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The Tories' £12bn of welfare cuts could come back to haunt them | Patrick Butler, Guardian

The Tories’ £12bn of welfare cuts could come back to haunt them | Patrick Butler http://gu.com/p/488gd/stw


The wrong place to make cuts. If it’s OK to make savings by stopping pay-outs to the poor and needy, why not stop overseas aid? 193 more words

Does vertical political integration reduce corruption in government?

Anti-Dismal blogged today on how vertical integration can reduce the double mark-up problem of monopolies. The one thing worse than a monopoly is dealing with a chain of monopolies. 283 more words

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A foreign free election – or is it?

You don’t win many votes for foreign policy.

In keeping with this thought the main parties had largely avoided talking about it so far in the campaign and been… 825 more words

As the world turns......or Rotates

I belong to a secret organisation – and I wish I didn’t. There are branches of this organisation all over the world, in the most remote places in eastern Europe and Africa as well as North and South America – thousands of them. 968 more words


Spirituality...grown or groan?

St Patricks Day – time for a Guinness and a time for deepened sense of spirituality.  I’m blessed to have drawn on Celtic spirituality and practices for more than a decade…practices that have sustained me over the past decade, without them becoming religious rituals. 817 more words