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UK development aid: money (literally) well spent

Since taking up her post a few months ago, Britain’s new International Development Secretary, Priti Patel, has been talking up how she’s going to crackdown on waste and fraud in the way her budget is spent. 529 more words

The tyranny of the seemingly urgent: why the media neglects international development

George Monbiot – the environment commentator – wrote a recent cri de coeur on the failure of the media – by which I think he meant most mainstream outlets – to give sufficient coverage to climate change, despite the tumbling of global temperature records and accompanying floods and droughts that are hitting people all over the world. 767 more words

Cameron puts aid before pensioners.

With nine days left, David Cameron has struck a new low with his discredited threat that the elderly may be first to suffer if Britain pulls out of the EU. 313 more words

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Cameron is desperate, so you can not believe a word he says. He said if he could not get a good deal for Britain out of the EU he would recommend out, now we know he lied about that to.

European membership, part 37; Overseas aid budget.

Let us get some basic facts and figures on the Overseas Aid budget as it currently stands before considering the effects of a no vote in the referendum. 321 more words

European Membership Vote


Yes, I’ve managed to get to Friday despite feeling under the weather. Nothing earth-shattering just persistent sore throat, cough, chesty, achey- painy. But so have most of my family and friends. 536 more words

138,000 people out of poverty every day for 25 years while @oxfamnz claimed neo-liberalism ruined the world

New data: 138,000 people out of poverty every day for 25 years, while you claimed neo-liberalism ruined the world. pic.twitter.com/kvSoMSa9DY

— Johan Norberg (@johanknorberg) October 5, 2015

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