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The Day After 2030: An Essay on Climate Change, Border Security, and the Rhetoric of Overpopulation

The past year of global politics has not been an all together optimistic time for those of us paying attention to the news. Stories of the rise of the far right, possible election frauds, the murder of journalists and many more have left the citizens of the globe with a feeling of despair towards the future of democracy. 2,047 more words

Hitler, Funerals, NJ Transit

If you had to name a few of the worst places to be in the history of being on the earth, what would they be? 646 more words


Deer Pose Public Health Risk: First Report of Lyme Disease Hits Campus

The Ongoing Issue of NYC’s Deer Overpopulation Crisis

By: Lucia Elmi

A recent report circulating around campus has brought to attention the disclosure that a student allegedly contracted Lyme disease, and the source of the illness originates from the campus’ very own grounds.   690 more words


Why is it Important to Spay/Neuter my pet?

Each year in the United States, 6 to 8 million dogs and cats are admitted to a shelter. Of those 6 to 8 million, approximately 4 million are euthanized simply because they were unable to find a home. 449 more words

Week Eight

Which of your core beliefs or values has been reinforced or challenged during the module so far? Explain with examples.
Since doing this module, I feel as though I look at the world in a more critical way. 159 more words

Dear Earth,

Dear Earth,

Yes, I know our current human population stands at 7.6 billion…

and yes, I know this is putting an incredible strain upon yourself… 119 more words


A victory for the climate, a drastic drop in fertility rates reported

By Anders Lorenzen

New research shows that globally the number of children born is declining drastically, and is at an all-time low.

The report which was published in the medical journal… 515 more words

Climate Change