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I woke up brokenhearted today. I can’t explain why. I had a tumultuous dream of rejection and emotional strife. But who hasn’t? Usually, these dreams hit me upside the head as I wake up, but seldom do they stick with me throughout the day. 734 more words


The Black Belt

Numero Uno. The Black Belt. Although truth be told he didnt have a black belt at the time, he was a few grades below, but “blue belt” or “brown belt” or whatever it was doesnt sound nearly as impressive. 245 more words


Today is Meaty’s very first birthday! This lil dude means so much to me. He’s been with me through some of the darkest moments in my life and has not once left my side. 51 more words


What is left for the imagination?

A few weeks ago a former colleague of mine got married . It was the happiest day of her life. She glowed walking down the isle towards the man of her dreams. 829 more words


Shitty Pizza, The Past, The Future...

…and The Now

Last night, John Oliver did a bit on charter schools, primarily the regulation or the lack thereof. ¬†Believe it or not, Opinionated Public School Teacher’s Step-Daughter has no clearly defined opinion on charter schools. ¬† 3,055 more words


In the beginning...

For one thing, this isn’t emulating Bridget jones diary, she opened with a quip about her smoking habit and I’ve never even put one to my lips. 226 more words