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Killing Africa - Evil in the name of Good

In my upcoming book I will use Africa as the “poster child” to illustrate the evil that is being continued against the developing world in the name of good. 1,090 more words

Climate Change

A World Without Stereotypes

The concept of stereotypes has been around for a very long time. It’s only fairly recently that “Social Warriors” have taken up the fight to eliminate the use of stereotypes using the universal weapon of shame. 517 more words


Save the Planet: Stop Having Kids

Tucker Carlson had filmmaker and environmentalist Josh Fox on his Fox News program to discussa recent study conducted by researchers at Lund University. The manuscript states a good way to reduce your carbon footprint is to not reproduce as much.

Climate Change

6 Formulas for Peace: Which Do You Think Works?

1) Divine Right.  God gave us this land. He means for us to have it. Accept that or we’ll kill you until you do.

2) … 243 more words


By Tomorrow, We Will Have Consumed More Resources So Far This Year Than the Planet Is Capable of Regenerating

We humans use a lot of stuff — so much stuff, in fact, that we consume more in a year than the planet is capable of regenerating.

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Near Term Human Extinction

The War on Humans

Back in 2014, the Discovery Institute released a film titled The War on Humans. In brief, but descriptive, detail the movie shows how and why animal… 217 more words