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Imperfection is the New Perfection

Families and marriages are far from perfect … and its trending.

Going public with faults, difficulties and struggles is the norm, and I applaud it. 489 more words


The Wog

The Wog received his very unimaginative nickname as he was just a one night stand I found at…fuck…the place underneath the carpark. You know the one. 115 more words


The Tank Engine

Exit Vitamins. Enter The Tank Engine. You know, the little engine that could? I’m amused too.

The Tank Engine was also ridiculously hot. The first night post kebabs, we went to my place and had what can only be described as only just average length penis sex, also known as, energetically and with great gusto, thus, the little engine that could. 196 more words


Vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as cholecalciferol…the actual vitamin, not this bloke. Vitamin D got his name because he worked for Go Vita selling vitamins and I had sex with him, thus the D part of the nickname. 374 more words


The Rally Driver

In all my wild and crazy adventures, this story is most definitely not one of them. I met The Rally Driver at a trivia night that I went to with Siobhan and her boyfriend at the time. 285 more words


House shares and over sharing

A few years ago before I was pregnant, I was homeless and sofa surfing. I’d been on the council list for a rented property for a few years with no luck at all, and even though I now had no fixed abode, the council still didn’t help me at all. 1,190 more words


TMI: Let's Talk about Female Contraception

So I got a Mirena about 3 years ago  and it was the BEST decision of my life. After getting used to it for the first couple of months I recommended it to all my girl friends! 1,115 more words

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