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Mangu with grandma, 17 -19 Feb 2015

Walking towards hua lampong station

Reunion dinner at T21

Gourmet ice-cream at platinum

On the river taxi back to asoke. 11B cheaper that tok2.

Overseas Trip

Krabi Trip ’15 | Day 4

It’s THURSDAY again! Another week of school down. University life is like speeding through and I’m aging like lightning speed? HAHAHA. Recently, went to dye my hair RED. 434 more words

Overseas Trip

Krabi Trip ’15 | Day 3

The song ‘Thinking of Someone’ is playing too loud in my head.

我一个人的失眠 一个人的空间
一个人的想念 两个人的画面
我一个人的冒险 一个人的座位

Guess what? I’m hit by the sticky notes wave again.

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Overseas Trip

Krabi Trip ’15 | Day 2

I am so hesitant about getting started on this post. (Currently MASK-ING, hehe.) I feel like I will take another 1 or 2 hours trying to finish typing a post, but I guess I’ll have to keep it short cos there’s SCHOOL TOMORROOOOWWW – I have Tuesday Blues, Wednesday Blues, Thursday Blues.

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Krabi Trip '15 | Day 1

It’s been almost a week since we came home from Krabi. I supposed if I don’t spend this midnight finishing my posts, I would empty my brains VERY SOON to let the academics stuff occupy my mind. 669 more words

Overseas Trip

Not for thee!

A traveler at heart I have got a chance to travel to USA and UK and most of India, except a few regions of eastern India. 566 more words

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Music for a Thousand Smiles - Thai Language Release!

Resonance ต้องการที่จะแบ่งปันกับทุกคนเปิดตัวสื่อภาษาไทยของเรา! เรากำลังมองไปข้างหน้าจะได้เห็นทุกคนในเดือนธันวาคม!