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Happy Fourth!

The three day weekend starts NOW! I need this more than ever. I keep telling myself (and I think you) that I’m going to update this more often. 47 more words


17 June 2015


I’m just going to have a ramble of my current feelings as of like, right now.

My Instagram Feed and Facebook Newsfeed have such a huge influence on me and well, here are a list of my overbearing thoughts; 192 more words


9 June 2015

I’m just going to take this time to give you a bit of an insight into my current position in life right now.

So I’m a little lost in this whole bae era we seem to have stumbled into. 527 more words


Breadcrumbs OR A Status Update

Follow me
Follow me

Hidden in the winks of my emojis
Quotes in my timeline
Subtext in my vaguebooks
Lies a deeper meaning

Click, click Like… 51 more words


The 24 Types of People You'll See On Facebook!

I’M BACK!!!!!!!

Sorry it’s been an extremely busy couple weeks with many events and myself turning 30 and obviously now that I’m 30 I’m tired… 800 more words


Write of passage

Dearest Odyssians,

You too can experience this feeling – start your novel today!!
Hugs, O and om 🐱