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Splatoon and Why I Support Nintendo

Splatoons alternative use of guns in one of the most oversaturated markets in gaming; shooters, helps suggest a change in trends and provides a very significant and fun way to shoot at things without killing things. 344 more words


Oversaturated and Exhausted: How New Media Can Resurrect Illustration Today

by Alison McLeod

Keywords: Post-fordism, circulationism, isolation, authenticity


The 21st century is a unique moment in human development because we are walking a fine balance between total connectedness and profound isolation. 1,221 more words

Symptoms of Dissociation: Enacting Social Change Through New Media and Worlding

By Alison McLeod

Keywords: Worlding, Mosaic Thinking, Dissociation, Global Village


In a post-fordist era, illustrators are beginning to turn to world building as a reactionary tactic. 1,342 more words

UFC in 2015: A Return to Must-See Pay-Per-View Events

by MMA Man

If 2014 is remembered as the year oversaturation, failed drug tests and injuries in the sport of MMA sapped much of the star power and strength out of a number of UFC events, two months in and 2015 is already looking to remedy the issue—specifically with how the UFC puts together its Pay-Per-View events. 491 more words


Killing Off Wolverine is the Right Decision by Marvel.

The Death of Wolverine is an event comic currently running at Marvel by Charles Soule and Steven McNiven and I could not be happier the 5’3 Canadian is being killed off. 574 more words