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"U.S." Chamber of Commerce Sides with China


There are few groups I despise as much as the “U.S.” Chamber of Commerce.  First of all, let’s be clear about who they are.  It’s not an American organization that promotes American interests.  799 more words


Hoping for that Plague

I know some people believe we are headed for some kind of utopia while others think it’s going to be some kind of worldwide nuclear war. 636 more words


Why I love David Attenborough

Ok there’s like a million reasons why I do. I mean he has the most soothing and awesome voice to ever narrated?! Plus animals!!!

But really what made it go to totally fangirl, hiding in the bushes, going through his trash levels is this article : … 314 more words


Two Billion New Homes

By the end of the century, there will be a need for over two billion more houses. Three key factors are driving the need. The first may be the most obvious. 142 more words

8 billion

My first year of college, I had an ant problem. I lived in an old apartment up on the hill above Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. 939 more words

Wild/Not Wild

I am an avid animal shelter volunteer. People in my family are allergic to cats, so I use the time I spend in the veterinary clinic to get my cat fix (among other things). 1,020 more words


Addressing overpopulation, the need of the hour?

We see a lot of problems around us everyday. A lot of them harming the environment. Some fatal, some sub lethal. We wake up everyday, go to our workplaces. 396 more words