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#tbt Quarter Life Crisis: High Anxiety (Pt. 2)

In your early twenties, just about everything gives you a high level of anxiety. Have you ever unnecessarily lost your breath, your heart was pumping blood to your brain at an ungodly rate, you couldnt calm yourself down and feared you might pass out? 280 more words

Personal Truths

Play Those Drums in the Next Lifetime?

from the papers.


My second-grade son had been taking up jazz drumming for a short while now, the instructor, in order to get him more into it, would rearrange the popular tunes for him to play to; and so, I’d often seen him humming the tunes, while drumming, although he’d not beaten the drums on beat, but at least, he’s happy, practicing it.   605 more words


Last One Picked

I was recently told that if I’m going to write about the good stuff, I have to write about the bad stuff too. So I’m taking the advice. 716 more words


The most awful person in the world ...

Why do children never want to nap or go to sleep at night? They literally act like we are crushing their spirits to even suggest such a thing. 40 more words

Life's Little Lessons

Turn Me Back To The Old Me

Have you ever been in a great mood and wanted to share a moment with someone and they do something that just ruins your mood? Whether it be to belittle something you think is important or throw shade on a gesture that you made, they find a way to change your mood instantly. 155 more words


Over thinking, overreacting, over emotional. The three common things I do the most in life. I know I’m not the only one to do such things. 92 more words

Unsorted Feelings

I vowed to avoid using the word I but then, this is a blog. This is an outlet of whatever feelings I have pent up inside me. 626 more words