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World Population Day

On July 11, please think of our overcrowded earth.  And how Investing in Young People can help us.

World Population Day has been celebrated every July 11 since 1989.

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Portland's Dust Left Behind

Back when we planned this trip we had high expectations for our time in Portland.  We’d been there several times over the past ten years, and each trip was quirky, interesting and fun. 426 more words

Bentley Turbo R


Pope Francis has issued an encyclical on the Environment called Laudato Si in which he firmly and clearly outlines his views on global warming, climate change and pollution, while linking them with poverty, employment, economics, science and religion. 468 more words

Community And Values

[SLGE] Overpopulation and too much technology can lead to the depletion of natural resources


Natural resources’ depletion: result of overpopulation and too much technology

          Natural resources took an enormous part of our lives because God made them at the beginning to provide us our needs and even wants, from the food we eat to the gadgets we use. 480 more words


Maybe we should talk about empathy?

To what extent can we say that, in confronting the Otherness of Nature, humanity is confronting its own essence, the negative core of its own being?

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Essays And Musings

Snippits From Huxley

I have referred a number of times to Huxley’s 1931 “fable” Brave New World which predicted the future with astonishing accuracy. It is still, in my  mind, one of the most remarkable works ever written: prescient if not great literature. 944 more words

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