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Spirituality...grown or groan?

St Patricks Day – time for a Guinness and a time for deepened sense of spirituality.  I’m blessed to have drawn on Celtic spirituality and practices for more than a decade…practices that have sustained me over the past decade, without them becoming religious rituals. 817 more words

Understanding aid dynamics: Are aid allocations truly based on need?

By Rob Kevlihan, Executive Director, Kimmage Development Studies Centre

Are decisions with respect to the allocation of humanitarian aid truly based on needs?

Myself, Karl De Rouen Jnr… 514 more words

Overseas Aid

E-Petition to roll climate fund donations into foreign aid budget

After Mark Reckless MP’s spirited defence in parliament of what most people want (66% say no to 0.7% of gdp being earmarked for foreign aid, only 7% in favour), I considered… 83 more words


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Nearly £1Bn of public money from the Climate Change Fund to build coal fired power stations in Indonesia! Just signed this ePetition in an attempt to stop this insanity.

To destroy our prejudices & stereotypes about other countries

Czechoslovakia as socialistic country (under the Soviet influence) used to provide international aid as a part of solidarity gesture to other socialistic countries until the year 1989. 413 more words

Global Problems

More Tsars than Russia!

(Alan Milburn – anti poverty ‘Tsar’)

As if Tony B-Liar didn’t have enough to answer for (Traitor, back-stabber, self aggrandising, treasonous parasite come to mind) he is also responsible for the slew of ‘Tsars’ we now have in this Country. 128 more words