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Help put the brakes on the climate change train

A couple of times lately, Mother has brought up a poster I had in my room as an older teen. Though she was slightly mortified when guests in our home saw it, she didn’t make me take it down – and now she wishes we still had it. 496 more words

Baby Boomers

Man's colossal mistake

Man’s greatest mistake occurred when the world population was dramatically boosted from a stabilised figure of 1 billion in the 18th century to 7 billion today.  362 more words

The Future

A lot of people think the world’s a terrible place. It seems like we’re primed to respond more strong to negative stimuli. If you’re just happy and relaxed all the time then you’ll probably get eaten or beaten by predators or enemies, in a state of nature. 1,343 more words

9 End Of The World Scenarios We're All Secretly Worried About

As if contemplating your own mortality wasn’t terrifying enough, what would you do if all those end-of-the-world rumors suddenly came true and you were face to face with a terrorist alien brigade sent to clear the earth of human filth? 838 more words

Food and Our Growing Population


There are more humans on our Earth today than ever before. With the rapidly growing population, we need to be attentive in the global food supply, because with more people, comes more food consumption. 503 more words


Not Enough Land...Or Too Many People?

NPG is a national non-profit membership organization founded in 1972. Our primary purpose is to educate the American public and elected officials regarding the damaging effects of overpopulation on our nation’s environment, resources, and quality of life. 101 more words