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People say, “well if they don’t care. Then why, why should I care?”

I say if I don’t care, why should anyone care?



Starting this blog was my main goal at the beginning of this year; I wanted to review makeup products and share recipes and travel diaries and everything that was important to me. 589 more words


Lazy Days and Thursdays |Am I sharing enough of 'me' online?

Pre warning – this is a rather unintentional ranty blog.

I guess I have had inspiration to write this after a conversation I had with my friend Sophie the other day over lunch, coffees and cocktails, which made me notice a certain friend’s approach to what they share about themselves online and in life in general. 1,908 more words



No. Not me. I’m not going to be the one to overshare anything. What I’m discussing here is the incessant need of people to share anything and everything on the internet. 814 more words

Annoying Habits

I'll always be a teacher...

…just not professionally anymore.

“Miss Kitten,” one of my students said to me one day, “Can’t you just work here for the rest of your life?” Those words really sting in a bittersweet way. 1,788 more words


The Jew

I’m not really sure how to start this one…at the beginning seems like a fine point but…you’ll see.

I met The Jew at the Club (you’ll find this to be a recurring theme…have I mentioned that before?), had some big chats, ended up exchanging numbers, the usual schtick. 473 more words