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Casual Clairvoyance: The Art of People Watching

One day I saw a pregnant woman getting out of a car.  She looked happy and pleasant, if a little uncomfortable and awkward.  As I watched, almost feeling her discomfort, a pale blue light appeared around her, and an adorable baby face peered out at me.  1,039 more words

Paranormal Communication

The election cured me of my doubts about being child-free

I’d already decided not to have children well before the current president got elected. JD has never wanted to be a parent, so there was that (I mean, my own feelings aside, it seems like a good idea to avoid having children with a partner who does not want them). 515 more words


Overpopulation in Lagos

Lagos is the economic hub of Nigeria, a city with approximately 21 million persons and a landmass of 3,345km2 of which 23% of that is water. 415 more words

38) Why I Choose To Be Childless

In 2017, there are far more reasons for having fewer children than at any other time in history. The battles I see parents go through today are disturbing. 892 more words

My X-perience

Week 1 Done

The world is slowly awakening to a new reality.  It has profoundly changed.  And that may be an understatement.

Throughout the campaign, Trump’s “populist” rhetoric was dismissed by many – especially by those who stood to lose the most if globalization were dismantled – as exactly that, a play for votes or posturing designed to win concessions in the highly unlikely event that he would actually be elected president.   466 more words


die die die

i was just looking on the SPCA website and saw a cute puppy that needs a home. then i saw it has “special needs.” i wondered what those needs could be so i clicked on its profile. 420 more words

The point of rebutting objections to rejuvenation

If you’ve hung around here long enough, you probably know I have two pet peeves: ageing and money. If we assume the saying ‘Only two things are certain in life: death and taxes’ is true, then we’re forced to conclude that I advocate for the (indirect) elimination of the only two certainties in life. 598 more words