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Overstock.com Still Trying To Be Amazon, Launching VOD & Streaming Service

Back in 2013, online retailer Overstock.com engaged in a tit-for-tat book-discounting battle with Amazon. While the short-lived competition didn’t exactly prove to be a sales dream for O.co, the company is now reportedly preparing to take on its e-retail arch nemesis again by launching video-on-demand and streaming services. 271 more words

5 Highlights From California Judge's False Advertising Ruling Against Overstock.com

You might remember how earlier this year, a court in California ruled that Overstock.com violates California’s unfair competition and false advertising laws. Simply put: a lot of the “original” prices that they list for items they sell are lies. 271 more words

Shoppers Using Bitcoin Spent $126,000 On First Day Overstock.com Accepts It

In what might be a sign that bitcoin isn’t just a mystical, ethereal currency to be hoarded like a magic pot of gold but never spent, Overstock.com says it did $126,000 in sales on the first day it started accepting it. 293 more words

Overstock.com Faces $6.8 Million Penalty for Fraudulent Pricing Practices

You know that guy in the Overstock.com commercial who buys an engagement ring for a steal? He may want to double-check how great that deal really was after a California judge ruled the company’s price comparison techniques are a bit shady. 196 more words

Family Orders Toy Table From Overstock.com, Gets Free Rat Instead

A family near Houston claims that they ordered a toy wooden table from Overstock.com, and received a box with what appears to be a mummified rat in it instead. 96 more words

Amazon And Overstock.com Face Off In Book-Discounting Battle. You Can Probably Guess Who's Winning

Though no blood has been shed — yet — things could get ugly as two of the Internet’s deepest discounters try to undercut each other, with Overstock.com (or O.co, if you’re a marketing moron) announcing it would beat Amazon’s pricing on books, only to have Amazon strike back with price drops of its own. 198 more words

Luggage Tag Already Filled Out With Contact Info Of Customer Who Didn't Actually Buy The Bag

Things get returned to retailers and sent back out to other customers. It happens. What isn’t supposed to happen is that one customer gets the item with all of the personal information of the person who returned it. 270 more words