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the dark side of casual sex.

i had my yearly obgyn appointment the other day. my gyno called, yestersday, to give me the results of my labs. i had a normal pap, hpv is negative, my iud was in place, good stuff. 147 more words


Thoughts of a Teacher Heading Towards Burn Out Bridge

Most schools I’ve worked at have a full time student councilor, and those that don’t at least have a part time one who comes in once or twice a week. 1,077 more words


They say you were something in those formative years/hold on to nothing as fast as you can

How are you supposed to feel when someone dies who was very important to you for a very short time very long ago? It seems like I shouldn’t be allowed to be as sad as I am. 1,175 more words

I Am Not My Diagnosis...But It's Still Important

You are not your chronic illness.

If you are someone who suffers from a chronic illness, you may have heard this in one form or another. 2,030 more words

On Spring Pass

I’m at the top of the mountain pass, every metre of the 17 km climb eked out. My skin is hot with the sun, and my hands are so nerve pinched from gripping I can’t hold the knife to spread cheese. 535 more words


I'm Coming for ya!

So  yesterday I returned all paperwork needed to collect for back pay on child support. I did my own investigative work and collect his current address and where he is staying. 318 more words

These songs are true, these days are ours, these tears are free.....

-I’m writing this sitting at my desk at work. This is the second job I’ve had this year, and what isn’t awful about this one is everything that was wrong with the last and vice versa. 324 more words