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When does overreacting overlap caring?

There is an obvious difference but cant one lead to another.

I believe if you truly care for someone you can sometimes overreact…but why can’t we see it? 361 more words


Am I Overreacting?

This is a question for suffers and supporters alike. Tonight I got very upset after a rubbish couple of days following a therapy session on Monday. 87 more words

Being Highly Emotional In A Highly Impersonal World

When I say “highly emotional”, I don’t mean those people who get a bit weepy at commercials featuring puppies being put down at the pound or teary-eyed at the end of the end of a romantic film; that’s just called having a heart. 1,488 more words

Being INFP (Idealist)

Cracking of my Voice

I am
The crackling
On the other end of the phone
My words garble
And you can hardly
Find the consonant constant
Slurring together… 64 more words


Tanning Beds

There is so much debate over the tanning bed and skin cancer issue. I personally have made the choice to tan. It is interesting to me though how many people are judging me for that choice. 125 more words


Going Off the Rails

Do you sometimes overreact in situations and basically find yourself going off the rails? Then it’s time to step back and figure out what is really going on in your world that is making you too sensitive to the life you are leading. 401 more words

Living Life

Anxiety Spoils All the Fun

This is a post where I basically bitch about how I find it annoying when other people overreact to something, because their overreacting is also an anxiety trigger for me. 592 more words