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Lincoln Exposed Headliners Slated to Play Random Tuesday Show at Bourbon Rye Room Day Before Festival

Lincoln NE (SN) – In what has now become standard Lincoln Exposed tradition, all twenty bands responsible for closing out the Friday and Saturday evening installments of the festival have booked a show at the Bourbon Rye Room just one day before the big event kicks off. 376 more words


TV executives fear over-saturation look to cut down Thursday Night Football games

Everyone has a magic bullet on what’s causing NFL ratings to dip from its historic highs only a few years ago. There have been multiple hypotheses thrown out there — other than the Occam’s Razor answer of people have more options and everything is seeing ratings drop due to media fragmentation. 949 more words


Let's examine some realities of the Smash 4 tournament scene

So, I’ve seen some talk today on Twitter from various smashers about a few topics related to our current competitive structure. I wanted to provide a bit of  a framework for that discussion in order to help move things towards a productive conclusion. 1,065 more words


Remembering without Reminders

Today is September 11 remembrance day, which is just fine. For some, the back-to-back reminders by media are just too much (the memories alone can be a lot to deal with).   17 more words