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Deer Pose Public Health Risk: First Report of Lyme Disease Hits Campus

The Ongoing Issue of NYC’s Deer Overpopulation Crisis

By: Lucia Elmi

A recent report circulating around campus has brought to attention the disclosure that a student allegedly contracted Lyme disease, and the source of the illness originates from the campus’ very own grounds.   690 more words


Why is it Important to Spay/Neuter my pet?

Each year in the United States, 6 to 8 million dogs and cats are admitted to a shelter. Of those 6 to 8 million, approximately 4 million are euthanized simply because they were unable to find a home. 449 more words

Week Eight

Which of your core beliefs or values has been reinforced or challenged during the module so far? Explain with examples.

Since doing this module, I feel as though I look at the world in a more critical way. 158 more words

Dear Earth,

Dear Earth,

Yes, I know our current human population stands at 7.6 billion…

and yes, I know this is putting an incredible strain upon yourself… 119 more words


A victory for the climate, a drastic drop in fertility rates reported

By Anders Lorenzen

New research shows that globally the number of children born is declining drastically, and is at an all-time low.

The report which was published in the medical journal… 515 more words

Climate Change

18 Billion

So a while ago I wrote a story. Then I wrote another story. And then I noticed they had something in common. That number 18 which is my day of birth and my lucky number, and my obsession for the topics of overpopulation and end-of-humanity apocalyptic scenarios. 272 more words