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Mania Part One

One of the worst things about being bipolar is not realizing that youve either been depressed or manic until you switch to the other. Im pretty manic at the moment but luckily got a call into my psychiatrist and changed my meds a bit. 903 more words

Mental Health

The Art of Oversharing

Oversharing is a given when you write and/or read a blog about trying to get pregnant and/or being pregnant. Never did you imagine that you’d talk about heavy flows, your sex positions, or your vagina so much, but there it is. 932 more words

Baby Brain... Sans Baby

Drama queen

I don’t watch a lot of commercial television channels. I really think wasting my time watching advertising is silly. Enter the iPad. Queue channel apps. Minimal ads = Problem solved. 464 more words

Step away from the food...

My idea of diet and exercise used to be eating all low fat foods and going for a long walk three times a week.

To date I have tried. 743 more words

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The Taming of the Poo

Warning: This story will talk, at length, about poop—the process, the collection, and the sight of it. If poop grosses you out, DO NOT READ THIS!!! 1,337 more words

Marriage And Family

A Simple "Yes" Would Have Sufficed 

“It’s halfway out.” — Kid, when he requested to use the bathroom mid test and I asked if it’s an emergency.


Crying Wolf On Social Media

My dog died. (Sorry, horrid way to start out a blog…but there it is). Actually, it’s not my dog he belongs to a really close friend, but I’ve known him since college, so it feels like he was mine–like a furry cousin or nephew that I used to see a lot. 1,521 more words