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Hard work - success

It takes around 20 years of hard work to achieve overnight success

The Hard Work of Dreams

(Image courtesy of the One of My Dreams, and the road trip)

Sometimes our dreams don’t work out.

But dreams (goals, aspirations, how we want things to be) can fool us into thinking that the road will be easy. 308 more words

Random Thoughts

5 ways to kill your dreams

Believe in overnight success, believe someone else has the answers for you, believe that when growth is guaranteed, you should settle down, believe the fault is someone else’s, and believe that only the goals themselves matter.

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International News

How To Blow Up Overnight

How To Blow Up Overnight

So folks, you never have to worry about #GRR hitting you up with the latest story about Kevin Gates having sex with his aunties dog, or Young Thug wearing a swimsuit on a holiday in Budapest. 39 more words


Skin Success Overnight....is it possible?

The answer is yes it is possible with my Oxygen overnight Success cream/Serum, this moisture cream is the most potent anti-ageing moisturizer I have in my range, it is infused with rose and sandalwood, and when used at night will breathe oxygen back in to the skin giving you a beautiful radiant glow in the morning, and if you apply it in the morning it will release carbon dioxide on to your skin throughout the day, because there is oxygen in the air. 30 more words

You Gotta Pay Your Dues

As I finished my treadmill workout this morning and started around the indoor track to cool off before beginning the weight circuit, I breathed a bit of a sigh. 558 more words

The Story of William Shatner

All the recent press about the passing of Leonard Nimoy, the iconic Spock of Star Trek, caused me to research the biography of William Shatner… 200 more words

Overnight Success