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So Sorry, Mr. Soros

So sorry, Mr. Soros and other Globalists, but your attempts to set up Globalism have made us all into global citizens with global perception! We see and hear 360°; we get the big picture. 353 more words


Gloria Steinem: "unwanted children" cause climate change

Feminist and author Gloria Steinem thinks forced motherhood is the reason for climate change. During an interview she gave for Refinery29 Steinem said:

People argue that climate change and other issues are also feminist issues. 170 more words

Climate Change

Visit in hydroponic farm in Tel Aviv

In the era of rapid urbanisation and exponential growth of population, and because there are no more lands to accommodate for agriculture, food is becoming more scarce and has to travel longer distances in order to get on our plates. 351 more words


Isn't it time we controlled our 'natural urge' to procreate?

In his brilliant book ‘The Sapiens’, Yuval Noah Harari explains how Money is the most universal and most efficient system of mutual trust ever devised. He says, people who do not believe in same God  or obey the same King are willing to use same money. 1,137 more words


The Doomsday Argument

The end is near. Human extinction will occur sooner you thought. At least, according to the Doomsday Argument, it will.

The Doomsday Argument claims to predict the number of future members of the human race given an estimate of the total number of humans born since the beginning of time. 643 more words