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What is Wrong with Me?

In five days I have to submit an assignment worth 20% of my final grade. It’s not finished, actually I doubt it’ll be finished on time. 1,021 more words

Peace Call

Ever catch yourself so worked up you notice you’re holding your breath or clenching your jaw tightly? Or, maybe you have physical reminders of your inner turmoil like calluses on your hand from putting the steering wheel in a death grip daily  I definitely do…or did; I should say.   303 more words


Feelings Erasure and “ Overreacting “

Again, pulling from personal experience, both by myself and watching others, the addressing of feelings  (both positive and negative, while negative is the majority) can be a different process for everyone.  322 more words


Inkdabber | Poetry

Maladroit Mechanisms

Inside my mind is an

intricate piece of

machinery that is always moving,

whirring, clicking,


Sometimes it whirs and clicks

too slow. 185 more words


Am I Overreacting?

A little background story: I have PTSD from having been raped by a guy I was dating a few years ago. My parents and a few of my friends know about this. 82 more words


I love my job and I love the company I work for. Part of the amazing thing about them is that they have a whole part of HR devoted to our health and wellness. 764 more words

Weight Loss

Party Pooper

I guess it’s crazy that I’m obsessing over Aiden’s 1st birthday. All of the details are super important to me. The party decorations, the food, the cake, the cupcakes, the cake pops, how many guests will be there? 845 more words