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Plans Being Made to Feed 9B People in 35 Years - What Will They Do for 10B? 11B?

This article from Wired magazine shows the weakness of American popular culture.  It is good that the authors see potential problems from the population explosion, and try to come up with a way to feed the 9 billion humans expected to live by 2050, but this is a very shallow consideration.   363 more words


Overpopulation: Seriously, there's just too many of us!

Human beings are not the most dominant species by intelligence alone, we are also the most dominant in terms of presence. There is no other large species (in terms of size and resource requirements) in the world that comes close to the 7 billion that we number. 529 more words


The Baby Over-Boomers

While we have talked about sustainability in multiple ways throughout our class, the idea of overpopulation has not been one that we have really looked into yet.  256 more words

Inferno (2016). Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon, but is this mystery thriller white hot or damp squib?

Film review by Jason Day of the adaptation of Dan Brown’s bestseller Inferno, starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon, Professor of Religious Iconology and Symbology in his latest adventure to stop a deadly global plot. 674 more words


Low Population Density

The morning was mild with no frost. Mak and I savored a leisurely wakeup and great cuddle.Field command set in a favorite and very secret place. 21 more words


Globalization Proponents Starting to Sweat


As illustrated in the above-linked article, advocates of globalization, an experiment embarked upon in the wake of World War II to spread prosperity and avert future wars, are growing desperate to stave off its collapse.   514 more words


Where to put the next billion people?

By 2030, 1.1 billion more people will live on Earth — bringing the total to about 8.5 billion. Most of them will arrive in dense Asian and African cities, exacerbating pollution and resource shortages1.

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Near Term Human Extinction