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Heavy, overstuffed, balanced precariously, overloaded, dangerously overweight. Here is a series of photos showing some load carrying mini bikes, motor-tricycles, trucks,trains and buses.

Art And Design

Overloaded and Overwhelmed

“When your mind is overloaded, overwhelm becomes a chronic condition. There are two main contributors to mental clutter: stuff to remember (to-do’s and information) and stuff to forget (worries and annoyances). 188 more words

Sisters Of The Rose

Clear the Memory Clutter

You know what happens to your computer when the memory is full – it slows down!  No wonder our brains start to stutter when they are overloaded.   138 more words

Too Many Cares

Is it possible to care too much? I would say, “Yes.” Is it possible to have too many cares? Again, I would have to say, “Yes.” 814 more words


Why Shredded Cheese is Awesome

It’s spring break for us this week, and we’re about to set out on a few adventures, but before I go, I want to mention something I’ve learned lately. 133 more words

My brain is on fire

AN: I realized one day that people that aren’t bipolar don’t know what it’s like to be hypomanic. I tried my best to describe hypomania to someone that has never experienced it. 770 more words

Mental Illness