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Butt Crack Jam

Like the jam between your toes, only from a different location…

During our holidays I will admit that I didn’t shower as frequently as I normally do.   117 more words


13 August 2015

So my pal bet that I would be back on Tinder in under three weeks. Seventeen days later and I haven’t even thought about it. I’ve been rather productive I might say, I kick this flu thing to the curb in exactly a week. 337 more words


Set Up an Alias & Segregate It From The Real You

You Are Your Email Address(es)

For all intents and purposes, everything about us – our personal information, social media accounts, photographs, search histories – everything is tied in one way or another to your email address. 784 more words

Privacy Issues

27 July 2015

Is it illegal to post two posts in one day?

This is definitely a diary entry, just to inform you all that I have surrendered to the life of a nun. 120 more words



Logging into to Facebook becomes a duck, dive and cover from toothy grin, ‘proud mummy moment..’ (Eugh don’t make me sick) to random blurred shots  of said people’s  sproglets. 201 more words


13 July 2015

So over the past few days, I have composed close to ten different drafts and sent every single one of them to the trash can. I would begin writing about one thing and eventually that’d branch off into a load of mumbo-jumbo. 590 more words


What Gets in Your Way?

It’s interesting to see how other people react to an oversharer ~ Lena Dunham

(It’s being broken into parts, because LONG)

I know a thing or two about getting in my own way. 

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