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Overstock.com Has A Bunker Full Of Gold, Silver, And Food In Case Of Financial Collapse

When the global financial system collapses, don’t fret: you’ll still be able to shop on Overstock.com. We’re not quite sure how that will happen, but the company’s early adoption of Bitcoin as a method of payment could be one clue. 238 more words

Taking It Seriously

Overstock.com Still Trying To Be Amazon, Launching VOD & Streaming Service

Back in 2013, online retailer Overstock.com engaged in a tit-for-tat book-discounting battle with Amazon. While the short-lived competition didn’t exactly prove to be a sales dream for O.co, the company is now reportedly preparing to take on its e-retail arch nemesis again by launching video-on-demand and streaming services. 271 more words

5 Highlights From California Judge's False Advertising Ruling Against Overstock.com

You might remember how earlier this year, a court in California ruled that Overstock.com violates California’s unfair competition and false advertising laws. Simply put: a lot of the “original” prices that they list for items they sell are lies. 271 more words

Shoppers Using Bitcoin Spent $126,000 On First Day Overstock.com Accepts It

In what might be a sign that bitcoin isn’t just a mystical, ethereal currency to be hoarded like a magic pot of gold but never spent, Overstock.com says it did $126,000 in sales on the first day it started accepting it. 293 more words

Overstock.com Faces $6.8 Million Penalty for Fraudulent Pricing Practices

You know that guy in the Overstock.com commercial who buys an engagement ring for a steal? He may want to double-check how great that deal really was after a California judge ruled the company’s price comparison techniques are a bit shady. 196 more words

Family Orders Toy Table From Overstock.com, Gets Free Rat Instead

A family near Houston claims that they ordered a toy wooden table from Overstock.com, and received a box with what appears to be a mummified rat in it instead. 96 more words

Amazon And Overstock.com Face Off In Book-Discounting Battle. You Can Probably Guess Who's Winning

Though no blood has been shed — yet — things could get ugly as two of the Internet’s deepest discounters try to undercut each other, with Overstock.com (or O.co, if you’re a marketing moron) announcing it would beat Amazon’s pricing on books, only to have Amazon strike back with price drops of its own. 198 more words