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It's your choice babe / Just remember...

She saw them in the admissions office while she was waiting for her host.  She saw them come and pick up the redheaded prospective student, saw them walk past the glass windows facing the hallway. 1,521 more words

Anti Social Media

For those of you who, like me, use social media mostly for following friends, keeping in the loop on family or for work, but seldom post or share, Here’s a short blog on making your Social Media – Anti Social. 1,018 more words


Go beyond reason to love, for it’s the only safety there is


Reasonable Rhyme (In Seasonable Time)

A poet?!?

I admit,

It galls me.

I was born to craft A.I.

Or so, at least, it seemed to be,

Back when      it seemed… 82 more words


Stymied pace of time and place?

Erase me or this whole damned race.

I give truly not one fig which

Strike me down, and scratch their itch… 53 more words

INTERVIEW: Ones To Watch in 2018 - 20% Less

With the new year among us here at The Phoenix Remix we like to introduce you to acts that you must watch in 2018. Today we speak to an improviser who is our regular writer on here for C3? 726 more words


The Proust Questionnaire (an exercise in oversharing) 2017

I did this exactly three years ago; thought it might be time for an update. I have copied the original post; my updated answers appear in square brackets ( [ ] ) below the original answers. 866 more words