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Existential Crisis

For a couple of days now I’ve been going through an existential crisis because my birthday is right around the corner.

“Stop overreacting, Julia.” People have told me. 227 more words


Just a Blanket #petty

I am listing this under life and depression because that’s to me what it represents.

See growing up I was always just there. Like on the back burner. 313 more words


Certified Mail

There’s almost nothing more unsettling than coming home and finding a “sorry we missed you, your post office is holding a letter from X” I mean what the hell I have enough crap to worry about now I get to sit at work all day and wonder why someone needed to make absolutely certain a letter made it into my hands. 120 more words


Offended and Overreacting; I learned a valuable lesson

This past Friday was International Woman’s Day and my family I spent it in Las Vegas. In a mall is where it happened.  I was grabbed by the arm, lead to a chair and this very beautiful woman began telling me how “old” I looked and how I should do something with my “wrinkles”. 672 more words

Panic Attacks

Panic attacks can vary for each person on how much they freak people out. Though you should know we do all have panic attacks.

There are two categories of panic attacks that I will show you. 277 more words


Never Mind

Okay, literally the quickest Blog update ever.

So, tantrumming over my laptop predicament I look at the plugs once more. Once again, all plugged in everything’s looking as it should. 105 more words

On Whang Od: Social Justice Warriors React!

In the cacophony of voices, one voice remains silent: the center of the controversy, Whang Od herself. Some say she was exploited, others claim that she was given justice and the art was properly showcased. 237 more words