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Photo: Poverty in India (CC0 Public Domain)

“Mudlarks” was a 19th Century term for street children who survived by scavenging amid the mud along the River Thames.  1,061 more words


Kenya - Packed to Capacity

Cover image: a small section of a large buffalo herd at Lake Nakuru, Kenya. © Jonathon Roberts, 2017.

Usually, when helping a rare species recover from the brink of extinction, the first goal is to make its population as large as possible. 2,384 more words

Unexpected Authors - George A. Romero

I am an unapologetic fan of zombie movies. I know, I’m a librarian so I should love film adaptations of Jane Austen books, and pine over Shakespeare’s plays, but I don’t. 531 more words

Children's Books

Where will people migrate when the planet becomes too populated?

Although some people will say people will migrate to another planet when Earth becomes overpopulated, I will say that people should stop having so many children. 91 more words

Random Thoughts

Enough Already

Enough Already

Practically speaking,
I’m not too keen on the idea of bringing another life into this world
I feel rather inconvenienced by my own life, you see… 379 more words

Get your meat down ...

As we’ve all known, our western affluent meat centric diet needs some re-jigging.

Someone needs to tell the fat guy burger-maniacs to cool down, I mean the pundits building their careers on such gross consumption that lead the masses to shed any conscience of stuffing their faces with slices of dead animal.  181 more words

Climate Change

Frostpunk - surviving a virtual cold snap

Over the past few days, I have been watching Christopher Odd play Frostpunk. Developed by Warsaw based 11 bit studios, the game is essentially a city-building simulator. 638 more words