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Get Played

Bringin my Xbox controller and my wireless wing-wong and everything!


#124 – A’s First Trip

Given A’s “cry baby” nature, I had to convince S to let me bring A along to our annual family trip to Hong Kong. S is worried that he will cry his lungs out on the flights and hence cause attract unnecessary stares from other passengers. 201 more words

#121 – Worst Sea-sick Ever

It was the first morning of our trip and we were all pumped up for the whale-watching. I had a hearty breakfast cos the food was extremely fresh and nice. 185 more words


#119 – My Bucket List

It has always been my dream to see the Aurora Borealis. But because it takes some degree of planning and I’m too lazy to do it, I never get to fulfil this wish (until now, that is). 181 more words

Trump's First Overseas Visit - What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

By Susan Kuebler

On Friday May 19 Donald Trump et al. are scheduled to depart for an ambitious eight-day visit to no less than six countries overseas.  975 more words

[Travel] Pre-departure tips and plans

Back to reality after spending a week in South Korea. Even though it’s my 2nd visit to Korea, I have decided to focus mainly on Seoul again for a few reasons: 1,022 more words