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The rat problem


Another school shooting, and yes, the same arguments will be brought out.   One friend passed this on: https://pjmedia.com/andrewklavan/left-reaping-whirlwind-culture-made/ ; the upshot from the article is that the Left is responsible, not the Right.  1,255 more words

Why You Should Kill a Deer:

            More and more, residents of the Northeastern United States are finding deer in the road and the incidents are not pretty ones.  Left and right deer are found dead on the sides of highways and local roads to neither fault of the deer, nor the driver.  242 more words

Overpopulation in the Philippines

Our overpopulated archipelago might ‘capsize’ any moment now! This is not a joke. It is not an exaggeration. The Philippines might sink in no time if we do not address the environmental issues not to mention our ever-growing population. 351 more words


Why is it so damn hard for you to neuter your dog?

I love it when you people walk into an animal shelter and decide to adopt a new mutt friend.

But explain something, please. What is your reason for wanting to adopt but then you insist that you don’t need to do anything about your unaltered animal at home? 516 more words

Who is afraid of nuclear war?

The Economist recently published a series of articles about the potential for a nuclear war between great powers.  A nuclear war is a major threat to the existence of mankind on this planet but it is only one of several threats and some of the others may be greater, in part because they are less well understood. 447 more words


Mainstream media celebrates mass starvation and political prisons in North Korea

I’m sure everyone has heard about the mainstream media’s embrace of North Korea’s charming smiles at the Olympics. I like to listen to the Ben Shapiro podcast, the Andrew Klavan podcast, and the Daily Signal podcast and they ALL talked about it. 1,492 more words


Dr. Patrick Allitt lecture on "A Climate of Crisis"

In the 1950s, Americans were worried about nuclear weapons and over-population. In the decades since we’ve feared invasive species, the ozone hole, energy shortages and climate change. 36 more words