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God grant me a goddamn ferocious, screamingly unique injection of the glorious, unstoppably beautiful style/funk/true love/sex appeal/unadulterated force of talent that so dazzlingly poured forth from every pore and wink and eyelash of the newly late and heartbreakingly great Prince Rogers Nelson, AKA Prince. 6 more words



This is hilarious and a photographic commentary on how shallow stupid our country is.

“Should I go with orange or medium-brown today?”


Nap Attack

I made the mistake of sitting on a couch.

I had about an hour and a half between the time that I finished supervising recording sessions on the Foley stage before I had to start work at the sound equipment center and it was too cold to sit outside for very long so I retreated to a couch on the second floor of one of the lesser trafficked buildings in the complex. 313 more words

Graduate Life

TMI: Lets talk about Depression!

(TW: mention/talk of depression, anxiety attacks)

Hello! Fannie here with my first “overshare” post. Open-ness and vulnerability are things that are very important to me, and while I don’t intend to put out many of these posts, I will be posting them occasionally when I feel the need. 926 more words


overshare monthlies: fake it til you make it

This one is short – I’m over tired, over grumpy, and over being a cliché.  Well, maybe not completely over it.

  • I [tried or pretended] to orgasm for thirteen years of my life…
  • 60 more words

Landscape photos : holding steady

Dearest Odyssians,

In gale Force winds. With the world at our backs.
Let it be enough.


O and om 🐱