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TMI Thursday...

If you’re one of my kids, you can skip this if you want.  Or if there are just some things you don’t need to know about me, you can skip, too!   281 more words

The Mansion

Ahhhhh, The Mansion. The Mansion was one of the men that was a double act, aka, Nurse Betty and I picked up two friends and went back to someones house together, then separated to our own….devices. 434 more words


Aisle Five

Honestly, I’m not quite sure how I met Aisle Five. I know Nurse Betty introduced us, but not when. Or why. But he is yet another classic example of the old giant penis on the tiny frame schtick. 354 more words


Donkey Kong

Sometimes the little list makes me laugh, cry, sigh or scowl. This particular entry is always a laugh, with a name like Donkey Kong, how could you not? 281 more words


Long Distance Relationships: How Not to Be Miserable 

5 months.

That is how long it would have been from the time I said goodbye to my boyfriend at the airport until he comes back. 999 more words

Health & Wellbeing


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I guess a good move (pun intended, har har) would be to explain my views of what Fresno has become for me. 668 more words