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Over thinking, overreacting, over emotional. The three common things I do the most in life. I know I’m not the only one to do such things. 92 more words

Unsorted Feelings

I vowed to avoid using the word I but then, this is a blog. This is an outlet of whatever feelings I have pent up inside me. 626 more words


Imposter Symptoms

You know the feeling when you feel sick and your family/friends tell you to go to the doctor, but then you start doubting your symptoms? You still feel the pain or discomfort as before, but you are not sure if you are just overreacting. 261 more words


DIY how to read too much into things

Imagine this: it’s a perfectly ordinary day, and you’re spending time with your two best friends.  It’s familiar, routine, and even pleasant.

But there’s a catch. 662 more words


Do not answer this question - Have you ever smoked weed? This can get you banned from the U.S.

Mathew Harvey has been banned for life from entering the United States for honestly answering the harmless question if he ever smoked marijuana illegally after the age of 18. 73 more words


Why Are You So Bothered?

This post is about the things we find ourselves getting too worked up about.  Have you ever found yourself highly annoyed by somebody’s abundant typos even though you understand what they are saying?   799 more words

Your Biggest Relationship Crusher? Overreacting!

For many people, the “start” of my prodigal daughter’s life would be the moment I learned she was pregnant.  At just 17 years old and about to enter her senior year of high school.  642 more words