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Foreboding Future

What I foresee in the future is highly dependent on the content I am exposed to – movies, television, and so forth. It is a big influence on my mindset about the future and it does hold water in several aspects. 556 more words


18 Billion

So a while ago I wrote a story. Then I wrote another story. And then I noticed they had something in common. That number 18 which is my day of birth and my lucky number, and my obsession for the topics of overpopulation and end-of-humanity apocalyptic scenarios. 245 more words


Human as the threat to himself

Imagine this. It is May in Manila and temperatures are nearing 100 degrees. You are waiting for a jeep at a station. With you, there is more than 90 people who are also waiting for a ride. 756 more words


Overpopulation: At what point do we stop reproducing?

“Instead of controlling the environment for the benefit of the population, maybe we should control the population to ensure the survival of our environment”

Sir David Attenborough  673 more words


Sun Over Marymoor

The sun always comes with consequences. The burn of blistering skin cancer that always kills you between courses, just as you work up an appetite for the first time in 20 years. 184 more words

I Look and Listen Differently, then Think!

I look at things differently than most folks. But here is my quarter cuz 2 cents won’t do it! The world is overpopulated, people are just not going to give up sex, just is not gonna happen! 348 more words


A Different Perspective on Overpopulation

In my Nature in Literature class, my professor opened my eyes to a new perspective on overpopulation.

I had always thought that there were not enough resources for everyone in the world. 227 more words