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Enough Already

Enough Already

Practically speaking,
I’m not too keen on the idea of bringing another life into this world
I feel rather inconvenienced by my own life, you see… 379 more words

Get your meat down ...

As we’ve all known, our western affluent meat centric diet needs some re-jigging.

Someone needs to tell the fat guy burger-maniacs to cool down, I mean the pundits building their careers on such gross consumption that lead the masses to shed any conscience of stuffing their faces with slices of dead animal.  181 more words

Climate Change

Frostpunk - surviving a virtual cold snap

Over the past few days, I have been watching Christopher Odd play Frostpunk. Developed by Warsaw based 11 bit studios, the game is essentially a city-building simulator. 638 more words


How Did We Survive The 1970s?

Practically every year, scientists invent a new world ending apocalypse. In this video, scientist and author Tony Heller discusses some the leading junk science of the 1970’s.

Climate Change

Was Thanos right?

It took three years before the last encounter of the Avengers against a complex, cosmic entity that sought to obliterate the world. Ultron, a form of artificial intelligence, aptly embodied the cynical villain in Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015). 3,181 more words


Burgeoning population & the shadow of war

About 20 years back, having a graduation degree was a hallmark of excellence in academia. A graduate had a specialized knowledge and it was fairly easy to land up on a high paying job. 502 more words


Share it! Co-living is the answer to overpopulation and rising rental costs.

(Photo by author) 

During the middle ages, sharing a space with multiple unrelated individuals was a common arrangement and loosely defined the structure of a “home”. 953 more words