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European membership, part 37; Overseas aid budget.

Let us get some basic facts and figures on the Overseas Aid budget as it currently stands before considering the effects of a no vote in the referendum. 321 more words

European Membership Vote


Yes, I’ve managed to get to Friday despite feeling under the weather. Nothing earth-shattering just persistent sore throat, cough, chesty, achey- painy. But so have most of my family and friends. 536 more words

138,000 people out of poverty every day for 25 years while @oxfamnz claimed neo-liberalism ruined the world

New data: 138,000 people out of poverty every day for 25 years, while you claimed neo-liberalism ruined the world. pic.twitter.com/kvSoMSa9DY

— Johan Norberg (@johanknorberg) October 5, 2015

Economic History

62 billionaires alert: extreme poverty could have fallen so much faster?

Wealth of the top 62 people = Wealth of half the world's population. #Davos pic.twitter.com/1IkjCvzD42

— Vala Afshar (@ValaAfshar) January 22, 2016

The share of the world living in poverty is declining faster than ever before…

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Economic History

Proud to be British

The Bhola cyclone that blew in from the Bay of Bengal in 1970 was one of the worst natural disasters of our times, killing around half a million people in East Pakistan (as Bangladesh was then known). 33 more words


The answer from where extra flood defence money should come is obvious

As the waters rose, the protests became louder. Once more, the UK’s flood defences had been found wanting. The prime minister’s operationally-unnecessary but politically-vital urgent visit to flooded areas caused further questions as to the country’s anti-flooding strategy, tactics and funding. 388 more words