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The lights going off at 8pm on Saturday night wasn’t the return of a Labour government, nor the solar eclipse, which holds the record number of people simultaneously NOT looking at their smart phones, but Earth Hour. 512 more words


What is truth and what is wisdom?

The earth can not be both flat and round, but even so, the concept “truth” is sometimes considered to be personal and many therefore believe there are many so called “truths”. 1,294 more words


Taking a Hint From the Georgia Guidestones

The U.S. state of Georgia has something of a personal Stonehenge. And, while I’ve never been to Georgia—and, really, I’ve never been inclined to go—I think I can assume that these stones are a bit…  1,011 more words

Climate Change


I’ve decided that Denton has too many people. It feels as though it has as many people as much larger city, without the infrastructure to support it. 97 more words


Anthropocene Apopcalypse – Overcrowding & the population explosion

I heard on the news that we desperately need more housing. This is a lie!

We do not need more houses!

We need less people! 76 more words


The perfect market town? (revisited)

A couple of days ago I wrote a blog about the kind of place I wanted to live – the market town of my imagination. I didn’t go for some chocolate-box idyll but rather sketched a vibrant, happy town. 1,226 more words


Is our planet now overpopulated?

The chart below shows human population explosion in recent history.

As you can see, right before the dawn of Anno Domini (AD or A.D.) human population drastically increased.   445 more words