, I’m usually all-in alllll the things.

One of the biggest needs I’ve finally recognized in this “season of shift” is the need to step back. 908 more words

She Writes Truth



Relearning my food serving size.

Reducing the “big-ness” of eyes…

Once I overload

The other end slowed,

No need to complete this reprise! 54 more words

By Jonathan Caswell

Smh Another container falls in VIĀ 

A truck carrying an a heavily loaded container fell today at Bonny Camp, VI. LASTMA took to the incident site to manage traffic. More photos after the cut…


2001 - Broke Me In Two

Lo-fi, low slung sexyness on this debut from the NY boy / girl duo.