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Tanning Beds

There is so much debate over the tanning bed and skin cancer issue. I personally have made the choice to tan. It is interesting to me though how many people are judging me for that choice. 125 more words


Going Off the Rails

Do you sometimes overreact in situations and basically find yourself going off the rails? Then it’s time to step back and figure out what is really going on in your world that is making you too sensitive to the life you are leading. 401 more words

Living Life

Anxiety Spoils All the Fun

This is a post where I basically bitch about how I find it annoying when other people overreact to something, because their overreacting is also an anxiety trigger for me. 592 more words



I came across a piece of writing recently and found myself nodding from beginning to end. I’ve seen conversations on social media and many times sat her nodding too, when people share the same meaning I do. 616 more words


Back to school with lots of changes.

School started for my boys this week.  They were both happy to be going back to see their friends.  I know they were happy to get out from under my thumb! 552 more words

Our Daily Life With Autism


Seriously I don’t know what to do.

Just this week, I’ve tried to apply for internships; one for an online news blog, and another, for a nationwide broadsheet. 267 more words


Miss-chievious s.o.u.l- Get out of the tree! / Story of our life/

Okay so when this happened I was probably, about six-years old. keep that in mind.

In my old back yard we had  a small stream that separated our back yard from the neighbors back yard. 719 more words