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Should the overpopulated Lagos city adopt China’s one child policy?

Lagos city’s so congested and overcrowded that it always causes traffic in certain popular streets. While natives from rural regions continuously flock in the city for better economic opportunities and for better life style, they’ve recognized the economical potential of Nigeria’s biggest cities. 291 more words


We Can Keep Our Open Spaces by Limiting Population

Human Overpopulation

GR:  Human overpopulation results in

  • burning more fossil fuel for energy,
  • conversion of more natural habitats to farms,
  • more destruction of life with pavement and concrete,
  • 344 more words
Human Impact

Africa: Mauritania to Benefit From U.S.$21 Million IFAD Grant to Boost Food Security, Nutrition and Reduce Rural Poverty

GR:  The U.S. should grant an equal amount of money for family planning with the goal to cut population and food requirements. Anyone can see that continuing to prop up a human population with food needs exceeding local production is bound to fail in time. 259 more words

Nature Conservation

Isn’t [——] More Important?

Martin Rowe

We vegans aren’t alone in believing our issue to be the most urgent, necessary, and encompassing facing the planet. We’re also no more capable than others of genuinely listening to other people when they make the case for the urgency, necessity, and fundamental nature of their issue. 315 more words

Origins & Reasons

Book 3 - Inferno

Title: Inferno

Author: Dan Brown

Pages: 620

Reason I read it: I’d seen the film and someone lent it to me.

Now Grace apologies again but there are so many references to plague in this book I simply cannot ignore it, also there’s a whole sequence set in Venice. 454 more words


Who's That?

We were out for an afternoon walk after an overnight in the woods. Off the trail was rocky ledge and a bluff we explored. As we were off the trail, hikers went by through the trees and had no idea of our presence. 141 more words


Olympic Fever Hits Tokyo as Japan Hits the New Year in 1964

It was the middle of winter, and yet on January 1, 1964, Tokyo was hot! In fact, the way the foreign press described it, Japan was running a temperature! 532 more words