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Why do older people get overprotective?
They feel like they’re looking out for us,yes,we understand that,but what we don’t understand is you peeping while we’re making a call,monitoring faces(for a smile) while we are with phones,spying through phones and messages,stalking us on every social media.Why??. 141 more words


🔗Shackles (1)

I got a news earlier this week that a childhood friend just had her baby,i was dazed,not because of the pregnancy but dazed at how she was able to go past her family’s strict protocol.

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Let Kids Enjoy Their Childhood

My parents didn’t supervise me 24/7 and I’m still alive and fine.  Results and side effects of being overprotective parent.

Childhood is a wonderful thing. This is a period of our life when we don’t have to worry about anything and all we need to do is enjoy free time with friends playing outside. 864 more words