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Living with Anxiety

“Do you trust me? Do you hate me? Did I upset you? Why aren’t you speaking to me?”

All of the questions I hear when people notice that I’m not in the right head space. 749 more words

Reactionary Much?

Why has our society become so . . . reaction oriented? Not that wrongs shouldn’t be righted, but why are we so spontaneously unwilling to listen to the other side? 287 more words

Diary Of A Middle Age Woman Writer

Going Out...If My Mind

I must be a bit out of my mind; there is simply no other reason for it and it is of course me agreeing to look up at the evening sky in the middle of nowhere for the whole night. 395 more words

Whims And Wonders

Living a life of a carefree b*tch

I am what they call a drama queen. I am emotional, expressive and overwhelming. I manage to hide it from people I’ve just met, but those who spend some proper time with me… oh, they know. 1,250 more words

Ukrainian In Toronto

There is a time for everything

So many things happen to us in our lives that we often seek the meaning behind them. The good things we accept with gladness and the bad things we accept with our heads down. 543 more words

Weekly Devotions

#tbt Quarter Life Crisis: High Anxiety (Pt. 2)

[ Originally posted on February 6, 2013]

In your early twenties, just about everything gives you a high level of anxiety. Have you ever unnecessarily lost your breath, your heart was pumping blood to your brain at an ungodly rate, you couldnt calm yourself down and feared you might pass out? 280 more words

Personal Truths

Play Those Drums in the Next Lifetime?

from the papers.


My second-grade son had been taking up jazz drumming for a short while now, the instructor, in order to get him more into it, would rearrange the popular tunes for him to play to; and so, I’d often seen him humming the tunes, while drumming, although he’d not beaten the drums on beat, but at least, he’s happy, practicing it.   605 more words