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Star Trek - The Mark of Gideon (Review)

This July and August, we’re celebrating the release of Star Trek Beyond by taking a look back at the third season of the original Star Trek… 5,801 more words

Star Trek

Overpopulation and Climate Change

The news reports that, for the first time in all of recorded history, a cruise ship can now navigate the Northwest Passage.  This is the passage that has rarely ever been navigated by any boat at any time of the year, and it is the same passage that Amundsen struggled across on foot on his drive to reach the pole. 318 more words

Global warming alarmists demand government discourage child births

This is from the Washington Times.

It says:

Climate-change activists are mobilizing to cut the birthrate, arguing that richer nations should discourage people having children in order to protect them from the ravages of global warming and reduce emissions.

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Environmentalists preach child hatred to combat climate change

On the pages of this blog I have documented that environmentalists are anti-human. Not just mistaken but morally twisted. I have praised the efforts of environmentalists such as Bjorn Lomborg, Patrick Moore, Mark Lynas and (more recently) … 289 more words

Climate Change

Two Essays on Overpopulation

Overpopulation 1

Planet Earth has had 5 major extinction events; all related to natural phenomena such as the secondary effects of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs; or mega-volcanic eruptions like Toba and Thera. 376 more words


#89 Overpopulation

Is it really too much to ask of people not to be everywhere?


Anthropocene Apocalypse - A World Crisis?

Anthropocene Apocalypse – a world crisis?

As the world population soars towards a projected 10 Billion.

As the world’s mammals have been decimated to 44% of what they were 40 years ago! 142 more words