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Can we make Karachi a beautiul city again? Mayor has a plan.

Written By : Nameer Lutfi

The beautiful city Karachi, not beautiful anymore. A heart wrenching moment for every Karachite to admit the tragic slow motion death of the beautiful lively people as well as those lights to go dim. 292 more words

Is Population Growth a Sprawl Lynchpin?

By Dom Nozzi

June 21, 2001

In my opinion, we need to identify sprawl lynchpins if we are to effectively and efficiently control sprawl — particularly because we don’t have the time or money to mis-identify the critical causative agent that we have some control over. 740 more words

Sprawl, Suburbia

Humans Aren’t Just Changing the Climate. We’re Changing ‘Life Itself’ - Bloomberg

The earth has warmed barely a single degree Celsius, and yet virtually no place on the planet is unaffected by climate change. That’s the conclusion of both a new study published in the journal Science and a popular-science book out this week, The Unnatural World, by David Biello, the science curator at TED and a Scientific American contributing editor.“This new age is not just climate change,” Biello writes, “it is everything change: the sky, the sea, the land, the rocks, life itself.”

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Abrupt Climate Change

The Value of Life

At the end of August, millions of bees were killed accidentally while one county in South Carolina sprayed for mosquitos.  Sadly, our science is still so primitive that we cannot pinpoint our targets, and insecticides and other chemicals, including medications, act on larger targets than intended.  398 more words

Teresa Chupp

Overpopulation: When is enough, enough?


As the earth begins to reach a human population of over 7.5 billion and counting, numerous groups have formed globally to oppose an ever expanding population, which they believe is detrimental to the earth and the current living population. 346 more words