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The Deer Spine(s)

It was a dark and gloomy morning. The air was chilled and the only light was from orange parking lot lights…

I was in the car with my friend and mother. 951 more words


They Won't Hurt Us...

You know, I’m not that afraid of wasps or bees. However it depends how other people around me act when they see them. For example: 233 more words

Ouch 😕

I got my Depo Provera shot today. I forgot how much it hurts! They honestly inject it into the muscle. It feels like I’ve pulled a muscle and worked out for 8 hours straight.  131 more words



A problem that I often find myself in is being “too emotional” or overreacting and overthinking. I believe that if someone tends to overthink a situation then there is a reason behind it, whether its doubts or past experiences… 327 more words

The Queen of Jumping to Conclusions

This is a perfect example of how I literally could worry about anything.

This past week, my boyfriend has been working pretty long hours. Plus, his kids are here this week. 876 more words

Love Story