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Working with our African Brothers and Sisters

Councilors, Mayors, Officials and Partners working together in Morocco to improve the quality of local government throughout Africa

On Wednesday when I opened the two-day training programme for Mayors, Councillors and LGA reps in Morocco I said, “It’s a great privilege to be here again to work with my African brothers and sisters”. 910 more words


Can You Use Out Of Date First Aid Stock?

Have you ever seen the aftermath of an annual workplace first aid kit audit and re-stock? It’s quite astonishing because almost everything in a kit these days has a use-by date, and it is law in Australia that everything in a workplace first aid kit be in date. 838 more words


Theresa's 0.7%

0.7%. It doesn’t sound much does it? £13.3 billion sounds a rather bigger number in most contexts. Put them together and £13.3 billion is the amount that the UK spent on delivering overseas aid in 2016, representing 0.7% of the UK’s GDP. 791 more words


Budget disgrace. Cut aid now.

When the Conservatives won a majority in the 2015 election, many Tory voters believed that they would at long last see some genuine conservative policies being implemented – like lower taxes and cuts in public spending.   524 more words


Elderly Care and Overseas Aid

Well it had to happen sooner or later but it has recently been announced that the UK is funding elderly care in China.

China is a country with a nuclear industry, a space industry and one of the largest economies in the world and yet we are funding the care of their elderly. 484 more words


The rich get richer - the gap is widening

What type of world do we want to live in? Do we really want to live in a world where the eight richest people in the world (all men) own the same wealth as the poorest half of the world? 640 more words


Giving more: my goal for 2017

For a few years I’ve followed the work of Peter Singer and others who promote Effective Altruism – the idea that we have a moral obligation to give resources to good causes, and that we must do so in the most effective way possible (not just based on organisations with the best marketing or personal resonance). 675 more words

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