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Bristol, CT Passes Ordinance to Reduce Cat Overpopulation

Paws Up!

To the city council of Bristol, Connecticut for issuing an ordinance to decrease cat overpopulation through mandatory spay and neuter.

In a recent… 96 more words

Paws Up/Paws Down

A sectarian crawls under the skin of the sponge-head

Taking some time out at Jaceys café on St Stephens lane in Ipswich, close to the garish and filthy glass-pane explosion that is the buttermarket shopping centre. 670 more words

Gonzo Journalism

Here's a terrifying population growth stat

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Fundamental Explainers

What YOU Can do to Combat Pet Overpopulation

* Always spay/neuter your pets
* Always adopt pets from legitimate shelter or nonprofit rescue group
* Consider all the responsibilities and consequences of pet ownership before deciding to get a pet, and always make a lifetime commitment to your pet… 53 more words



A stowaway pack of mice aboard a merchant galleon enjoys a sumptuous meal of grains and seeds amidst its transpacific voyage. Unbeknownst to them, the vessel will hit a violent maelstrom that shipwrecks the cruise; the sailors perish in the sea but the mice will survive. 99 more words



It’s raining! Our first measurable rainfall since the start of June and I swear I can hear our plants in the garden cheering. Hubby put on his flannel but me? 300 more words


Carl Jung on "Overpopulation."

To Bernard Aschner

Dear Colleague, 28 March 1951

I still have vivid memories of our meeting in Vienna, since it was from you that I took over, in my own way, your interest in Paracelsus. 191 more words