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I'm so tired of having man boobs.

I’m not going to beat around the bush.

At the time I first said this, I was pretty f**kin’ fat.

By pretty fat, I don’t mean that I was overweight/obese to the point that I could have had a plethora of immediate health concerns; though had I continued down the grease-lined path that I was on, I wasn’t very far away from that point. 360 more words



Every time I read that code name I say it with a little squeal. Ah London! London and I met in Thailand when I was on holiday with a friend, and we went on a river cruise, two single girls, and made friends with the two single men on the boat. 226 more words


The Guard

I used to go clubbing with my gay mates every Thursday to a truly memorable venue known as Q&A and later IQ. Every Thursday we would go and dance and carry on like the depraved idiots we were. 107 more words


The Model

Oh this is a brilliant post to write when I’m on my third glass of Henkell, celebrating a ripper university day (doctorate, yeah, thats right!). The Model. 517 more words


How Will Numbers Be In The Future?

I joined a Facebook group for ovarian cancer survivors so I could read about the experiences of others to help put mine into some context. One of the first things I saw was a post sharing a… 350 more words

Fear is the Mind Killer

While I wait to hear back about survivorship support AND wait to see doctor about my current health issues, I’ve been exercising my Google Fu skills to find some help online. 302 more words

Life With Cancer | It's Probably Nothing, But...

There’s an ever so slight chance it’s something.

After my 10% chance it’s something became 100% it’s ovarian cancer, I haven’t had much trust in the simple reassurances you often hear when facing an unknown. 340 more words