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Autumn Budget Review: the beasts behind the bravado

Three bogus elements in today’s announcements explained

It’s amazing what a bit of ringing around can reveal. Herewith an interesting summary of the yarns doing the rounds in Fleet Street, Westminster and Brussels tonight following the Draper’s latest attempt at turd polishing: 321 more words

What do we know about future aid spending? UK overseas aid and the Spending Review

The UK is committed to spending 0.7% of its gross national income on aid each year.  While this gives a sense of the scale of overall future spending in this area, there are still questions to be answered about exactly how much money is spent, who spends it and where.  1,260 more words


How did the MDGs fare?

Parliament debates the Sustainable Development Goals today. But how did the MDGs fare? bit.ly/1gbcH6W http://t.co/r12PKVmPzK
Commons Library (@commonslibrary) September 10, 2015

Economic History

The Tories' £12bn of welfare cuts could come back to haunt them | Patrick Butler, Guardian

The Tories’ £12bn of welfare cuts could come back to haunt them | Patrick Butler http://gu.com/p/488gd/stw


The wrong place to make cuts. If it’s OK to make savings by stopping pay-outs to the poor and needy, why not stop overseas aid? 193 more words

Does vertical political integration reduce corruption in government?

Anti-Dismal blogged today on how vertical integration can reduce the double mark-up problem of monopolies. The one thing worse than a monopoly is dealing with a chain of monopolies. 283 more words

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