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i want to change the world/instead i sleep

Although I have absolutely no interest in writing a novel and have this ignored NoNoWriMo for a decade, I fully intended to write at least a little bit this year for this blog. 1,250 more words

Dawn and DNA: New beginnings in November

Dearest Odyssians,

‘Tis time for a fresh start!!

We love this tarot card. It says the light of our universe is always dawning, we just need the occasional (gentle) nudge that reminds us to relax and let it in. 1,190 more words

Musings From The Mind


…how you see the world and how you will teach your children to see it, too.

About a month or so ago, Milky said to me “(classmate) says Paris is a dangerous place. 1,220 more words


Keep Out!

I’m not quite sure where we as a generation started this, but we tend to overshare. We share our meals, our morning routines, our beauty secrets, our “intimate” secrets; all things that we normally never share to anyone other than our closest friends. 670 more words


Dear Book : A Love Letter From An Author To Her Unpublished Novel

Dear Book,

Though no lit. agent has asked to see more of you, though no publisher has picked you up for printing, though you haven’t landed us on a single bestseller list or won us any awards (because I’ve just started pitching you to agents and you can’t be found online, or in a store, or anywhere else in print) … you’ve achieved marvelous things already. 1,925 more words


How Much Sharing is Too Much? – Minimizing The Risks of Oversharing

Sure, sharing about your plans with your friends and family is great, but who else are you sharing information with – your hair dresser, the grocery store clerk, the neighborhood mailman, someone else? 595 more words


2015 Time Machine Blogging Challenge : Past = Perfect

Dearest Odyssians,

I am at a loss for words. Here is the challenge I’ve agreed to take on, courtesy of Linda Lite at Litebeing Chronicles… 1,557 more words